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Australian Crawl – Reckless Lyrics 20 years ago
Great song, Marelle. Just one thing - I'm fairly sure it's "A Russian sub
beneath the Arctic". Maybe I misheard the lyric. Or its sung that way
(I've noticed that, with a few artists I've come across). "...Manly Ferry cuts
its way to Circular Quay", refers to the famous Sydney Harbour amongst
other references. I love the statement, "She don't like That kind of behaviour"
I relate it to men who mistreat women (not the song or singer, just that line).
I don't like men who mistreat women. I'm male.

Catch 22 – As The Footsteps Die Out Forever Lyrics 20 years ago
I like it too

Sleater-Kinney – Burn, Don't Freeze! Lyrics 20 years ago
dont like the last few lines at all.

anyway songwriter's always so scared, always forcing his eyes open.
whatever you think she is (or you are) open your eyes, wake up and
try to improve things or add better to already good.

Eighteen Visions – Slipping Through the Hands of God Lyrics 20 years ago
"with God a thousand years are like a day" it's hard for us in this chaos
but things have to run their course. don't worry too much

Pink Floyd – Us and Them Lyrics 20 years ago
im just singing some lines in my head-
"Black (sung 7 times) and blue (7 times)
and who knows which is which and who is who, is who,
is who, is who" (pretty sure it's 5 times)
i think in the other verses the words are repeated the same amount of times, surely they would be? i don't study numerology but i've come across seven and
five being pretty important numbers from the Bible. as for black - could be seen
as forces of darkness. blue - sadness (people sick of war, evil in general)
i certainly don't know, but i definitely know who knows which is which and
who is who.

Pink Floyd – Hey You Lyrics 20 years ago
Hey all of you, i like the last two lines:
"Hey you ! don't tell me there's no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall."
this world has always been divided, but in the
end (God knows when), some will stand.

Idlewild – American English Lyrics 20 years ago

Covenant – Figurehead Lyrics 20 years ago
(this) world will never be perfect

P.S. by the way Covenant songwriter speak for yourself "inescapable face of truth". as i wrote I just realitied you are.... a few lines later you say we. why are you using your lighthouse to shine out a beam of sorrow? You can beat it! Or don't tell me it's "Come in here dear boy have a cigar, your'e gonna go far"-
laughing at us all?

P.P.S."nothing to show but false words?"

Ravenous – Violent World Lyrics 20 years ago
this song sounds like they've given up. no faith. lost their hunger to help.
doesn't have to be a huge help, every little good things matter too.
probably the whole world is still in labor pains - a new birth of final victory
over deceit - no person can predict, but it will come. No matter what things
happen to you, devastating things, forgive, forgive yourself, do your best
and keep the light, keep the light, keep the light. Light's good when you're lost.

Chicago – If You Leave Me Now Lyrics 20 years ago
what a classic ballad. An intense plea, so much passion. all-time great

Disciple AD – All Or Nothing Lyrics 20 years ago
courage and conviction

Puddle of Mudd – Disciple Lyrics 20 years ago
it's about forgiveness and being a good example, never giving up
even in very difficult situations

David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes Lyrics 20 years ago
the end of the song is the key, "My mother said to get things done
You'd better not mess with Major Tom". In other words don't mess
with heroin.

Nazz – Featherbedding Lover Lyrics 20 years ago
seems the girl is a shallow user

once ... never again – tomorrow Lyrics 20 years ago
tomorrow never comes

Shockwave – swindle Lyrics 20 years ago
warning to the world, take heed.

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