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Adam Lambert – Ghost Town Lyrics 6 years ago
My interpretation's been this: Adam Lambert states "My heart is a ghost town" because he's basically saying that his ability to love is still in place (as in a ghost town the buildings and other infrastructure elements are still in place), but there are only memories inhabiting his love (no current residents, just like in a ghost town). So, in a nutshell, he's still able to love, but currently he's not in love.

However, in a interview for AT40 dot com on April 22, 2015, he stated: "Chasing the original high. That’s the hook. I feel like we all do that on some way, whatever the original high is to you… The first time, for me, [when] I got onstage and that adrenaline rush, that kind of high”.

Sick Puppies – Riptide Lyrics 6 years ago
@[MikeSak:17555] it seems to be more about the media if you watch the video.

Sick Puppies – Riptide Lyrics 6 years ago
@[MikeSak:17554] this song is awesome though. ;)

Sick Puppies – Riptide Lyrics 6 years ago
@[MikeSak:17553] @[MikeSak:17553] Not everything is political. You could ( anyone could) listen to any song written and turn it into whatever YOUR thoughts are. So really unless there is a interview where they say the meaning behind the song. Its pretty much gonna mean whatever the person listening is going to associate it with in their head/from what's going on in their personal life.
BTW We were trillions of dollars in debt before Obama started being President. That's not a easy thing to fix. I know I would not want the pressure of trying to fix Bush's giant mess (like the trillions of dollars in debt) oh and btw I personally am not a fan of Obama.
Have a great Holiday :)

Blink-182 – She's Out of Her Mind Lyrics 6 years ago

Blink-182 – She's Out of Her Mind Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Daniel9876:17494] POST-PUNK BAND

Pink Floyd – High Hopes Lyrics 6 years ago
@[calnicholson:17415] This comment is very important. I studied at Cambridge as well.

Those who didn't live right in the centre were blessed with nature a reasonable 10 minute walk away.

Ironically enough I used to take walks at exactly these parts of Cambridge while listening to this song, among other Pink Floyd songs.

There are many Cambridge specific things to take note:

1. The library is the only thing visible from afar, while at the field. It is absolutely huge, and you always know how to get back.
2. The falling apples scene is in the west of Cambridge, the only place where you can really see apples grow.
3. The key college is St John's. The bridge crosses the river via St John's.
4. There's punting.
5. The men with stilts do look like some of the young men in Cambridge.
7. You never see a scene with students inside a building. When inside a building, you are a baloon, you are a bubble. When you are outside, you are held.
8. Carrying the statue head looks an awful lot like carrying a rowing boat.
9. Bikes. Cambridge is a lot of bikes.
10. The large wheel, and then falling: connect hope + cycling + growth + falling and you get the idea.
11. Moving the wheel by hand: feels like a crutch almost. Why can't you use the wheel on a bike to actually speed you up?
12. The only place where you see a person in a building is the kid throwing out the large teddy bear. It looks like juxtaposition of some sort.
13. The bridge towards the end is the bridge you cross towards south part of Cambridge, typically for someone travelling from Homerton to West.
14. He finally releases all the baloons that he had, realising that... hey, they can go their own way, keep on going, passing through the university... they have no end, they'll be alive forever.
15. You never see authority in the picture. But often groups of people. There is a lot of independence in Cambridge, students are given the feeling of self drive.

There are other things that I do notice that feel Cambridgey but I don't know how to interpret them.

While Cambridge gave me things, it really hasn't changed who I am very much.

Beck – Debra Lyrics 16 years ago
one of my favorite bars plays this song all the time... i was surprised to find out how well this song goes with alcohol.

DJ Format – We Know Something You Don't Know Lyrics 19 years ago
best music video ever! check it out sometime.

U2 – Original of the Species Lyrics 19 years ago
i think he is saying dont smile so much that it becomes fake.

Kraftwerk – Neon Lights Lyrics 19 years ago
i could be wrong but i thought this was a u2 song.

Iggy Pop – I Wanna Be Your Dog Lyrics 19 years ago
this one is one of iggy's best.

Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers Lyrics 19 years ago
eminem is right... ja is a tool.

The Beach Boys – Feel Flows Lyrics 19 years ago
brian wilson is finally going to finish 'smile' sometime this year or next... he didnt put a date on it, he said its going to be released when he feels its perfect.

Neil Young – After the Gold Rush Lyrics 19 years ago
i think he was just incredibly high when he wrote it.

Wings – Band On The Run Lyrics 20 years ago
THEY ARNT YELLING THROUGH THE WHOLE SONG! ...lay off the caps locks.

The Beach Boys – Feel Flows Lyrics 21 years ago
maybe its just me but this song sounds like its saying something if you played it backwords.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama Lyrics 21 years ago
i love how they got there name. when the band was still in high school they had a gym teacher that hated hippies and his name was lynard skynard, thus the basis of its appeal.

Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me Lyrics 21 years ago
yeah, celine dion also covered it. about ruining a great song.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence Lyrics 21 years ago
i know that you just sang 'all i ever wanted, all i ever needed is here in my arms'

Third Eye Blind – Slow Motion Lyrics 21 years ago
i think this song would go over great at a high school dance.

David Bowie – Space Oddity Lyrics 21 years ago
how can you not love bowie?

U2 – MLK Lyrics 22 years ago
MLK is brillant piece of work about Martin Luther King.

Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey Lyrics 22 years ago
A posting to the Van mailing list May/96 notes the existence of a "lost verse" to this song, here transcribed from a performance on the Van Morrison in Ireland concert video:

There's a rose pressed inside a bible
That she reads on the balcony
She's sweet in slumber and I've got her number
For the beginning of the century.

Van list member Art Siegel comments in Nov/97 that "I don't think the rose in the bible is a true 'lost verse', but rather one that Van added to his live performances years after the original. There is, though, a true 'lost verse' which is in the original sheet music:"

I'll tell a tale of old Manhattan
Adirondack bus to go
Standing waiting on my number
And my number's gonna show.

The Dusty Springfield cover version on The Van Morrison Songbook CD has a variant of this:

I heard a tale of old Manhattan
I've never been there but I want to go
Standing waiting on my number
And my number's gonna show.

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