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David Bowie – Cactus Lyrics 19 years ago
ok, so did bowie cover the pixies song, or was it the other way around?

Elvis Costello – Welcome To The Working Week Lyrics 19 years ago
the song is about a girl that i think he was involved with and she became famous or something and now she doesn't have any time for him. or maybe he doesn't have enough time for her.. i don't know. that's what i get out of it at least.

Elvis Costello – Radio Radio Lyrics 19 years ago
terrible music? what is wrong with you? elvis friggin rules

Toadies – Jigsaw Girl Lyrics 19 years ago
this one's pretty obvious, eh? he liked a girl, she stopped liking him so he cut her up and put her around his house so she'll be with him forever.

AFI – No Poetic Device Lyrics 19 years ago
i'm not exactly sure what this song is about, but i think it's about people who try to hide their feelings (depression) through the use of drugs and such, and how it just hurts the person and doesn't make anything better. at any rate, this song kicks ass.

Toadies – Backslider Lyrics 19 years ago
i think that this song is about the way in which his beliefs were molded by something he experienced as a child. basically how his religious beliefs were formed by his father and that "day [he] stepped into the water."
and the way that it shaped his beliefs being that he doesn't want to "become a backslider". ok, that's my two cents.

Toadies – Tyler Lyrics 19 years ago
burden brothers played a show in Grapevine, Texas here not to long ago, it was a small gig, but they were pretty good. they played a couple of toadies songs and they sound a lot like the toadies, but of course when your singer has a voice that's that distinctive it's hard not to sound like the other band, but anyways. they were pretty awesome, i'm going to buy the cd when it comes out.

Toadies – Possum Kingdom Lyrics 19 years ago
yea, he is right. the song is based on a true story. there was a killer or something in the possum kingdom (near Dallas, TX) area that was raping and killing girls. i don't know the specifics, but i know that's basically what it's about.

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