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Kanye West – Street Lights Lyrics 13 years ago
I was watching Grey's Anatomy Thursday and at the end I thought I love this song and then it hit me, this is from the new album, and its presence made the final scene so beautiful, especially ending with 'life's just not fair' over and over

Lifehouse – Breathing Lyrics 19 years ago
This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I think it's about wanting to grow in your relationship with God. The first verse is about finally deciding to get back to what you know is right, despite all that may happen, and jumping into it knowing that God's grace is sufficient to keep you. The second verse is about trying to distinguish what God's telling you from all the other things that are thrown at you in this life and wanting just to feel emotion again and getting rid of all the hardness we've developed.
The chorus is about listening to God and even though you may not hear him, or he may be choosing not to speak to you at this time, being okay with that for the time. But knowing all the while that the best is yet to come and what we have ahead of us is so great, but just sitting at heaven's door hearing God would be enough.

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