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Mariah Carey – After Tonight Lyrics 19 years ago
OMG! I absolutely LOVE this song!!!! Mariah is absolutely awesome!

Mariah Carey – Can't Take That Away Lyrics 19 years ago
Mariah Carey is one of the best singers in the business, alot of ppl I know think so. She has a amazing gift, and if you don't agree, keep it to yourself rather than try to piss her fans off!

Tracy Lawerence – Stars Over Texas Lyrics 19 years ago
U kinda spelled his last name wrong. its Lawrence

Linkin Park – Forgotten Lyrics 19 years ago

Alison Krauss – When You Say Nothing At All Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song so much!!! U know, A guy named Keith Whitley sang it first. He sings it well, but he died, like a long time ago. I think they did a duet of this song. u r right britty, she has a gorgeous voice and she is the only person who could even do this song justice. (except Keith Whitley, of course)

Linkin Park – In The End Lyrics 19 years ago

Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet Lyrics 19 years ago
It's really sad that he had to go through all of this shit. People should just leave him alone. There are ppl who critisize his lyrics and blame him for some of the crazy shit that ppl are doing lately, but he is just letting off some steam. I think that he is a freakin genious. His music is the best.
KYRIE~~ U r so right!! he doesn't talk about all of that gross shit that other male rappers talk about. What he is trying to express is stuff that he has had to experience.
PPL If you don't like what he's saying then just don't listen!!!

Toby Keith – Courtesy of the red, white, and blue (angry american) Lyrics 19 years ago
this song completely kicks @$$!

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