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R.E.M. – Revolution Lyrics 17 years ago
A song about how the 60's baby-boomer "revolution" changed everything on the surface---and nothing at the core---how, as John Lennon put it in his ROLLING STONE interviews over 30 years ago, they grew their hair long and fucked around, yet the same ruling asses still are in charge and raping the world. The future never happened, indeed.....

Radiohead – Karma Police Lyrics 17 years ago
THE song about Herr Dubya Shrub's fascist, imperialistic, warmongering system. "This is what you get when you mess with us" is a perfect summary of Homeland Security....

Tori Amos – Happiness Is a Warm Gun (The Beatles cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
This re-make of the Beatles tune takes the phallac content of the song (an implicit critique of the patriarchal gun-worshipping culture of the USA) and confronts it head on----with open arms, as far as Amos' vocal was concerned, although the irony of her singing was hard to miss....

Tori Amos – Yes, Anastasia Lyrics 17 years ago
The one song that wouldn't go out of my head during 9/11 and the days thereafter.

The Cure – Killing an Arab Lyrics 17 years ago
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's anthem.....

Bruce Springsteen – American Skin (41 Shots) Lyrics 17 years ago
Whether this is a good song about racism or police brutality, I don't know, but I know it's maybe the greatest song to indict the culture of violence that permeates America, and what this country is now, with its pop culture, exporting to the 4 corners of the globe. When I heard Springsteen sings the song's most poignant line "41 shots and we'll take that ride/ Across this bloody river to the other side /41 shots my boots caked in mud /We're baptized in these waters and in each other's blood" for the first time, I just knew he was prophesizing 9/11/01, where the chickens came home to roost in lower Manhattan.....

U2 – Miami Lyrics 17 years ago
This has GOT to be about the MIAMI VICE TV show-----Bono & Co. either really love it or hate it!

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