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Cursive – The Rhyme Scheme Lyrics 19 years ago
this song says so much about words in you can never find just the right word to say how you feel. xox

From Autumn to Ashes – Chloroform Perfume Lyrics 19 years ago
do you think it hurts much to die?

Coheed and Cambria – Everything Evil Lyrics 19 years ago
omigod. can i just say that when i first head this song, i burst into tears. its soo fuking amazing. by the end of it i'm just ready to tear myself to pieces. i'd kill to see them live. yeah so watch out! muhahaha, i'm weak. coheed and cambria rock hard solid. xox.

Grade – The Ineffenciency Of Emotion Lyrics 19 years ago
holy shit this is such an amazing song, i'd agree that its the best grade song.i can't tell how many times i've screamed along to it. this is exactly whats going on with me and this guy that means a lot to me...this song is just so powerful. xox

Taking Back Sunday – Great Romances of the 20th Century Lyrics 19 years ago
mmmmmm oh this is definitely by far one of the best songs of the year in my opinion...i would kill to see them livebut nooneever comes here...and i am really upset that the intro didn't make it on the cd. xox

From Autumn to Ashes – The Royal Crown Vs. Blue Duchess Lyrics 19 years ago
this is so fucking rad. this song is soo powerful, in so many ways. the lyrics are just amazing... i can't count how many times i've gone insane to this song, tearing my eyes out. everyone should take a moment and scream along. comment!! xox

Brandston – Boys Lie Lyrics 19 years ago
mmmm boys yummy...the song really says so much truth. i especially love the part where he sings in the background "crazy, that we, will never be happy. so much time invested. you and, me and, all this wishful thinking, so much time weve wasted. BOYYSSS LIIEEE..." wow that gets me going every time. xox

Eniac – I'll Never Get Home Lyrics 19 years ago
wow...this IS such a powerful song. i heard it on this indieradio show forever ago, like 3 years or something and i went crazy forever trying to figure out who sang it, but now i know and eniac rocks!! adder seafarer is such a good song my heart tears for this one. xox

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