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Evanescence – Tourniquet Lyrics 19 years ago
this isn't a place to debate the christian faith... it's to say what the song means to you...!!

Alisha's Attic – The Incidentals Lyrics 19 years ago
i adore this song... it reminds me of martin. it reminds me of any one ive ever loved properly and honestly.

BoySetsFire – My Life In The Knife Trade Lyrics 19 years ago
judas and jesus were friends... it's more about friendship than a love relationship in my eyes

Gary Jules – Mad World (Tears for Fears cover) Lyrics 19 years ago
In all honesty, I prefer the original.

I partly agree with Stiltzkin but I also disagree, my basic overview is that life grows tiresome when you're older and you use pointless methods to escape from it all... but even that grows into some sort of pattern. When you're younger however, life seems so much simpler, birthdays come once a year and for that time in your life everything is swell and fine, but once older, birthdays become something you dread or don't look forward too in the slightest. The dreams in which I'm dying line from the chorus is basically saying that sometimes...yo can have the saddest memories but be happy with them... just the recollection of better times.

It's the final verse which I feel is slightly more sinister.

"Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me"

Children get scared, we all do... simple.

"Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me"

What is the lesson... lesson of life? lesson on the obvious meaning... the teacher doesn't care... it's just a job. This relates to the shut up and listen line previous... even children are made to conform to a pattern of normality, to do well, keep your head down and get a good job.

I can understand why this song was covered for Donny Darko... it can be linked to it in many ways.
Familiar Faces= all through the film the same 10 or so characters continually pop p.
The school
Gretchen asking where she should sit

the chorus in paticular... when he dies and sacrifices himself... he is in bed, laughing. "The dreams in which I'm dying". Theres a lot of ways and I can't be bothered to type them all... but I think this is more than just the simple "OMG THE BUNNY" talk... its songmeanings, not lets talk abotu the film it's from.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris Lyrics 19 years ago
i heard this by accident. to me its when you show your true colours, you know when you meet someone you change slightly in a way to impress them. its natural. you might act cooler, smile more, touch more... tell a joke. either way you change. but once you get to know someone, and i mean someone you care about and love, you... just want them to see the real you. when no one else is prepared to understand you, you want them to be able too... and they will.

love isn't like it is in the movies, but the emotions can still be there.

Coldplay – The Scientist Lyrics 19 years ago
On an additional note:

Science and progress,
Did not speak as loud as my heart

These lines haunt me. Progression being the inevtiable end... he's saying it's natural, normal... but afterwards, he shows how much love he held. The most natural progression, the inevitable end, isn't as strong as my love, my emotions... thats just creeping along and my heart is screaming as loud as it possibly can...

amazing. its just how you feel when in love and after a break up or a parting of some kind, between lovers, friends or family

Coldplay – The Scientist Lyrics 19 years ago
maybe the title is relevant in the sense that we are all scientists... the humanist theory views us all as humans and responsible for the world, but it always goes back to science. In this sense maybe its saying we're responsible for our own actions? I don't know.

The comment I wanted to make here was that after rediscovering this song, I realised how much it means to me. It made me realise how I fear the end of the relationship I'm with. How much I need him and love him. Above all, the song to me is about the end of something. Whether it be through death or arguments or anything... but, it is about the end.

The most beautiful lines are "tell me yor secrets, ask me your questions". It's very open and honest. I adore it.

Bright Eyes – Laura Laurent Lyrics 19 years ago
Apparently it's about an old friend of his, she was very depressive. At some point, he chose music over her.

Cyndi Lauper – I Drove All Night Lyrics 19 years ago
I think you need your ears syringed... shes added some corny dance music... her stupid twatty voice and killed it. It was perfect... and now... its tainted. I've just listened to it after reading that comment Jonesy... and now I feel like CRYING! Celine would tip a suicidal person over the edge... especially if they listened to her version of that song. HMPH. FUCKING WHORE.

Evanescence – Imaginary Lyrics 19 years ago
i think this song is just saying that her dreams are blissfull... the alarmclock and real world is where the real nightmare lies. I love the lyrics... we all feel like it sometimes.

Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You Lyrics 19 years ago
i love this song... generally i'm into 70's punk but justins latest stuff has been great... as has christina's haha!

BoySetsFire – Unspoken Request Lyrics 19 years ago
i've been thinking about this song... I think its more than just rape. She lost her virginity during this sexual encounter... the images of "breaking in" present this idea. Also the fact that trust is hinted at and what not. Just an idea but i think it is related to that.

BoySetsFire – Across Five Years Lyrics 19 years ago
"this was not me
this could never be me"
this could definately link to the gay idea, before my friend came out... i remember him confinding in me and saying "i can't be gay! I've kissed girls!" he wasn't willing to accept it...

BoySetsFire – Unspoken Request Lyrics 19 years ago
i don't get the end "you will never think he's wrong"... the overall opinion here is that "rape is wrong" so why wouldn't we think he was wrong... :\!

BoySetsFire – Unspoken Request Lyrics 19 years ago
i love this song... but as some of the words are hard to make out when he sings them i didn't realise it was about rape till well now. It's powerful, but I think the lines "and you can sit there with a stupid smile on your face and try to convince me that you care" are definately among the most powerful... because you never actually think about the person who raped... and really, when you think about it if it was a husband that raped or whatever, they'd probably beg for forgiveness, pretend to be sorry but really they wouldn't. amazing =)

InMe – Lava Twilight Lyrics 19 years ago
HAHAHAHA!!! i've always thought Dave sung something like "absorbed with your voice" for some reason. No WONDER the guy next to me was getting pissed off at the gig last night... i was singing the wrong words
HAHAHAHA what a twat! lol [hugs&hearts] nat xx

InMe – Firefly Lyrics 19 years ago
Hmmm... I've read so many different interpretations of the song and whatever InMe suggest it means I still think its open to many... such as the fact that when you care for someone, even if you've never gone with them... you can still miss them so much and you hope they feel the same... and if you tell them and they don't... it does kill you inside. I dno.
I saw InMe last night at a little local hall near where I live... they were absolutely amazing live... when FireFly came on the entire crowd just sang the song for a verse and a chrous and Dave just took a step back and had this huge grin on his face. It was shit hot. [hugs&hearts] nat xx

InMe – Neptune Lyrics 19 years ago
hmmm... i agree with Haggi... "you all" probably means bad experiences... it could mean like "all the way behind"

The Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love Lyrics 19 years ago
i think she does want to love him back... actually i dont think he knows if she does or doesnt, maybe hes with her, but hes showing her he needs her. thats lovely. people love one another and dont do that... bless em. i know the feeling though. everythings so right with someone you know, theyre ur idealistic... and u love them but they dont know and and u know they love u... oh its so difficult to explain but this song does it so perfectly... bliss

The Smashing Pumpkins – Real Love Lyrics 19 years ago
this song... was made for me and my love... :) although im not with my love, we're "in love" its so wonderful. like this song.

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down Lyrics 19 years ago
god knows if ive wrote for this song before... but! This song... its a beautifully structured memory. I have beautiful memories that I can just recall and feel so happy in doing so... this is obviously one of Chris' beautiful memories. With those memories u don't forget a thing... :)

Tuuli – It's Over Lyrics 19 years ago
bless em... theyre lovely! when they came to grimsby they stole my friends shoe! everyone was crowd surfing to this song... although most of the ppl ther wher abt 12 and had seen the video on P-Rock and new the words, thus thought that made them HARDCORE fans!

Dashboard Confessional – A Plain Morning Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song... because of the lyrics... especially the entire "sprayed it with perfume bit" for personal reasons.

Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess Lyrics 19 years ago
This was the first SoCo song i heard... and I loved it. When i first saw it had been realeased as a single... i was so upset. It meant all those stupid Avril fans could go round singing it and beforehand... it wasnt a song many people had heard. Heroine is definately the best version of this song however... I love the piano. Rar!

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 19 years ago
oh it did post! sorry!

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 19 years ago
O...k I'll type it all again, just in case anyone is mourning over the fact they couldn't read it! HAHA As If!!

This song... is beautiful. I think it might be because it's so personal. We don't know what half of it means... "This is because I can spell confusion with a "k" and I can like it". It's just a guess... but is the girl called Constantine?
The way everything is so personal shows its real. That invites us to empathise. I don;t know anyone who hasn't listened to this song and thought of that one person, that one love who you will never ever forget. They touched your heart and now their is only a shadow left... but its shaped the way you think and feel forever. I think the girl in this song... was that person for which ever band member wrote this song.
Its structured, everything links... which is also amazing. I doubt there is anything in these lyrics which isn't in it for a meaning... its jam packed and fills 10 minutes... so if anything wasnt needed... i assume it would have gone...
The structure also shows it wasn't a rigid relationship... but perfect.
This song... is so wonderful its like poetry.
To a_worldaway: if you think about it, i doubt you would really want 2 know what every line meant. It would take away its class and mistique... and make it... not as good. And we wouldn't be able to relate to it because it would be too personal then... I dont know each to ther own

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song for the simple fact that it is so personal. He doesn't name the girl but if she listened to it its obvious she would know who he was. They seemed to be so in love.
"when the first star you see may not be a star
"I'm not your star"
Isn't that what you said"
That bit is amazing... because it relates directly to the girl. I like the bit before about Jimmy Eats world.

This song is also amazing for the fact that anyone who listens to it or reads the lyrics will automatically think back to the time when they where in love, when they where in a relationship. No matter who you are or how old, ther is always that one person, that first love, who you will always think of when something like this is written. I think of Sam. Other people on here have mentioned who they think of.

Heroine was the first SoCo song I heard, and then I heard of Punk Rock Princess... so downloaded it because it was the same... from ther i heard this and right now I have this song on. Its definately one of my favourite SoCo songs because of how... beautiful and personal it is. SoCo's music is different to so many bands out there because you can see how they are influenced by all different music, and they don't seem afraid to sing about real things... not just plastic dreams.

I think I've gone overboard... sorry!
Oh and to A_worldaway... I don't think we'll ever know what each line means because it seems to be a personal experience... but if you think about it, would you really want to know what it all meant? If it was... it would mean it was all about whoever wrote its personal experience and we'd have a lot less to relate to.

Boy Kicks Girl – Little Things Lyrics 19 years ago
its the type of relationship everyone wants...

Nelly – Dilemma Lyrics 20 years ago
blah!! why wud anyone want this as "their song" i mean... its about a girl whos got a kid and a hunny and shes got a bit on the side, but she cares more for the bit on the side than she dus her hunny and shes only stayin with her hunny coz of her ties to him, and, if you watch the video, nelly gets a new girl at the end anyway and shes ded pissed off about it. It's all about cheating and jealousy, great song for all you lil lovers out their... err NOT!

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics 20 years ago
this song is good, and obviously nirvana's most famous... but it wasn't their best... in my personal opinion heart shaped box and lithium are but ya know
and as for arguing over who is better, Live or Nirvana... its just sad! I don;t have a preferance, niether do I over Soundgarden... so why bother going on about it :)

Rufio – Road To Recovery Lyrics 20 years ago
.... if somehow i could reach adam and tell him i didnt mean to say it was over, that i meant to listen to him telling me he didnt know if he wanted a relationship and hear that at the end he discovered he did... then i would, but i cant because inside im shaking, inside im too scared to ring him and if i did, i wouldnt know what to say when faced with the sound of his hello... and i cant get over him

this song has meaning to me...

Halo – Neverending Lyrics 20 years ago
blah! ok ave changed it :) i wasnt too sure on that line... some of the lyrics r so hard to work out what theyre sayin! raaaaar! hehehe i love this song

Placebo – Pure Morning Lyrics 20 years ago
i dunno, i did think that she wasn't pregnant, but i read through the lyrics again and I agree, if you pass a test, you come out positive, so yeh shes probably pregnant, either way my meaninhs still the same, just that she ends up pregnant instea1 :)

Halo – Escape Lyrics 20 years ago
is this on the album? i really want Guitarr! I neeeeeed it! but im getting lunatic ride as soon as i get paid

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty (feat. Redman) Lyrics 20 years ago
i love this song!! i heard it when i was watchin the VMA's on T4 the other day when she came out so i did an ickle search on Kazaa for Christina Aguilera n see if owt new turned up and this did and its accccce! and i h8 pop its cool!

Kylie Minogue – Fever Lyrics 20 years ago
aaah the only kylie song i like!

Dannii Minogue – Put The Needle On It Lyrics 20 years ago
i love this song for some reason lol! i h8 pop music but this song is just different... its actually quite good *smiles*

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi Lyrics 20 years ago
i agree with punkbythebook, i think her musics ok and i thought she was ok but then i started cing her live and shes never playing live, the in video she even looks uncomfy on the sk8board, shes trying to be something she isnt, like the record producers have found her and manipulated her into something that feeds the punk lovers who dont love britney and the rest of the artists theyve already put out!

Britney Spears – E-Mail My Heart Lyrics 20 years ago
do hearts actually have email addresses or do they have to register for hotmail accounts like the rest of us?

NOFX – Dinosaurs Will Die Lyrics 20 years ago
my ex bf downloaded this song and told me to listen to it but i didnt and said it was probably crap, about 15 minutes ago i heard this song and tried to work out what it was coz i thought it was so good... and realised it was this!
how stoopid am i!!! lol

Busted – What I Go To School For Lyrics 20 years ago
theres one lad in this band who looks like hes trying to be someone out of greenday, he pisses me off
then thers one who looks like my m8 dave!
and the other ones a cutie

it must be a new breed of boybands! the songs kinda cute though lol!

Britney Spears – She'll Never Be Me Lyrics 20 years ago
i like punk music, ska music, metal whatever
but britney sorta strikes a chord for me... some of her lyrics r really okish and although she is only 10% talent 90% hype and she cant act and shes just a spoilt little bitch... shes the only pop princess thing i can actually stand...
although what gets me is why the hell did she lose loads of weight and dye her hair yellow? she was so cute in baby one more time! jesus even i would have bedded her... and im a girl!!
now shes just a slut who gets kinky with a sink in im a slave 4 u, a sofa in overprotected and well... is wearing trousers which give the wrong (or right) impression of her in Im not a girl...
as for the song... uve got it wrong "dressed to a t" means dressed exactly like she does... so its obvious the girl shes talking about is a imitation of her... although its stupid coz thers a lot of girls out ther who dress like she does (sluttish possiblY) or like her dress sense so copy... and have blonde hair in the process.
also, shes a role model, girls are meant to copy her (even tho she isnt setting a good example smokin, drink and fuckin everythin that moves... as well as being a bitch to some of the people who gave her the wealth and fame she has today)
as for christina_t... nobody cares if shes making millions from blowing someone at Jive records... she isnt making a difference so niether am i...
actually... the more i write this the more i hate her... shes just a talentless bitch who probably has no qualifications coz she was too busy doing dance lessons that her mommy paid for etc. while im slogging my guts out at college to get really good Alevels so i can get a law degree and become a lawyer and I STILL wont make as much as her... and im fucking prettier or as fake and thats simply cvoz im a normal teenager who wears mascara and blusgher and not half a ton of foundation which proffesionals apply as well!!! (but then again who isnt cuter than that yellow haired girlie)
sorry i had to rant!

*looks shameful* yes i did post * I R U N A W A Y * altho... i do love that song simply coz it reminds me of an ex and a situation we wher in

Something Corporate – Heroine Lyrics 20 years ago
ok sorry for the last comment, i finally found this on kazaa and downloaded it!
how do SoCo make ur spine shiver with the piano? its an amazing song... i guess i slightly prefer the other version, but this is a really cool song too, its near enough the same... but just sweeter

Something Corporate – Heroine Lyrics 20 years ago
i WANT this version but cant find it ne wher :(

Blink-182 – Dammit Lyrics 20 years ago
and btw, this isn't good music, its listenable too, but it hasnt really got the "go jump around" feeling u get from bands like metallica and it doesnt give the type of anger like slipknot and u cant relate to it like a lot of korns music. In my eyes, bands like the rip-offs, unlucky fried chicken and yeter pang (local bands) are amazing, because they aint pumping out the same crap all the time. Halo are an amazing band coz theyre different, this is just the same as the other stuff America keeps pumping out... and britain got called for having so many boyband and girlbands... this is just as bad!
and before loadsa ppl start bitching for me voicing my opinion, some blink tunes are classic, and i have 5 albums to listen to to know it... but the rest just sound like churned out shit and all the same! its unbelievable!

Blink-182 – Dammit Lyrics 20 years ago
sexierthansox: if ur makin comments about peoples grammer, use the word their instead of there, there is used for a place, their is the one you'd use ther! but im not actually using grammer but i aint preaching to ppl to use it either, but u r so i think u need to b corrected!

Blink-182 – Dammit Lyrics 20 years ago
to everyone on this lyric:
this isnt punk, punk died in the 70's it was an era and a time, it was a time wher a load of lads who cud hardly play got together n took the piss out of the system and called it to fuck basically bands like: ramones, sex pistols, undertones, talking heads and tyhe stranglers spring to mind when i hear the word PUNK
as for this, this is what ppl call new punk, like new found glory, to me its just americas music which they put out coz it had guitars in it n coz they cant call it ne thing, they label it as punk
it isnt!

3SL – Touch Me Tease Me Lyrics 20 years ago
what a dirty dirty song! *tut* the youth of today wont even understand some of the comments about ther love "exploding" hmmm!! dirty buggers

Boy Hits Car – I'm A Cloud Lyrics 20 years ago
i wuv this song so much!!! i used 2 h8 boy hits car when i was with my ex but he introduced me to them and the other day i heard man without skin again and ended up downloadin one of ther albums and i think this band r really good now... i just think i h8ted them then coz thats all he used to listen to wel that and rancid... n they just did my head in lol

Something Corporate – Konstantine (Live from Ready...Break) Lyrics 20 years ago
this song is so beautiful

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