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Bouncing Souls – Hopeless Romantic Lyrics 17 years ago
I think the meaning of this song is obvious, and I can relate, I mean, I'm a hopeless romantic too

NOFX – Dinosaurs Will Die Lyrics 17 years ago
I know the exact meaning of this song, and I'll share. This song is about the downfall of the radio. The original plan for this song was to allow the radio stations to play songs off pump up the valuum(hoping they'd play Dinosaurs will die) because Fat Mike thought it would be funny if the radio started playing a song about their own downfall, But then after, the radio stations started playing mainly their other songs so they had to make them stop playing the album. Good idea, bad plan I guess, but the full meaning is dinosaurs = radio I'm guessing. (Think about it, pissbroke bands on VH1, because the radio overplays their singles and people get bored of them)

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