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The Police – Message In A Bottle Lyrics 11 years ago
He says "Esso Blue", which is a British oil company. I'm guessing he just meant it as a joke, and since it is the very last line of the song it is hard to hear and I'm sure not that many people notice it.

OutKast – Xplosion (feat. B-Real) Lyrics 11 years ago
In Big Boi's verse, I think he says that he's got this thang "licked" like stamps, not "lit." Also, I'm guessing he explodes like booby traps, not booty traps.

Vampire Weekend – A-Punk Lyrics 14 years ago
Ok, how about this:

Johanna comes to New York because one of her family members, most likely her younger brother, has just died from cancer. She has been to visit him previously in the cancer ward at Sloan-Kettering, as evidenced by the lyric "she'd seen the thing at the young man's wing in Sloan-Kettering"

"His Honor" could be just that, a judge who has settled the family estate. She takes the ring from him. The line "a thousand years in one piece of silver" can refer to the ring having been in the family for generations. The "raincoats coming" are a symbol of her sadness. She watches them from her apartment or hotel window.

I think that the lines about His Honor's trip to the southwest are showing that the whole experience was difficult for everyone. Even the estate executor had to take some time off (maybe permanently) to distance himself from the emotional turmoil of a young person dying of cancer.

Johanna takes an apartment in the city to be close to the memory of her lost loved one. However, she has thrown the ring into the sea because of the painful association with the death.

I think that the narrator of the song is the deceased relative. The line "half of the ring lies here with me, but the other half's at the bottom of the sea" means that the physical location of the ring is the ocean where it was thrown, but the "other half" is the memory associated with the ring, which lies with the dead person.

Just my two pennies.

Feist – 1234 Lyrics 14 years ago
i can't tell you how many times i heard this song before i realized that the second line wasn't "sweet lips, long legs, thighs are what my youth was for." haha! it's a bit more innocent of a song when you know the real lyrics!

Pixies – Where Is My Mind? Lyrics 16 years ago
i think the lyrics about the fish go "when they told me east is west trying to talk to me, coy koi."

Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass Lyrics 16 years ago
i think this song is about divorce. \"it\'s so cold in this house\" refers to him living alone without his wife. the kids are home from school and won\'t stop crying. their mother is not around to take care of them. he is lonely and tries to call but she never calls back. the line \"and you haven\'t got time to remember how it was\" shows that he wants to reconcile and go back to the old happy days of marraige, but she won\'t. \"come and show me how it was\" is him pleading for her to come back. the chorus at the end when he says the line \"for richer for poorer for better for worse\" is an obvious reference to wedding vows.

311 – Homebrew Lyrics 17 years ago
i've always thought that the song was about taking mushrooms because of the title homebrew. you can brew up some mushroom tea, but i'm not sure you really "brew" lsd.

OutKast – Return Of The "G" Lyrics 17 years ago
a fairly scathing commentary about people who think you have to be hard to write raps, and think only gangsta rap is worth listening to. the song suggests that lame-ass gangsta wannabes can't understand what outkast is rapping about and think that the group is soft. but the last verse by big boi lets them know that he is still ready to throw down to protect what's his. an on-point indictment of the sad state of rap music.

The Shins – Kissing the Lipless Lyrics 17 years ago
what do you think the first lines are trying to say? i guess it's that he's made up a couple of lame excuses to call her, just to be able to talk to her.

The Shins – Pink Bullets Lyrics 17 years ago
the lines i love in this song are "when our kite lines first crossed/we tied them into knots/to finally fly apart/we had to cut them off." i love the way this suggests two people so inextricably linked that when it came time to break up, there was no way to do it except to sever their ties completely. it makes it all the more sad when you realize that he still loves her and wants to keep her memory close, but he will never be close to her again.

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army Lyrics 18 years ago
i agree on no with this one. the lyrics that are printed on the album sleeve are the ones that no quotes. also, i agree with the interpretation that he is running from a problem. Q magazine said that it was about a man agressively pursuing a girl. that is ridiculous. of course, the Q article stated as truth that jack and meg are bro/sis, which is also bs. also, no, you seemed unsure of yourself in regards to the line "all the words are gonna bleed from me and i will think no more." i think your interpretation is right on. this band wouldn't be half as good if not for the depth of the lyrics. although some songs are light on content and heavy on instrumentation, it is the more lyrically intricate songs that set this band apart from clones.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax Lyrics 19 years ago
the members of frankie goes to hollywood have stated that this song is 100% about buggery.

Wilco – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Lyrics 19 years ago
the "aquarium drinker" line is about the quantity of alcohol consumed. of course it is strange that at the end of the song he says "disposable dixie cup drinker" which is a lot less than an aquarium. I like the "I assassin down the avenue" line. he doesn't just shuffle, walk or stalk...he assassins.

Radiohead – Karma Police Lyrics 19 years ago
have you seen the vidoe for this one? it definitely speaks of karma. an unseen driver is chasing a pedestrian down a dark road. just when it seems the car will overtake the man, he tosses a match into the car's own leaking fuel and kills his pursuer.

Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film) Lyrics 19 years ago
i never knew about the connection with romeo and juliet when i first heard this song. i always thought it was remiscent of the beatles song "she's leaving home". of course in that song the focus is more on the parents' reaction to losing their daughter, whereas in this song the focus is on the couple who are gone. but, after learning about the connection with the movie, there really can be no other interpretation that fits as well.

Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien Lyrics 19 years ago
i agree with stardroplet. i think the character in the song is feeling emotionally alone and is just wishing for something special to happen. It seems that the character is tired of a mundane existance and dreams of something that would make the universe interesting and exciting.

Bob Dylan – Girl from the North Country Lyrics 19 years ago
this is my favorite song off of one of my favorite dylan albums. it's a touching lament for a lost love. i'm still moved when i hear it. to me it's amazing how powerful dylan's lyrics can be. i've had to leave behind people i've loved, and i still think about them and wonder how they're doing and how they look. it's the empathy i have with this song that makes it so personal to me.

Nirvana – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle Lyrics 19 years ago
i love the lines "she'll come back as fire to burn all the liars/and leave a blanket of ash on the ground." that's some scathing stuff, man.

Pearl Jam – Rats Lyrics 19 years ago
vedder is obviously comparing rats and humans. however, he is vague as to which trait belongs to which species, and whether he is condemning humans or not. for instance, "they don't scurry when something bigger comes their way." does this apply to humans? if so, that doesn't necessarily describe a negative trait. but, "starve the poor so they can be well fed" seems to be a jab at people. this song is really good and one of my favorites on vs., but its message is confusing.

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