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Thrice – Opaque Lyrics 19 years ago
i lie in perfect honesty. a pathetic talent.

Dead Poetic – August Winterman Lyrics 19 years ago
a song isnt always what the musician writes it to be. just like poetry. a good poet/lyricist will write so his words can be interpretted personally by each person who reads/hears them. so saying your wrong about what someone thinks its about, means your wrong too. to the singer, it means one thing. to earthsick, it meant something else.

Ultimate Fakebook – A Million Hearts Lyrics 19 years ago
it is UFB. the starting line? come on please...

The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl Lyrics 19 years ago
dont you love how you can really only understand a couple of the words in teh actual song?

Dead Poetic – Tell Myself Goodbye Lyrics 19 years ago
its beautiful.

Atreyu – At Least I Know I'm a Sinner Lyrics 19 years ago
so few notes. best part:
What prayers of yours,
Were ever answered,
By degrading others?
Spare me your biblical backpeddling nonsense,
For the people you've hurt,
And the being you dishonor.

Dead Poetic – A Green Desire Lyrics 19 years ago
wow. all there stuff is great

The Echoes – Searching For Katie Lyrics 19 years ago
ive seen them. they are so awesome.

Days Away – Bebop and Rocksteady Lyrics 19 years ago
i wish some one thought i was unbelieveable. and knew everything about me. always and forever. yea right.

Days Away – The Regular G Lyrics 19 years ago
i love all of their stuff. it actually sings from the heart, not like the popular trash on the radio waves.

Days Away – What She Tells Me Lyrics 19 years ago
if i said anything you wouldnt believe me.
i know what that is. sometimes you could say anything to a person, and theyd never ever believe you

Mindless Self Indulgence – I Hate Jimmy Page Lyrics 19 years ago
you do have to learn not to take them seriously. its kinda mocking all music on the radio.

Taking Back Sunday – The Ballad of Sal Villanueva Lyrics 19 years ago
i think its play along. not lay alone. but its a good song.

Taking Back Sunday – Timberwolves at New Jersey Lyrics 19 years ago
yes, i have been looking for that part in the middle forever. its not in their CD jacket. the way they do their lyrics is weird. its like they jot down phrases that sound good and sing them in any order that suits them. but they are so awesome. this is my favorite song along with your own disaster, eleven, and ghost man on third.

Taking Back Sunday – Ghost Man on Third Lyrics 19 years ago
it is definately about self injury or suicide. "At times like these, silence means everything." that is true. I have been there. and each time you dont know how bad its going to hurt.

Something Corporate – Wait Lyrics 19 years ago
it makes me want to cry.

Half Way to Nowhere – Exnihilo Lyrics 19 years ago
i dont know where to get their music. i had someone send it to me. download it.

On Lisa – Just Another (Emo Song) Lyrics 19 years ago
ok, i added this band cause i absolutely love them and they hvnt sold out yet. go to to download their music

Taking Back Sunday – You Know How I Do Lyrics 19 years ago
i like the switcing thing. tired of being sick, sick of being tired... obviously desparate and etc. its poetic

Taking Back Sunday – Ghost Man on Third Lyrics 19 years ago
Dressed in a fashion that's fitting to the inconsistencys of my moods.

It's times like these,
Where silence means everything.

thats the best parts of thesong.

New Found Glory – My Friends Over You Lyrics 19 years ago
nfg was good till they went mtv. now they are mainstream and all you people who say you were fans, what was nfg known for in the beginning. covers. they are so lame now. mtv ruins bands.

Jimmy Eat World – No Sensitivity Lyrics 19 years ago
i am the return of no sensitivity. i wish i could take my kisses back.
one thing to mention. it is so lame that all of jews best songs go unnoticed, and preps at my school sing the middle. not their best song, clarity is a far better album. i wish people could appreciate this kinda music, that sounds more like a garage band instead of blink. cuz they are so much better then blink.

Jimmy Eat World – Just Watch The Fireworks Lyrics 19 years ago
Here you can be anything.
And I think that scares you.
I think that scares you.
I've been here before but only by myself.
going anywhere with anyone knew would scare me

Jimmy Eat World – Episode IV Lyrics 19 years ago
this is the best "love song" of theirs, i agree

Jimmy Eat World – Clarity Lyrics 19 years ago
clarity is a million times better then BA, but wutever. this is one of their many awesome songs, I honestly cant pick a favorite, but I like this one cuz of the beginning. Ill take your words as if you were talking to me

Jimmy Eat World – The Most Beautiful Things Lyrics 19 years ago
that line is awesome. i like a half truth is all ill get personally

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