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Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) Lyrics 17 years ago
sounds like "fucker" to me, guys. I could be wrong of course.
Sounds like an angry bitter dashboard confessional.

The Strokes – Soma Lyrics 17 years ago
My mom used to take soma, as a painkiller.
Not that that matters in any way.

::runs to library to check out book::

New Found Glory – Vegas Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in the last post when I said, "dont ya just love high school romance?" I was being entirely sarcastic.

Hometown Hero – Eighteen Lyrics 17 years ago
I think that the guy is longing for a girl who doesn't really return his affections. She's just playing games with him. He likes it because it's better to have a girl flirt with you and lead you on, then for her to completely ignore you. This happens a lot in real life, I have come to believe. Especially at the tender age of eighteen.
Just my own interpretation.

I heard the hometown hero is touring with weezer right now. Bleeds in blue is also an amazing song.

Hometown Hero – Bleeds In Blue Lyrics 17 years ago

Saves the Day – A Drag In D Flat Lyrics 17 years ago
This song reminds me of an stalker sort of obsession. "Do you know that I never ever lose?" - personally, that creeps me out.

Fugazi – Long Distance Runner Lyrics 17 years ago
brilliant. I didn't like this song the first time I heard it, but after a few times, I can't help but love it.

New Found Glory – Vegas Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song is about something a little different then cheating on someone.
"sometimes people think that they are so in love
when it's the first person that they have ever been with"
That is exactly what this song is about. Oddly enough the first guy I ever kissed told me to listen to this song. We thought we were in love. Hah. irony is great.
"It's so stupid" ---> my favorite line. Dont ya just love high school romance?

New Found Glory – Winter Of '95 Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm a little confused as to what this song is about.
I know the first part is about a relationship that ended a long time ago. And the second part is about him making too many friends and not having time for any of them. Like one of those type of people that is friends with absolutely eveyone but doesn't have a best friend.
How do those two come together to form the winter of '95?
good song though.

Makeshift3 – Congratulations, You're Beautiful Lyrics 17 years ago
If you downloaded this song from kazaa (or any other place like it for that matter) there is a very very good chance that it says this song is by new found glory. There is no remake of it, from what I know.
Makeshift3 is a christian band, a rather good one at that. I love the message of this song. It makes me mad that nfg is getting credit for it though.
rock on makeshift3.

Green Day – Redundant Lyrics 17 years ago
I always thought that "cause I love you" 's not enough was sort of like the answer toe the question.
For example
girl: Why did you do that?
boy: cause I love you

And he's saying that's just not enough anymore for either of them. It seems to me that it never really was all that great of a relationship, or at least in his mind, he feels that way now.
"Now I waste it, I faked it, I ate it, now I hate it "

Green Day – Blood, Sex and Booze Lyrics 17 years ago
good call. This song is deinfitely about bondage. I'm surprised more people haven't commented about it.

Green Day – Longview Lyrics 17 years ago
Hey guys, may is national masturbation month. Just a reminder. It's already passed this year, but next year....
long live longview.
"take me away to paradise"

Jimmy Eat World – Authority Song Lyrics 17 years ago
question: is it "I've got no single purpose" or "I've got no secret purpose"???

Doesn't this song make you giddy? It makes me super hyper. Maybe that's just me.

New Found Glory – My Friends Over You Lyrics 17 years ago
There are very few songs worth having an orgasm over. Except maybe brain stew by green day. I haven't heard this song, but I can tell you, I doubt many people orgasm after hearing it.

The Get Up Kids – The Breathing Method Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about his girlfriend getting pregnant and now he regrets having sex with her. He's quite bitter about it too. "Can you conceive that I hate you?" He lets her know that he is not going to run away though with the last few lines. "I'll take responsibility. I won't let mine be a mistake."
Overall, I think this is a good song. Not their best, but it has a good message. I especially like this part:
It's obvious the risks
outweigh the benefits
should have used our heads
couldn't happen to me
there's no safe hiding place in thinking you're immune
you're not immune

The breathing method could mean 2 things. (1) When a woman is having a baby, she has to breathe a certain way. (2) A bit more obvious maybe. When 2 people are uhmm... "doing it", they uhh... tend to breathe heavy

The Get Up Kids – Valentine Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm kind of confused about what this song is actually about. I always thought it was about this guy second guessing his relationship and not thinking it's all that wonderful. He think that the girl is only with him because it's convinent and as soon as it's not conveinent anymore (Will you be my valentine if I'm a world away?) he think she won't feel the same way anymore.

I really don't get this part:
Tonight for me translates to yesterday for you.
You bend and you wave when you're barely away.
I wish I could say tonight
that when you bend and wave goodnight
you'd take me with you.

He knows it's over and it doesn't mean as much as he thought it did.
Does that make any sense or am I way off base?

great song even if I don't fully get it.

The Youth Ahead – Beautiful Day Lyrics 17 years ago
dude, how can this song not make you want to run up and hug everyone? so peppy. I can't wait for the youth ahead to become big so I can be all like, "yeah. I remember I saw them back in the day in 2001." They did a little show at our ski hill. It was outside. They opened for Space Hogs, but TYA were so much better. These guys are so nice too. I bought a poster and the cd. My friend traded hats with the drummer. She later gave me the hat and I am proud to say that I still wear it when I snowboard, which is all the time.

The Youth Ahead – Stuck Up High School Girls Lyrics 17 years ago
GREAT FUCKING SONG. Turn up the volume and rock out. Pretty obvious what the lyrics mean.
I always wonder if that type of girl knows that she is like that. Are they aware that everyone else hates them? If I got to know a girl like this better, do you think that I would probably not want to kill them so badly? Probably.

Dashboard Confessional – Screaming Infidelities Lyrics 17 years ago
Fugazi is a great band, I never said it wasn't. But it just doesn't have what it takes to break into the mainstream. That's a good thing for the fans who don't like "sellouts" anyways, but possibly not a good thing for them if they want to become mega superstars and make a load of money. It's all about priorities.
I have never heard of The minus tide, I will look into it. I can understand if you just don't like dc because you don't like the pop sound. That's your own personal preference. Don't get hostile towards those who do like it. If The Minus Tide or Fugazi were on TRL, would you still like them as much? I doubt it.

Saves the Day – See You Lyrics 17 years ago
This was definitely STD's best song live. I saw them on the pop disaster tour. Before that I only sort of liked them, but after I was hooked. They are so innocent- they looked like they are 14. (Maybe I was just so far away....)

Thursday – Porcelain Lyrics 17 years ago
I love the last line "try and live"
It just... I don't know how to explain it. It just works so incredibly well. genius

Dashboard Confessional – Screaming Infidelities Lyrics 17 years ago
First of all, yes emo is in the process of being "killed" by mtv. While the underground listeners who discovered dashboard and became faithful fans from the start, new comers have it easy. They just have to turn on the radio. That doesn't mean that emo is dead however. I am so excited that mtv is starting to push GOOD MUSIC. These are some quality emotional lyrics that promote love, not smacking bitches up like many forms of music today do.

Screaming Infidelities, not dc's best song, is great nonetheless. I love the double meaning of "making out." There's the meaning that everyone likes AKA "getting lucky" and then there's the more conventional meaning used in the context of, "We're making out well." Meaning, the person is doing well. He's wondering if she's making out with someone else and if she's just plain doing okay. I love that.
Personally, I don't think that the girl is sleeping around. Just an impression that I got when I first heard the song.

My favorite dashboard confessional songs are saints and sailors, living in your letters, and best deceptions - oh screw it. They are all good.
You guys should listen to Further Seems Forever. Chris' other band.

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