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ThrowDown – Forever Lyrics 12 years ago
i think all you kids are taking this band way too seriously. throwdown is a band that you go to see with friends, have fun, and fuck around in the pit to. too many people nowdays go to throwdown shows to pick fights and prove how hard they are. the militancy is just apart of the joke, it's not to be taken seriously--just remember that this band was FOUNDED as a "joke band", and nothing has changed. the lyrics should be seen as "fun" not "stupid".

Hatebreed – Before Dishonor Lyrics 13 years ago
is the opening line to the song "What make you think everything is this world that you have CAN be taken away?" or "CAN'T be taken away"? both would work in their own way.

Sublime – Saw Red Lyrics 13 years ago
if it's about cheating, the lines:

You say it's black but I can't believe you
And if I say it's white say I'm just trying to decieve you

are pointing on whether she cheated on him-- if the baby is black, then she for sure cheated on him (with a black man), but if the baby is white, then he can at least think that it is his.

Poison the Well – 12/23/93 Lyrics 14 years ago
i can't find the interview online, but i read somewhere that this song's title, 12/23/93, is the date of the last time the singer spoke with his mother. an argument between them i'd assume.

Warzone – Back to School Again Lyrics 14 years ago
actually i think

you - must not fall victim to the dropout disease

should be

you - must fight this dropout disease

Bane – Snakes Among Us Lyrics 14 years ago
the end of the song,

"you can take a road that takes you to the stars
i can take a road that will see me through"

is from nick drake - road

Bane – Place In The Sun Lyrics 14 years ago
very good song for the hard times. can't express how much it means to me and how much it got me through.

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