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Sam Smith – Like I Can Lyrics 4 years ago
How do you find swagger in a heartbreak? See above. Nice, Sam, very nice.

Death Cab for Cutie – No Room In Frame Lyrics 4 years ago
Some people play music, and some people are musicians.

Some people play music to have fun and make others sing along and dance to catchy hooks. Usually that amounts to nothing more than clichés and platitudes that last no more than a generation. If you're a musician, however, you HAVE to write about how you feel, in order to expand on the human experience.

This is an emotional album, of course, in a specific way, and I understand that. The question is: to what end?

The most telling line is the very last (musically and lyrically) of this song.

It's unresolved in a way that makes perfect sense.

The Gaslight Anthem – Have Mercy Lyrics 5 years ago
"You're dangerous, 'cause you're honest."

That's what I feel in the closing phrases of this song. The "Have Mercy" addition is a genuine appeal from a man who feels too much.

I love that this message closes out Get Hurt. My favorite line is: "leave a little room for the Holy Ghost".

Perhaps forgiveness can be granted at the end of this most despondent album, despite its many transgressions.

"C'mon now love, don't you look back..."

The Gaslight Anthem – Break Your Heart Lyrics 5 years ago
I practiced "Casanova, Baby" on acoustic guitar for six months straight before revealing it to my love's true passion. It did not work out well, but I still drove her home.

It drove me out of my mind, however, and so it also drove me deep inside of myself. The truth of love can sometimes become the most elusive thing in the most beautiful places imaginable. Love can be like fire sometimes, yes.

Cleansing and destructive.

Oh. My. My.

The Goo Goo Dolls – I'm Still Here (John Rzeznik) Lyrics 5 years ago
I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that this is Johnny Rzeznik's best song (and his most personal, as has been explained and stated well). The first line and the last line are so fucking punk it defies the Disney nature of the song.

It does tie into the movie, however, because it's about the explorer in all of us, seeking out new adventures and new experiences, despite not being invited. You have to allow yourself to be who you are, and feel the way you feel, without apology.

"I'm still here" is the equivalent of a middle-finger extended to the world, To exist, and to have human desire, is nothing to be ashamed of.

With my fellow dreamers, I'll keep staring up at the stars.

Scars On 45 – Crazy for You Lyrics 5 years ago
My new theme song.

I feel like their acoustic stuff is stronger than their albums (overproduced), and that the simple, powerful emotions like this one should be allowed to exist independently stripped down and raw.

Pretty self-explanatory in meaning, even if it is secretive. The first verse mention of "turn a blind-eye" makes me think its a prequel to "The Way That We Are".

...but I really need it to be a sequel.

The 1975 – Sex Lyrics 5 years ago
"If we're gonna do anything, we might as well just fuck".

Awesomely frustrated song, on repeat in my head for the foreseeable future. The repetition of a phrase is certainly what does it. So why do girls stick with guys who are terrible for them? It results in some of the great art in this world, however. And I love art.

The yearning is palpable in this song, and every boy has felt this at one point in time.

Such an old boy now: "I could easily fill his shoes".

The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations Lyrics 6 years ago
I'm not one who reads too much into line for line interpretations. That said, Brian Fallon understands the romantic undertones of "Great Expectations" even if he never read the novel. There is still a narrative to the musical drama that unfolds.

Pip is still the understated hero. Miss Havisham is the antagonist, of course.

The Gaslight Anthem – Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts Lyrics 6 years ago
Makes me think of High Lonesome where Brian references August & Everything After: "I always kinda sorta wished I looked like Elvis" speaks to a desire to conquer vulnerable women like Maria.

Virginia, however, is held in high esteem (as told in Casanova, Baby!). The one you really want is tough to be with. But it turns out it's not that special either, it's truly plain.

A story told inside-out,

Fallon is a poet.

The Gaslight Anthem – Biloxi Parish Lyrics 6 years ago
My favorite line, too. Every girl wants to be treated like royalty, but none want some guy to be obsessed with her. Unfortunately, the two tend to go hand and hand.

From the guy's perspective, it's about being the unabashed romantic. The one who will love her no matter what. "Who else can take all your blood and your curses?" is an ultimatum.

So don't take life for granted. Love isn't free. And I'll work at us forever.

That's the message I get.

The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations Lyrics 6 years ago
This was the song that sold me on Gaslight. I read "Great Expectations" when I was in high school. I really felt for Pip, and his unachievable love. And then I reached a point in my life that saw my benefactor become someone I didn't expect.

It's funny how life unfolds. There's a great duality to the lyric "Everybody leaves, so why wouldn't you?". It could mean "I fully expect to you leave" (to all the bad girls he's dated) or it might mean disbelief: "why haven't you abandoned me yet?"

I like to believe in the latter, but then again, I'm a romantic. Brian Fallon's voice is that of romantic, because it's so human. My Papers and Poetry about Estella will define and haunt me the rest of my life.

Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated Lyrics 6 years ago
You're confusing verse 1 with verse 2! Verse 1 is about hope, and how it is "mesmerizing, hypnotizing, (and can captivate, verb tense aside). Verse 2 is the reaction to seeing the ring, it isolates but motivates the narrator to realize his true worth. "Vindicated" refers to being the better man, which is a very selfish thought. But his confidence comes out in owning it! The way it ends with hope dangling on a string is the promise of a better way forward, even if it's not with her.

This is a "fuck you, I'm so much better than that guy, and you know it" song, and I love it.

The Gaslight Anthem – Teenage Rebellion Lyrics 7 years ago
"If you're gonna break my heart, it might as well be tonight."

I think I finally understand why I love this song so much. Sometimes (despite minding our own business) we fall in love with someone so much that it hurts. And then, so it goes, we accept that she will inevitably hurt and dismiss us. It gets to be routine at a certain age (the whole "claws into you" phrase reminds me of "Great Expectations"). A self-fulfilling prophesy.

The pattern begins young, however, with the hope you can rebel against your family and the limitations they have placed on you. At 17, I too thought I could conquer the world.

This song is an understanding of the false loves that shaped his life and journey. Very sad, but truthful.

In the words of Stringer Bell: "Well get on with it, motherf..."

The Gaslight Anthem – Too Much Blood Lyrics 7 years ago
Very much like the relationship I have with this website...

The Gaslight Anthem – Mulholland Drive Lyrics 7 years ago
In an album which is a sum of disparate parts, this is most definitely the direction to choose for future inspiration.

I love the lyrics. I love all the unanswered questions. I love the guitar at the very end.

From the very first line, "do you remember dreams?" he knows he asking about her first love and not the stupid replacement she has now. He thinks the former could be him. The swagger of the music justifies his line of questioning.

I'm also a sucker for a repetitious phrase, especially if it takes a twist in the final chorus. The intonation and rhythm of Brian's voice during "if you ever took your love away" is painfully truthful and becomes simply gut-wrenching.

"The mist on Mulholland" adds a touch of personal atmospherics that contribute to the gray, gray, gray, fucking imagery (it's in the title, after all).

It's currently my second favorite song on the album. "Teenage Rebellion" is just too incredible for words right now. I need more time to reflect on that one.

The Jayhawks – Pouring Rain at Dawn Lyrics 7 years ago
Pouring rain is a bad way to start the day, but of course that's what makes it a great atmospheric track.

The meat of the song dwells on the past, what could have been, and not what could be:

"I chose my way to fall".

Snow Patrol – Set Down Your Glass Lyrics 7 years ago
If anything, it reminds me of the pilot episode of LOST: "close your eyes and count to five," plus "you'll sew me good as new". Both are part of the initial meeting of two of the show's protagonists. It's that intimate moment between Jack and Kate that sets up (quite unexpectedly) the difficult romance of six seasons forthcoming.

It doesn't have to be an intentional reference to be a great song, however. The idea of the important moment is strong, whatever the songwriter's intent.

Something happens, and you're just sold. Why it was allowed to occur is an argument for another day. I've heard the argument that there is no free will, only a design so vast that no individual can comprehend the true meaning of fate.

You can avoid it all you want, but something like love will happen, and you have to give in to it and fight for it (even if it means punishment). And it can be something so simple; a moment that will permeate the rest of your life:

All I want is now, is truth.

Augustana – Shot In The Dark Lyrics 7 years ago
Anyone who ever said, "I'm a lover not a fighter," has never had the true experience of love.

Love is something you have to fight for every day, even when that choice is difficult (or far-fetched).

The best part of this song is perhaps the verb tense change, from the first to final verse, from past tense to present tense, Such an excellent parallel, highlighted by the stripping away of the instruments.

The certainty is truly frightening; but yes, have courage.

Ben Folds Five – Magic Lyrics 7 years ago
Sometimes a song can disappear for years, only to reveal itself later in your life.

I've always liked this song, but could never fully appreciate the imagery in the lyrics until now. There is new input imprinted in my brain, and it will not leave (and I wouldn't want it to).

You don't know how elegant and beautiful you are. But I'm happy you're happy.


The Gaslight Anthem – "45" Lyrics 7 years ago
Long live The Gaslight Anthem.

They seem to want to be the last Rock N' Roll Band left standing on Earth, and from this song I believe they could be. The energy and emotion of this song is amazing, so palpable. The character of the guitar work reminds me of "Hey Jealousy"; the hook, just as memorable.

The content is a tired old story about trying to let go of a girl, but it still comes alive through the fine musicianship. (Some things never get old.)

The whole idea of dropping a needle on a 45 record draws on the past, then changing it up by playing the flip-side. So the title also complements the message, turning over a new leaf...

...or something seething underneath the surface.

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun Lyrics 8 years ago
Damn it! Sometimes a song just blindsides you and you have to comment on it...

The verses sound a lot like a wild party, complete with passing out on random couches, body parts tangled with someone else. Some fun was had, yes. (maybe)

The chorus, despite all its "this house is falling apart"s, doesn't seem to mind this because of the song's tone. Also, I like the insertion of "we've got no money, but we've got heart", indicating what's important in the decisions of one's life.

The bridge almost made me cry, however, the first time I heard it. "Station wagon rides" seems to refer to family life, having a wife and kids and taking a road trip together. To live without that is pretty sad if it's what you always thought about when you were young.

I'll wait for summertime, but I know full-well it's all a wash.

Needtobreathe – Drive All Night Lyrics 8 years ago
Moving on; moving up.

From the first line he indicates he's willing to work for it, if that's what it takes. But it's not going to be easy, and why should it be?

The line about proving the poets wrong reminds me of U2 for some reason: "every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief; all kill their inspiration, then sing about their grief". He defies that conclusion with this song, with fantastic energy and conviction.

When the music breaks in the middle, he reveals his doubt in his faith (because the villians do get away often). But it won't stop him from trying to be a good man, and that's the rub.

Never, ever, ever, give up.

Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated Lyrics 8 years ago
No no no, it IS about hope, (but yes, it occurs in the face of hopelessness).

If the girl of your dreams gets engaged to another man, shake it off. It is very difficult at first, yes, but know that it's proof you're a better man than what fate has given you.

Don't be a victim, believe in yourself, and become the better man that you know you are.

You don't have to be perfect to be deserving of love.

Jimmy Eat World – Kill Lyrics 8 years ago
"I loved you, and I should have said it; tell me just what has it ever meant?"

The way those words culminate at the end of the bridge make it one of my favorite songs ever. I agree with the above comment except for the "strung along" aspect, as it doesn't need to occur that way for the emotion to be relevant.

Of course, referencing Elliot Smith in any way makes this song awesome.

So what does the title "Kill" mean? I think it's a severe way of saying, "I've been totally disarmed by you, I'm putty in your hands."

...this girl apparently doesn't like putty.

Yiruma – River Flows In You Lyrics 8 years ago
Ponderous and romantic:

I love the combination of those two emotions, and the way he plays with the tempo and dynamics really makes it come alive. Some of the grace notes feel like they're winking at you in a cold yet superior way.

Heavy and light all at once.

Scars On 45 – The Way That We Are Lyrics 8 years ago
I usually don't do lyric corrections, but this is my current theme song, so it had to be done.

Specifically, seeing the "spring in the step" of the girl who's happy without you will definitely create a "hole in your heart". Also, "the feeling that I've lost 'years'," is extremely pertinent to the emotion of the song, when you consider how long he's been waiting for this relationship to happen. Probably a friendship that was "risked" to an unsatisfying end.

It's ultimately about the person who changes your life by not being in it. It seems like a contradiction at first, but makes sense when you realize that you have to be willing to change to become the kind of man she deserves. "Whatever you did, it carried me this far..." is the acceptance of moving on, becoming a better man with no pretense of winning her over.

I can't wait for the full length album. These guys rock.

Scars On 45 – The Way That We Are Lyrics 8 years ago
I hear this song in a slightly different way:

In the blinded-eye parade,
You're the only one I see.
We have ventured far and wide,
In the hope that you'll believe.
That every waking day we find,
Will reveal an open door.
You turned my life around,
But I don't need you anymore.

We risked our lives on a feeling,
It could all work out.
Realize that you're wrong when you're leaving,
And nothing you do could change it.

Well maybe I could say what you say.
If only I could do as you do.
It's all in the way that we are;
It will always be the reason we lose.
I can feel the spring in your step.
You'll never see the hole in my heart.
But whatever you did, it carried me this far...

Well I could hide my love away,
As we walk with head in hands.
When every lesson learned,
Could be the reason why you ran.
And now your only hope is with
The only friend you'll see.
With friends as good as yours,
There's no need for enemies.

We risked our lives on a feeling,
It could all work out.
Realize that you're wrong when you're leaving,
And nothing you do can change it.

Well maybe I could say what you say.
If only I could do as you do.
It's all in the way that we are;
It will always be the reason we lose.
I can feel the spring in your step.
You'll never see the hole in my heart.
But whatever you did, it carried me this far...

We have fought in the pouring rain,
Just to hide our tears.
The only thing you gave to me,
Is a feeling that I've lost years.
Couldn't turn my days around,
Of believing what you say.
Without walking out...

We risked our lives on a feeling,
It could all work out.
Realize that you're wrong when you're leaving,
And nothing you do can change it.

Well maybe I could say what you say.
If only I could do as you do.
It's all in the way that we are;
It will always be the reason we lose.
I can feel the spring in your step.
You'll never see the hole in my heart.
But whatever you did, it carried me this far...

Well maybe I could say what you say.
If only I could do as you do.
It's all in the way that we are;
It will always be the reason we lose.
I can feel the spring in your step.
You'll never see the hole in my heart.
But whatever you did, it carried me this far...

Sufjan Stevens – All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands Lyrics 8 years ago
This is the perfect beginning to such a great album. I'm surprised no one has mentioned that the opening line references the album's title through the traditional Christmas song: "The Twelve Days of Christmas." The gift of "seven swans of swimming" aligns with January 1st on the Christian calendar, which make enhances the idea about new beginnings: a new year.

I for one don't try and separate religious striving from musical emotion. They connect in a way which gets at a certain truth about how we live.

New Year's Day can be a lot like baptism, a fresh start. A return to nature, likened by the personification of trees, can offer forgiveness in a way that otherwise only penitence can offer.

There is a commitment and surrender to this song that sets up the rest of the album beautifully.

Death Cab for Cutie – St. Peter's Cathedral Lyrics 8 years ago
Bleak, but certainly not weak. I see it as a companion piece to "I Will Follow You into the Dark." This song is less personal and more philosophical in nature, however.

Being raised Catholic and having studied architecture, I appreciate his reading of the gesture to the heavens, a yearning unattained. Coincidently, I recently got into an argument with a friend about the afterlife, and the idea that "there's nothing past this."

Why wait until the end of days for salvation? We have the tools to do it ourselves, right here, right now: love and forgiveness. Don't ignore either one as you go through life.

(Because heaven is secretly here.)

Death Cab for Cutie – Some Boys Lyrics 8 years ago
To me, this was an immediate stand-out on the new album. I like how it approaches the the idea from both sides: guys who mistreat and objectify women, and guys who shyly don't know what to do about their own hearts.

The first verse ends with the former "getting what they want," namely sex. But not love...

The second verse is about the latter group, those who know love is more valuable than sex, but have no idea how to get to there.

The last line really stings in that sense: "They won't get what they want."

Hooray for Death Cab getting track placement correct yet again. This is the perfect track 3.

Scars On 45 – Promises and Empty Words Lyrics 8 years ago
I really like the way Aimee sings this song. Her voice just makes me swoon. I may not be spot on with the lyrics, but I begin to tear up with the end of the first chorus every time: "why should I be the one, to give this everything?"

This song struggles to move on from a bad relationship. It has the courage to do so, however, and thus illustrates the break in a calm and telling way, which I find admirable.

The end of the song changes the direction of the chorus by eliminating the last phrase. "Why should I be the one? [only]" is a compelling note to end on (and intentional, I would think).

Ryan Adams – Lucky Now Lyrics 8 years ago
Getting older and trying to remember how you got there. The chorus seems to suggest a recollection of wild youthful nights filled with drama, and to appreciate that they made you feel alive. Drama is better than nothingness, of course.

The imagery in the second verse reminds me of "My Blue Manhattan," with its snow to cover the ugliness of the city. But when the snow begins to blacken, that illusion of innocence is lost.

The twist in the lyrics of the final chorus represents the hope in this song, and I like it very much.

She keeps telling me I'm "unlucky". But this song keeps making me smile.

Death Cab for Cutie – Long Division Lyrics 8 years ago
The best albums are the ones you can return to and always hear new things. "Narrow Stairs" has certainly entered that pantheon for me.

Just today, I heard the first line of this song differently: "His head was a city of paper buildings."

Before a building is actually built, it exists as a set of architectural drawings, a fully-detailed design on paper that is then rarely executed exactly as intended (or maybe not even built at all). So a whole "city of paper buildings" would be a mind burdened by many unresolved and beautiful plans, or good intentions that never come to fruition. The worst part is not only are these things burdensome, they're imaginary, because they don't physically exist. But oh, once it starts...

I think it fits in well with the "unresolved" nature of the long division metaphor (which has been thoroughly explained). Striving for the perfect solution to an unending problem is asking for toil and frustration.

Scars On 45 – Give Me Something Lyrics 8 years ago
First of all, I love every song I've heard from this band so far.

This song in particular seems to be about a widower, evidenced by the line: "I'll wear your wedding ring for a lifetime." It makes the metaphor about the old oak tree even more poignant, that he thought their love would last forever but didn't count on her getting sick and dying. It's very sad.

My favorite line is in the second verse: "the view it disappeared as my alarm clock hit the time." indicating that she haunts his dreams.

"Give me something" takes on a grasping-out-at-straws meaning, though I'm not sure what he's expecting (maybe he doesn't either). Yes, he is definitely longing for connection. I can't say he has much hope. Again, very sad.

But all these feelings have to go somewhere I suppose...

Aqualung – Broken Bones Lyrics 8 years ago
I have to say, this is one of those songs where the chorus just blows away the rest of anything else said. I don't know what he means by the metaphor of broken bones, but "I just need a little more time with you" is unbelievably true. Such a great ending to a fine album.

I can start to feel him when he says, "inevitable love song, inevitable lie song, inevitable cry song.", but it's only a set-up for when pleads three times over how much he wants the girl he's always desired.

It's a beautiful composition of three instruments: piano, voice, and static.

The Fray – Vienna Lyrics 8 years ago
I totally agree. Both fantastic movies, but this song seems to compliment the scene in "Before Sunrise" where Jesse and Celine are saying their good-byes at one of Vienna's train stations. Spoilers ahead:

They had previously agreed not exchange information, in hopes of keeping their one perfect day together perfect. Thus, "There's really no way to reach me."

Of course, in the moment they're leaving, their hearts start screaming out about how naive that is and so they compromise and agree to meet again exactly in the same spot in exactly 5 years. In "Before Sunset" they do eventually meet again (10 years later) and discuss why the 5-year mark didn't happen. Hence, "Maybe in 5 or 10 years we'll meet again and straighten this whole thing out."

It's an excellent song either way. I've also considered that the narrator is simply referencing the movies in order to make the argument to the girl he's with that this is their "Vienna" moment. In that sense, the last line sounds more like "It's time to make a choice..."

I think I need to get my Netflix queued up...

Augustana – Wrong Side Of Love Lyrics 8 years ago
"You can't walk away from what your heart knows".

That line haunts me. Now that I've bought the album, I see the way this song plays with and contrasts "On the Other Side," the subsequent track. The "Wrong Side" seems to refer to an unrequited love. There are some really great lines about dealing with it and trying to move on, even if futile. If there is an "Other Side," it is far-fetched (like a shot in the dark).

But the song still retains some hope, just barely.

I'm a romantic, so I'll cling to that...

Augustana – On the Other Side Lyrics 8 years ago
I find myself quite attracted to this song.

On first listen, "On the Other Side" seems to reference the afterlife, a love that even death can't part. But then that seemed too simple of an interpretation to me. I now think it refers to any obstacle or challenge a couple may face. "I'm gonna love you somewhere on the other side" is a reassurance of being able to get through anything together.

There's a lot of faith in this song, despite the unknown. The chorus, with all its "I don't know"s, ironically makes the first verse's "I know you were meant for me" stronger.

It's discovering your love destiny, and gaining conviction from the fact that it's the only part of God's plan you really need to know. Let the rest be a mystery, as long as you have someone to share it with. This would make a great wedding song.

Unfortunately, the online tab for this song sucks. I will not stop until I figure out every last chord.

TV on the Radio – Will Do Lyrics 8 years ago
What's amazing is the mood it achieves despite its pining lyrics. Without the music to accompany the message, you would think he's letting her walk all over him. "Anytime will do" at face-value sounds like: "I'll wait for you forever, even though you haven't shown the slightest sign of ever wanting to be with me." But then you hear it and think: where does he get the confidence to sing it like that?

It's Westley's "As you wish..." to Buttercup. It's Howard Roark's "Yes, Miss Francon".

When you get to the bridge, there are all these sexy metaphors MattTheMartian has been keen on pointing out. I've got to say, though, to me the "second hand" isn't about his hand, it's about hers. Like that of clock, it starts in the 12 position and makes its way down to the 6; as in, where her hand goes when she's sleeping alone in bed... Look at the first line of that section. He's giving her a command to "set it off".

Where does he get the confidence to sing it like that?

My guess is he knows she can't hold out forever, and will come knocking eventually. This is siege warfare, my friends.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows Lyrics 8 years ago
"Everybody Knows" that the world is a cruel and unfair place. We like to pretend that it's fair, or that we're somehow "better" than the others, but that's not the truth.

I didn't learn about this song from "Pump Up the Volume," I learned about it from another movie: "The King of Kong, A Fist Full of Quarters" (a great underdog story if you haven't seen it...).

There is an unapologetic truth in this song. And that is what makes music great.

The Script – You Won't Feel A Thing Lyrics 8 years ago
I do agree with what's been said so far. But the funny thing is, we're still missing the alternative meaning of the title.

"You Won't Feel A Thing" refers primarily to how he will make sure she doesn't feel the same pain as he has, yes. But I would add it also alludes to the fact that it ultimately doesn't matter to her, either. "You Won't Feel A Thing" can refer to the fact that how he throws himself into danger in order to protect her doesn't impress her at all.

He's being all noble and it doesn't matter. You can't make someone love you. She won't feel a thing.

The Script – Nothing Lyrics 8 years ago
The opposite of love is not hatred, it's silence.

Fionn Regan – Put a Penny in the Slot Lyrics 9 years ago
I thought the same thing the first time I heard this song. The fact that he stresses it's an "artificial light" makes me think he is skeptical about the prayer being heard.

Quite simply, it's about unrequited love and he knows it. But he's going to go through the motions anyway. Pray for love, be a decent man, blah blah blah, futility...

Beth Orton – Concrete Sky Lyrics 9 years ago
The way I'm feeling right now.

I have to say I only discovered this song because Ryan Adams provides guest vocals mixed into the chorus. But still, there's this real sense of the futility of love in these lyrics. Getting to the point where it doesn't even effect you anymore is scary, and is just par for the course.

The line, "I've been out walking, don't do too much talking" is a reference to "These Days" by Jackson Browne (his best song).

I let it wash over me, without any idea of what to do next.

Neon Trees – Animal Lyrics 9 years ago
Good summer song for me. It plays on the dichotomy of sexual impulse and romantic feeling that has been divorced to a certain degree in modern relationships.

The whole idea of a fuck-buddy or "friend-with-benefits" is evidence enough to this end.

The fact is that the human brain hasn't evolved a whole lot as far as relationships are concerned, only society has. The animal impulse has become more and more accepted, but the romance is just as elusive as it ever was...

I like the pairing of "take a bite of my heart tonight" with "say good-bye to my heart tonight" in an expression of this dichotomy.

There is definitely more than an animal attraction if he can't sleep at night...

Green Day – See the Light Lyrics 10 years ago
Why not end off with a revelation? The progression of this album has brought the disillusionment of blind patriotism and blind faith into reality, false ideals which couldn't be sustained. Why not ask for the truth? All that is pure and good.

All the talk about rivers and water, generally make me think about baptism, rebirth, and the forgiveness of the self.

This is the appropriate way to end things. It doesn't have to be spiritual, but it does have to represent real change. This is the follow-up to American Idiot I expected, more ambitious, but possibly too abstract. I will look into it deeper in the weeks to come...

Green Day – 21 Guns Lyrics 10 years ago
The 21 gun salute is the highest honor one can receive upon burial, usually in a military context. It makes me wonder, who was laid to rest here? An answer I'm not quite sure of.

But the whole pairing of "One, twenty-one guns" I'm guessing reiterates the importance of the individual, the idea that one person can do something worth the honor of multiple others showing respect, especially if that person gave their life for a cause.

The whole album has reminded me of the song "Acrobat" by U2; specifically, the lines "I'd join the movement if there was one I could believe in. Yeah I'd break bread and wine if there was a church I could receive in."

Don't be an agnostic, believe in something. Those who do and die in such purpose deserve our respect.

Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Green Day – Horseshoes and Handgrenades Lyrics 10 years ago
I wish this song could be the next single, but all the f-bombs will prevent that I'm sure...

It brings up an interesting point though, CxLTxN, that there is a kit of parts that Green Day songs always seem to fit into. It's brought me to a theory that I now believe in because of what I've heard over the last 20 years. Green Day remains so accessible because of the fact they use simple rock chord progressions infused with energy that no one else can match. But they acclaim fame based on the layering of sophisticated commentary underneath that basic musicianship. The match of music and lyrics is unparalleled by any other rock band out there right now.

"Almost only really counts in horseshoes and hand grenades" is a cliche, but it comes to life in the energy of this song.

I love how he spells Gloria's name at the end. It sounds like a cautionary tale of anarchy.

Green Day – Restless Heart Syndrome Lyrics 10 years ago
Act two is really the weakest of this new epic...

...but this song saves it. Act two tragedy is a common theatric device and it occurs here when the phrase "know your enemy" twists around from a rallying hope to a realization of disillusionment. Gloria is truly the dynamic player here, challenging the listener to think about his/her own patriotism, whether the current America is worth the fight or if a new America is warranted (the idea of "punk" and "revolution" are indeed interconnected).

This isn't just a personal experience, the lyrics make it a point to spread the symptoms around. Can act three find a cure?

Green Day – Before the Lobotomy Lyrics 10 years ago
Green Day playing with time signatures! What?!

Ha ha, I love it. My favorite off the new album so far. Incredible energy bookended by the emotional "dreaming, singing, dying, laughter" sections. Two great characters are being developed here: Gloria and Christian (patriotism and faith personified, respectively). Gloria got a lobotomy after 9/11. Christian tried to offer comfort and reasurrance because of the ordeal.

What sticks out to me is the "to cast a stone and throw a brick" line, which connects a gospel reading to the Dookie song "She" in a very interesting way. The whole Jesus and Mary Magdalene thing, yes.

"I got so high, I can't stand up." is also a stand out. There is a lot of irony in this song, and it almost demands an explanation.

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