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Lansing-Dreiden – The Eternal Lie Lyrics 16 years ago
The American Dream is the eternal lie.

Joy Division – Wilderness Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about organized religion.

It starts off talking about organized religion being a roadblock to progress in many instances through time. Then it makes a reference to Jesus Christ and his execution for being different and preaching something that was new at the time. Then it talks about the one-sided trials and 'unknown martyrs' who died...perhaps a reference to the Inquisition?

Front 242 – Headhunter Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is a criticism of capitalism.

Tsunami Bomb – Headlights On A Hand Grenade Lyrics 18 years ago
Drunk drivers piss me off.
Tsunami Bomb kick ass.
Enough said.

Pennywise – City Is Burning Lyrics 18 years ago
When I hear this song and listen to the lyrics, I picture the 1992 LA riots. (LA guy, here)

Napalm Death – Unchallenged Hate Lyrics 18 years ago
Clearly an anti-racism song. :)

Punchline – Lemon Pez Love Lyrics 18 years ago
Yes, kick ass song! I should download it, burn it and give it to some special girl that's been ignoring me 'round here. :p

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