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NOFX – Herojuana Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is awesome. good lyrics.. like all nofx songs! :)

Nine Inch Nails – Closer Lyrics 17 years ago
i was at the bar last night at the dj was playing this, the place was shaking... wicked.. very wicked. i love this song.

NOFX – The Decline Lyrics 17 years ago
i consider this easily among the best songs ever created. the best nofx for sure.. followed by Stickin In My Eye..
the lyrics/meanings are pretty self explanitory IMO..i could go on for hours about the song..i like the part about going to jail over weed (which is now DECRIMINALIZED up here in Canada by the way.)
jail is a place for murderers,rapists, and other criminals. not a dude with $10 of weed in his pocket.

Carcass – Arbeit Macht Fleisch Lyrics 17 years ago
my favorite carcass song along with Blind Bleeding The Blind, This Mortal Coil, and.. most of the songs from Swan Song (GET THAT CD!)... these guys rock. if you're into fast heavy speed metal, check them out for sure!!

In Flames – Episode 666 Lyrics 17 years ago
i agree jester/whoracle are the best albums.. i live in canada..the yukon to be exact.. so i dont think ill have the chance to see them anytime soon.. no one up here except a few of my metalhead friends and i know about these guys.. everyone i introduce them to LOVES them though, and i mean who couldnt! their sound is so unqiue and engaging.. it just draws you in.. they get better everytime i listen to them. i actually havent heard any of the newest stuff but i hear its gone mainstream ( :\ ).. i hope they dont sell out like some of the other great metal bands (METALLICA.)

my favorite songs by them are Food For The Gods, Another Day In The Quicksand, and.. well fuck they all kick ass.. those 2 in particular tho!

Kyuss – Demon Cleaner Lyrics 17 years ago
Kyuss is a great, relatively underground band (although they arent together anymore). i reccomend getting a lot of their music... you really get into it.. they use heavy guitar distortion with very cool riffs and drumming. 2 thumbs up.

Metallica – One Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is amazing... everyone knows what its about so i wont touch on that... but when 4:35 hits and Metallica goes crazy, holy shit. The solo is wicked, the drumming has a cool tribal feel to it..... why can't metallica write this shit these days? oh yeah, cause they sold out.

Thrice – Deadbolt Lyrics 17 years ago
thrice is amazing. 2nd only to NOFX. very engaging and deep lyrics. i love it.
deadbolt rocks.

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