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Zwan – Settle Down Lyrics 15 years ago
good call mavrikz, you're right on... another instance of this is in a pixies song, "Monkey Gone to Heaven." the symbolic & biblical use of 5, 6, 7 are used there. and no bashing on you or Jesus. :)
grace for all.

U2 – Grace Lyrics 15 years ago
PREACH, u2elevation! You are definitely right on, with that post. I love this song, and someday when I name my daughter "Grace" (provided I have one), I am going to tell her she was named after a favorite U2 song. :)

VAST – I Don't Have Anything Lyrics 16 years ago
holy moly, this is such an awesome song, i'm really surprised nobody has commented on it. wow, where to begin? this nearly perfectly typifies the feelings you go thru when you lose the one person you love the most. while the chorus is pretty straight-forward, i am particularly fond of the lines,
"What can I buy to make
The sky turn blue again
Where can I go to feel
Like I'm alive again
Show me the places
Where I can forget your name
I can't find anything
Except a void inside"
He's pleading for normalcy, he just wants to escape to where he can live again, but knows it just isn't possible to live again without this amazing person in his life, or loving him. Wow... just wow.

Ben Folds Five – Emilia Bright Lyrics 16 years ago
What's it mean though? Who is Emilia Bright? :)

Ben Folds Five – Emaline Lyrics 16 years ago
What does it mean though? Who is Emaline and what is this about? :) PM me!

Ben Folds Five – Missing The War Lyrics 16 years ago
What's this about, people? AIM:emann333, email: or feel free to Private Message me! Thanks! :)

Ben Folds Five – Mess Lyrics 16 years ago
Definitely this is some guy, kicking himself for the way he took a girl (who adored him) for granted ("All the untested virtue/The things I said I'd never do/Least of all to you")... and when he finally realizes all the crap he's drug her through, she's moved on ("I know that he is good to you/ He'll never care for you more than I do"). So he moves on too, but he still feels like he'll love the girl forever inside ("I want to be for her/What I could never be for you").

Better Than Ezra – Under You Lyrics 16 years ago
Gorgeous love song, for sure... written in the past tense, memories of lost (true) love... *sigh*

Ben Folds Five – Magic Lyrics 16 years ago
Anybody know which BF5 album this is on? Private message or email me, please! Thanks! :)

Fiona Apple – The First Taste Lyrics 16 years ago
seems to be about waiting for the right person... perhaps the sexual and emotional tensions that go along with waiting ("Give me the first taste, let it begin, heaven cannot wait/Forever/Darling, just start the chase- I'll let you win/But you must make the endeavor")... also the line "I'm building memories on things we have not said" makes me think she is so anxious for Mr. Right (or whomever) that she is daydreaming up fantasies of him. Not that girls DO that... :-o

Pete Yorn – A Girl Like You Lyrics 16 years ago
FINALLY. A sweet song about a green-eyed girl.

Ben Folds – The Luckiest Lyrics 16 years ago
how do you manage to stay in one piece when you listen to this song? anybody got any ideas? let me know...

Janis Ian – At Seventeen Lyrics 16 years ago
Tara Maclean does an AWESOME cover of this! :)

PJ Harvey – Down By The Water Lyrics 16 years ago
Help! What does this song mean?

The Zombies – A Rose For Emily Lyrics 16 years ago
Hey MOE... I've read that Faulkner story. Good stuff. So is this song. And so is our name. Go Emilys! :)

Pink Floyd – See Emily Play Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm inclined to think the same thing about MY mom, Pink Angel...

Jewel – Emily Lyrics 16 years ago
Yep, I second that, Wicked Em. We rock.

BBMak – Emily's Song Lyrics 16 years ago
No, my name's Emily and they're singing it to ME!!! ;)

Leonard Cohen – Waiting For The Miracle Lyrics 16 years ago
Do we know what this song is about? What is the miracle? :)

Better Than Ezra – Porcelain Lyrics 16 years ago
Genius indeed! Go BTE, way to capture the obsession of infatuation...

Better Than Ezra – Juarez Lyrics 16 years ago
Slow... like getting in at 4 in the morning... groggy... it's great...

Better Than Ezra – Beautiful Mistake Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song is about someone who was forced to grow from a child into a man when his father left him (and his mother, and possibly other siblings). It details a confrontation between the man and his fatheb, who has returned and attempted to be a part of his life now. The man feels so much resentment, anger, and frustration about his father's selfish act that he feels it is too late and tells the fathep, "No don't say a word/Leave while you still can."

Better Than Ezra – Oh, Corinna Lyrics 16 years ago
**NOTE: barrio- n., pl. bar·ri·os.
-An urban district or quarter in a Spanish-speaking country; a chiefly Spanish-speaking community or neighborhood in a U.S. city.

Better Than Ezra – Teenager Lyrics 16 years ago
Yep, average teenager alright... that feeling that nobody understands or cares leads to the lyrics, "They don't know/They don't care/They don't see." And today, society is obsessed with throwing alcohol down young people's throats, anything to make a buck. So they capitalize on the slogan, "If it feels good do it."

Better Than Ezra – Scared, Are You? Lyrics 16 years ago
Like any great BTE song, this is so easy to listen to and to relate to. For me, it took on new meaning as I was going through a pivotal time in my life, the transition from high school to college, and everything that goes along with moving away from the only home I've known for 18 years. The lines, "Strong hands/Big plans/All reduced to this/Hard won Freedom/How could you have missed?" and "Scared, are you?/Finally on your own/You do it all alone/We all did" relates to the universal feeling when we are finally "freed from the nest," and set off to do our own thing. We all have these hopes, dreams, aspirations, we all want success and happiness but seldom do we remember that it takes time and that the happiness we find is in the journey. The ending lyrics, "Half the lines you make up dear/The best that we can do/And we do" speaks to the listener, reminding us that we can only do our own personal best, and that most of life is reacting to the situations we are presented with. Gosh that was a long comment about such a simple concept, forgive me.

U2 – Wild Irish Rose Lyrics 16 years ago
In Bono's words, from the middle of the MP3 from which this transcription was made:

"This is based on a...on the time we spent in a hotel called the Millon Dollar Hotel in Los Angeles, which is downtown Los Angeles. It's like a half-way house hotel for bums and people thrown out of hospitals under the Regean era. And I was being taken through this hotel--I was doing some filming down there--and I noticed that the cheap liquor that all the bums drank was called Wild Irish Rose. So I started with the line, 'The city of Angels/Has brought a devil out in me', and developed it on from there. The Rose in Ireland, as you know, is a sort of romantic image of love, obviously, but it's also an image of Ireland itself. That is an image I thought would be nice to subvert."

U2 – Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad Lyrics 16 years ago
This song was sung by Bono during Frank Sinatra's 80th birthday television special. Here's his introduction to the song:
"Hello Los Angeles. Everybody at the shrine. Hello Frank, Barbra. I'm sorry, the band wouldn't let me off work. But, uh, so I'm gonna send you this song anyway. It's a song I've pitched to you about 80 times. Maybe now that I've got your undivided attention, you'll give it another listen."
Several U2 books mention Bono's attempts to get Frank to record the song, especially when Bono was recording his part of I've Got You Under My Skin.
It's a very lounge-like song, and I think it would be very well suited to Mr. Sinatra's voice, but Bono sounds great, too.This song was released in December 1997 as a b-side to the If God Will Send His Angels single. As far as I can tell, it's simply a clean recording (no audience noise) of Bono's TV performance.

U2 – She's a Mystery to Me Lyrics 16 years ago
I read somewhere that this song was written around the time of the Joshua Tree, and appeared on the Roy Orbison album, "Mystery Girl." It's a simple song which was performed live a few times with the BB King band on the Lovetown tour. Of particular interest are the lines: "And if my love is blind/Then I don't want to see," which should sound familiar to most U2 fans, from the song "Love is Blindness." It's interesting to see how long the seeds of an idea can dwell in an artists head before sprouting into a full-blown work of art.

U2 – Even Better Than The Real Thing Lyrics 16 years ago
I'll take your word for it, IanoDublin! ;) I thoroughly enjoy the song, though... it is a great song to listen to while you drive home from work. Well, let's face it, ANY song sounds good after you get out of work, but this is definitely an ego-booster.

U2 – Hallelujah Here She Comes Lyrics 16 years ago
Nah, it's not a shame... they're solid songs, quite possibly the best. There's nothing wrong with a love song having a deeper meaning and perhaps forcing you to think and face a few dark things, only to see the light. This one is a great one, too. The metaphor and spiritual side of this song are pretty clear and... well, I just love it. Positive, amazingly good rock music... could you POSSIBLY have a problem with this?

U2 – Be There Lyrics 16 years ago
Rough and relatively early U2, this song has a strange sort of appeal. The lyrics are almost trite, but they still speak to a universal human experience (like all U2 lyrics) and maintain their charm. Bottom line: we're all looking for somebody special to "be there" when we fall and to fall back upon...

U2 – Drowning Man Lyrics 16 years ago
One of U2's most moving songs, this is most definitely about the "bridegroom" relationship of Christ and the church. The lyrics "Take my hand/You know I'll be there/If you can/I'll cross the sky for your love/For I have promised/Oh, to be with you tonight/And for the time that will come" clearly speak of Christ's gift of eternal life and love. His promise is reinforced with the lyrics, "His love will last/His love will last forever." This song is a strong source of encouragement and comfort for me, reminding me that I have a Savior who not only cared to save the world, He cared to save ME, and He desperately wants to be with ME, should I choose to "Hold on, hold on tightly/To this love, last forever."

U2 – 40 Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is a beautiful adaptation of Psalm 40:1-3, with a lovely addition as well. To me, it is a cry out to God, to relieve the opression and pain surrounding someone (or some people). It is a very human prayer, asking God "How long to sing this song?" and wondering how long the Lord will let His children suffer in this way. These lyrics remind me of how far from God we really are, how He knows everything and our humanity and sinfulness creates such a gap and that we couldn't possibly handle knowing the future as the Lord does. As the song continues, "I will sing, sing a new song," the good in human nature is also revealed. Bono's lyrics remind us that we are in charge of our own attitudes and outlooks, that we CAN choose to remain positive and peaceful amidst the chaos and cruelty around us, and in doing so, there will be rewards if we "wait patiently for the Lord."

U2 – All I Want Is You Lyrics 16 years ago
"Obsessive love"... isn't love at all. Bono addresses that in this song. The definition of true love is ultimate selflessness, living to make another person happy in any and every way that you can. Bono realizes that when it is the desire for another that governs us, it isn't love at all... it's lust. Infatuation is so often confused with love in our society, and U2's "All I Want is You" confronts that issue. The final stanza, "You/All I want is you (repeated)" is nearly screamed by Bono, and Edge's guitar intensifies as well, both symbolizing the desire, rage, jealousy, and potential destruction lying in wait just under the facade of lust.

U2 – Heartland Lyrics 16 years ago
Flawless indeed! "Heartland" moves me to tears. Rattle & Hum has been a favorite "road trip" CD of mine for quite some time, and this haunting lullaby has become my favorite song from that album. Calm, yet searching, the music totally and utterly backs up the lyrics. The opening stanza is incredibly moving, specifically the lines "See the sun rise over her skin/Dawn changes everything, everything." In some ways, this has deeper meaning to the way we are constantly changing and each new day brings new revelations. Bono apparently can't help but be amazing.

U2 – Bad Lyrics 16 years ago
A huge part of the beauty of U2's lyrics are the mystery... Bono may have, in fact, been thinking of a specific instance or example when writing this song, but he writes it so wonderfully vague so that it can apply to so many more experiences that fans and listeners go through. "Bad" has been an anthem for me in getting over an obsessive relationship with a close friend and love interest of mine... that may seem trite to others who see it clearly as a song about the ever widening gap between the impoverished and the wealthy.

Weezer – Burndt Jamb Lyrics 16 years ago
Pure groovin' tunage.

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