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I Hate Myself – Kamikaze Lyrics 19 years ago
i can't believe no one has commented on this. this is one of i hate myself's best songs. the second time he sings the "i'm sending fingernails and looks of hair" is absolutely beautiful, and they build it up so well.

Slint – Washer Lyrics 19 years ago
one of the saddest songs i've ever heard, but beautiful. does anyone else think its about suicide

I Hate Myself – Drama In The Emergency Room Lyrics 19 years ago
this has to be the song of my life. when he screams doctor! doctor! at the end its the most honest thing i've ever heard

Portrait – Constellations Of A Star-gazing Iris Lyrics 19 years ago
this song is absolutely amazing, musically if not lyrically. i am just sad their not around today

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