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Stevie Nicks – Smile At You Lyrics 15 years ago
This song finally appeared on Fleetwood Mac's 2003 studio album SAY YOU WILL..the old demos from the 70s and 80s are better IMO, but the new version is great....

She wrote this one about Lindsey during their breakup as well.

Stevie Nicks – Desert Angel Lyrics 15 years ago
She wrote this song about and for the troops in the Operation Desert Storm Iraq war..she sent it to them as well as put it on her Best of :Timespace 1991 album..

Stevie Nicks – Garbo Lyrics 15 years ago
Stevie wrote this song after the photo shoot for the infamous Buckingham/Nicks album cover. She appeared topless, standing behind Lindsey..barely covering herself..Of course that album was dropped from the label, and never re-released and then she joined Fleetwood Mac and that's all she wrote..
But she said this song was about having to do things in the business u dont like or want to do.. She said she had just spent her "last $200" on a beautiful blouse, and hadn't eaten for days to look great in it...and they wanted her to be topless..she was devastated--but did it...

SHe thought of Greta Garbo, and how she probly had to do lots of stuff she didnt want to do.,.and the other ladies in Hollywood.

Stevie Nicks – One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star Lyrics 15 years ago
Stevie refuses to tell which "big time rock and roll star" this song is about...I guess we all just have to speculate... She did say it's NOT about Lindsey.

Great song..can be found on the ENCHANTED BOX SET.

Stevie Nicks – That Made Me Stronger Lyrics 15 years ago
Stevie didn't have much self esteem before she wrote this was 1995, her 1994 solo album STREET ANGEL had been a commercial flop..she had recently gotten out of rehab AGAIN for a dependency on prescription drugs..

She wondered , "can i write anymore?" So she called up her longtime pal Tom Petty and asked him to write some songs for her..and he basically told her "Shut up, you write your own need to get in a car, go home and write.."
She said she took his advice wrote this song, and many others on the TISL album...and regained her confidence as one of rock's best singer/songwriters.

Stevie Nicks – If Anyone Falls Lyrics 15 years ago
Stevie says she wrote this song about Waddy Wachtel, her long time friend and lead guitarist. Waddy has also played for MANY huge acts in music as a session musician.

Obviously, their musical and personal friendship eventually turned into a many of hers do..and she wrote this song about him.

Stevie Nicks – Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You Lyrics 15 years ago
She wrote this after Joe Walsh decided to give her a reality check. He drove her down to Boulder , CO...a very long drive, and told her a story along the way of a little girl who died, and was hit by a car...and she was very saddened by this story..and said " i knew he was gonna tell me something that would really freak me out."
So when they got to this park, he brought her to a little drinking fountain that said "To Emma Kristin, and all of those who cant, or arent big enough to get a drink." ---Joe Walsh's little girl was Emma Kristin.
She said she was very touched by this story, this reality check about whats important, that she went home, sat down at her piano and wrote this song "in about 5 minutes."

Stevie Nicks – Sweet Girl Lyrics 15 years ago
Stevie said she wrote this song, partly about her life, and being on the road but also about Christine McVie, formerly of Fleetwood Mac. She said she is the "sweet girl" in the song.

Stevie Nicks – Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Lyrics 15 years ago
Tom Petty wrote this song, intended to do it as one of his songs...but ended up giving it to Stevie and just dueting on it with her..

According to Stevie...he gave her "Insider," for Bella Donna but she told him to keep it, because it was important to him because of the whole "hard promises" thing, and the album titled he gave her SDMHA instead...and she sang back up on his cd on "Insider"

Stevie Nicks – After the Glitter Fades Lyrics 15 years ago
"it was about loving to do this part of it, and balancing it with the other part of it, the not glitter part of it." -- "it's about the glitter part getting you through." - S.Nicks on "After the glitter fades."

Obviously like she said, about the balance rock stars feel and often struggle with, between loving to sing and do shows, and not enjoying the fame, and lack of privacy part of the whole thing..sometimes it's not all "glitter."

Stevie Nicks – Doing the Best I Can (Escape from Berlin) Lyrics 15 years ago
This song IMO is obviously about her 1986 rehab stint at Betty Ford Center...

Stevie Nicks – I Can't Wait Lyrics 15 years ago
Great great pumping energetic Stevie Nicks tune...great to dance to, or to rock out to!

Stevie Nicks – Sanctuary Lyrics 15 years ago
This is one of my fav. Stevie tunes that never made it to an album!

Stevie Nicks – If You Ever Did Believe Lyrics 15 years ago
She also said in interviews she wrote this in the 70s about her breakup with Mick Fleetwood...Of course as we all know she never professionally recorded it until 1998 for the Practical Magic soundtrack...but there are some great 70s demos of it floating around out there.

Green Day – American Idiot Lyrics 15 years ago
Music has always been political..I think it's scary when music isn't somewhat political..because then you have to think, what's happening? Where's the free speech?
People like Neil Young, Beatles, Rolling Stones, have all had political themes in their songs..this is nothing new..artists are supposed to express what they FEEL in their songwriting, and Green Day is obviously doing that...You dont have to agree with their feelings..
"Redneck agenda," is obviously a hit at Bush ...and couldnt be anymore true. This isn't "left wing propaganda." It's called FREE SPEECH, I know lots of republicans havent heard of it...there is plenty of "right wing propaganda" in country music, it's no different!

Stevie Nicks – Fall From Grace Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is definetely a rocker! Especially live..Stevie really gets into this one, she's awesome as always

Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs Lyrics 16 years ago
Stevie has stated that she DEFINETELY wrote this about her breakup with bandmate Lindsey Buckingham...she said she wanted this song to haunt him every time he heard it on the the lyrics say..."i'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you!"

Awesome song, very intense

Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy Lyrics 16 years ago
She said she wrote this one about her best friend, Robin Anderson, who died of Leukemia...very sad.

Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun Lyrics 16 years ago
It's one of Christine McVie's best songs in Fleetwood Mac I think...awesome lyrics, great sound as well.

Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a very dark, but incredible song sung by Stevie Nicks! This is one of my all time favorite Fleetwood Mac songs! It only gets better with age!

Stevie Nicks – Storms Lyrics 17 years ago
One of THE BEST songs Stevie has ever written. This song appeared on Fleetwood Mac's 1979 Double Album "TUSK." This song really hits home with lots of fans, because it can really relate to everyone's lives. "never have I been a blue calm sea, I have always been a storm.." so true for all of us, and of course Stevie! She's the best singer/songwriter of all time...I love the lady!!!

Stevie Nicks – It's Only Love Lyrics 17 years ago
This song was written by Sheryl Crow. She wrote kind of looking back over Stevie's life, and her relationships with men, and tried to put it in song, which I THINK Sheryl did a great job of. It's a great song, Stevie sings it incredibly. You can also find Sheryl's version on her 2002 release "C'mon C'mon."

Stevie Nicks – You're Not The One Lyrics 17 years ago
This song has never been on a solo album. Stevie gave it to Sheryl Crow for her last album "C'mon C'mon," but it didnt make it. You can find it on the Sheryl Crow CD import single SOAK UP THE SUN, as a duet with the two ladies of rock...GREAT SONG!!!

Stevie Nicks – After the Glitter Fades Lyrics 17 years ago
GREAT SONG BY STEVIE! It has a more country feel, than most Stevie songs, hey it even peaked on the COUNTRY CHARTS in 82!! It's a great song. Faith Hill says it's one of her all time favorites! It really is a great song, written about the price often paid for music....especially being one of Rock's leading lady, STEVIE NICKS!

Stevie Nicks – Planets of the Universe Lyrics 17 years ago
This is one of the most incredible songs written by Stevie Nicks. She wrote the song in 1976, about then boyfriend and Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. It wasn't released until 2001 on "Trouble in Shangri-La," because she AND others felt it was too angry of a song, and just not the right time for it. Well Planets finally got it's dues. It went straight to #1 on Billboards' Dance/Club Play Charts, after it was remixed...on the CD MAXI-SINGLE you can also find the extended rock version! WAY TO GO STEVIE!

Stevie Nicks – Leather and Lace Lyrics 17 years ago
Incredible song written by the GREAT Stevie Nicks! She wrote this song for Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, in the 70's. She released it on her 1st solo LP "Bella Donna" in 81, as a duet with Eagles' singer DON HENLEY! INCREDIBLE SONG!!!

Stevie Nicks – Every Day Lyrics 17 years ago
I dont really exactly know what this song's about, even though Stevie didn't write it (John Shanks did), it's still a great song. Although, the lyrics ARE very fitting to Ms. Nicks' life!

Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen Lyrics 17 years ago
Stevie was definetely at a peak in her career when she wrote this incredible song...She has said that is about her uncle dying, and also it was written around the time when John Lennon died, which definetely affected her.

Stevie Nicks – Beauty And The Beast Lyrics 17 years ago
She wrote this song about Mick Fleetwood...and their past's an incredible song...

Fleetwood Mac – Angel (Nicks) Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a great song..can be found on Fleetwood Mac's TUSK 1979 double album, for those of you who don't know.

Stevie Nicks – Battle Of The Dragon Lyrics 17 years ago
This is in an incredible song of Stevie Nicks'. She has never publicly stated what it's really about, but I think it's about an internal battle she was fighting with herself.

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