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Acumen Nation – Whisper To a Scream Lyrics 16 years ago
A good cover on icicle works.

Adam Ant – Wonderful Lyrics 16 years ago
Another favorite. *s*

It's such a sad song about love and anger and remorse...

Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want Lyrics 16 years ago
These lyrics are off.

Folk Implosion – Natural One Lyrics 16 years ago
These lyrics are incorrect...

The song is beautiful.

Acid Bath – Scream Of The Butterfly Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's about rape, abortion, and drugs.
And that's right, these lyrics are way off and I think the person who submitted them should fix them.

Wumpscut – Angel Lyrics 16 years ago
This is a song of the beauty of love and pain; it makes me weep. My favorite.

Jack Off Jill – Nazi Halo Lyrics 16 years ago
I have read some of the explanation of this song, and it's about tourism. But to me, it's a beautiful anti-people song that I can't get enough of. Jack Off Jill is genius.

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