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The Beautiful Mistake – Fragile Fingers Lyrics 19 years ago
i like this song alot... it has alot of emotion in it... these guys are very talented people... buy the cd when tis out...

Brand New – Mix Tape Lyrics 19 years ago
i saw them with autopilot off ad te starting line the other night... very good show... the energy was amazing.. if you get a chance to see them do it, its worth any amount of money:)

Brand New – Jude Law and a Semester Abroad Lyrics 19 years ago
geez suddendeath u jus eem to find yourself in all the shittiet situations... leave thngs alon and go criticize britney spears lyrics...

Brand New – Seventy Times 7 Lyrics 19 years ago
geez... never realized how mch shit could come from 2 songs but wh cares cause in my opinion both songs fuckin rock...

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