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Cage – Hell's Winter Lyrics 11 years ago
"Had a followin' at fondle'em that wouldn't let go
'Till I spiked the EC football into the Def Jux end zone"

fixed, hes referring to the timeline of labels he was on, "fondle'em", eastern conference, and now defjux.

Cage – Peeranoia Lyrics 11 years ago
"it's probably cause i'm dead to the world, literally in atrophy"

Operation Ivy – Bad Town Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is clearly about the "dirty south" rap trend happening 15 years after the song was released in 1989. those scenie tv gangstas. "knee jerk" refers to a gunshot, and "why speak out when you could be silenced" is about being shot, more mtv gangcore stuff. "down here the kids grow up faster" is about incest.

so now that i've completely mocked this whole thread and how people think "down here" refers to them in whatever cali location they rep, i'm done.

Third Eye Blind – Wounded Lyrics 14 years ago
i dunno if its exactly "rape" related.

"The guy who put his hands on you
Has got nothing to do with me
And the bruises that you feel will heal
And I hope you come around
Cause we're missing you
You used to speak so easy
Now you're afraid to talk to me"

makes me think its from the point of view of the person who probably has abused her in the past, possibly while under the influence of drugs (other 3eb songs refer to drug use), and is afraid that he has lost the girl. but the rest of the song has nothing clearly refering to that, so maybe i'm lost on it, but then again i've wrote things with sub stories, so who's to say this is all about one event.

Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water Lyrics 18 years ago
if theres a person on earth that hasn't heard this song, they're def

Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell Lyrics 18 years ago
oak and metal, with a trace of alcohol

Project Wyze – Nothing's What It Seems Video Version Lyrics 18 years ago
"I’m a fistfight in your high school halls at lunchtime" is different in the live verison i've heard.

Lacent – bitch slap Lyrics 18 years ago
thats "we have no music right now"

Lacent – bitch slap Lyrics 18 years ago
yea, we have music right now. we're working on that. we'll have a record sooner or later. it takes time to make a new genre (mixing tribal with reggae and rock)

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