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Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax Lyrics 16 years ago
Frankie says Relax!

Lefty – Girls Lyrics 16 years ago
I saw these guys when no one knew them, and i was one of the people who diddnt know them.

Jermaine Dupri – Welcome To Atlanta Lyrics 16 years ago
Wanna hear some real lyrics? Then get the hell out of the rap genre! Eminem is the last hope Rap has, his lyrics make sense. and unlike ludacris over hear, he can stay on one topic for an entire song! Never the less, i still like the song, not for its lyrical content, but cuz its got a tite beat.

Eminem – Superman Lyrics 17 years ago
damn i love this song, the lyrics are tite as hell, i just got the cd today with the special DVD that came with it. I suggest takin a look at it, also, there a easter egg on the dvd, just hit the left arrow button when u highlight the "next" button, the chair should glow hit enter

New Found Glory – It's Been A Summer Lyrics 17 years ago
dude, sorry man, but self-titled was pretty good and this one does kidna blow, I remember hearing the S/T over 1 1/2 years ago and thinkin that these guys are good, "my friends over you" now, thats a good song but the rest, is just plan "eh"

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