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Our Lady Peace – Waited Lyrics 18 years ago
YEah, fareweather friends...however you spell it. Friends that are there when it suits them.

Our Lady Peace – In Repair Lyrics 18 years ago
I thought the spoken part was...

Take this time to figure it out, know the wire, the fuse, the things that you doubt. The wheels, the air, the metal, the mouth, its something...something...SOMETHING...

Deftones – Lhabia Lyrics 18 years ago
It sounds as though someone is confused perhaps, bored of life and uses sex as an escape from the boring reality of life. They know it's wrong, but it gives them something to feel...i don't know, i know what i want to say, but can't express it.

Our Lady Peace – Are You Sad? Lyrics 18 years ago
I have to agree, and when i went to the concert at the Astoria, Raine said something before this song along the lines of Wanting to help a friend, but no matter how hard we try we just can't get through to them. So amazing live...

Our Lady Peace – Do You Like It? Lyrics 18 years ago
OMG, bands don't decide to write lyrics because they think people will like them, they write them because they have something to say, or they are feeling something and want to get it out. And to say this album sux in comparison to their others, don't be pathetic. Just because more people like them now. I live over in the UK and i heard this album first, and i just so happen to now love every single song i hav ever heard of theirs..which is well over 40. People change, styles change and music changes. You can't expect people to write in the same style forever. And OLP rawk and will always rawk. And any so called hardcore fan of OLP would appreciate any song they wrote.

Our Lady Peace – Julia Lyrics 18 years ago
No..he says, that this is a song from one of their earlier albums and sarah slean wrote the piano music. The lyrics hav always been theirs. Hence why they have 2 versions. Both are damn great.

Our Lady Peace – Not Enough Lyrics 18 years ago
This can be described in my opinion as beautiful. It sounds like maybe the person in this song has just lost someone very close to them,and they feel it is their fault in someway and is now in a state of depression where they feel they can't go on without them and even though they know it won't help they keep saying sorry for som reason and hoping they will come back. He is basically saying you have to get on with your life, because other people need you as much as you needed that person and you have to remember what you have now, not what you had.

i bet that makes no sense.

Violent Delight – Secret Smile Lyrics 18 years ago
Well, i just heard this song the other day and straight away i new it was gonna be great for Thrash skanking.
Damn good song, and i think it is about a girl who is always miserable and never smiles and her boyfriend is getting sick if it. But i dunno.

Audiovent – Only Human Lyrics 18 years ago
damn what's wrong with this website. it wont let me log onto my name and everytime i'm on i'm logged on under a different name( in which i did not create the account) so whoever's name i'm posting under bare with me..

The June Spirit – The Tad One Dynasty (album Version) Lyrics 18 years ago
its about opium.

Anti-Flag – No Apology Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is my favourite Anti-flag song. The lyrics are clear as to what it means and so there isn't any point in talking about em.

Jets to Brazil – Conrad Lyrics 18 years ago
I think maybe she had an accident and her face was scarred? And she looks normal on one side but not on the other. Perhaps one side is paralised..she takes drugs to ease the pain but she never recovered fully from the accident. And sh can't handle going thru life being scarred anymore. But it is just a guess.

Our Lady Peace – Automatic Flowers Lyrics 18 years ago
It is about a girl, who obviously is very upset.Haven't got a clue why though. And can i just say that the automatic flowers refer to the flowers in the pop up book. When she opens the book up, the flowers 'automatically' pop up.

Cold – Superstar Lyrics 19 years ago
trying to be a superstar,
superstars lie.

That is just quite simply amazing. It is basically saying, you want to be a superstar, but they lie, and so do you.

Our Lady Peace – Sell My Soul Lyrics 19 years ago
I have never felt either emotion. Quite glad, both seem to mess you up.

Our Lady Peace – Is Anybody Home? Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song, i listen to it and smile, i think maybe because it is just so bang on the truth it is funny.

White teeth, a ticket to meet God
Be all that you envy
The shotgun under your bed has
Started breathing
You shot it, you shot it

About suicide right? I love how he makes death sound like a ticket u buy to see a play. Shows, how everything revolves around 'buying' even death and meeting god.

Just great.

Oasis – D'You Know What I Mean? Lyrics 19 years ago
heh, another one now.... this is just getting stupid ? SORT YOUR DAMN SITE OUT

No Use For A Name – Angela Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeahhh kurkiiiiiiiiiiiii¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ With this song i´ve lived one of the most special moments of my life......................and you??? ;)

No Use For A Name – On The Outside Lyrics 19 years ago
ohhhhhh my god¡¡¡this song is absolutely amazing¡¡¡

No Use For A Name – Any Number Can Play Lyrics 19 years ago
ok ok ok,stop the comercial music industry¡¡¡¡

Silverchair – After All These Years Lyrics 19 years ago
This is such a beautiful song.
'All those years
I was hurting to feel
Something more than life'
But i am not so sure of what the song is actually on about. I mean, love maybe? That last part definately makes it seem so...but i dunno.

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