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Project 86 – Stein’s Theme Lyrics 16 years ago
There's a movement brewing among some of the young, among some of the new christians who are begining to realize that both killpop and proto and nofamelost are right: jesus was never about religion. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream still thinks that he was. I see the song as this: stein wants to follow JESUS, not christianity, not the church, but JESUS. he gets crap for that from EVERYONE, from satan, from the media, from the "secular" (man i hate that word) world, and even from his mainstream church. Read the new testament: the people jesus had the most problems with (including being the people that killed jesus) were the heads of the religion. Jesus didnt like the church. Hm. go figure.

Hands all around reach to slow him down...

We aren’t playing by your rules
We’ll never play the fool
So, no, you cannot take what’s inside of me

Project 86 – Safe Haven Lyrics 16 years ago
a picture:

two worlds, living one within the other, but both simultaneously hating and ignoring the other. People from one world never visit the other.

Now consider that you're in one world and you're told so many times you're convinced that you've got it better, so much better than the other world and that the other world NEEDS what you have. But you also know that the other world is evil, and you should never go there. In fact, you reject anyone who might get lost from that world and find his way to your doorstep. You also reject anyone who has visited that other world but lives in yours. You just go on happily condemning the other world while you live in your own.

That's the picture i think of when i hear this song. The two worlds are the worlds of christianity and the rest of the world. Christians (as a whole) know they've got something, but dont want to venture to the world because it's evil. That's why i see the first part of the song as the christians' view of the world, and the bridge (together we are so ugly with rejection but to our eyes we're the ones shimmering) is an introspective at christianity. A great reminder that we cant live in two seperate distinct worlds.

Now that we are not alone you know that we could never be.

Project 86 – Chapter 2 Lyrics 16 years ago
To me, it's all about new birth- finding a new life. Your old life is chapter one, your new life is chapter two. How do you find this new life? focus on the redeemer, the creator of new life, jesus.

So let your face consume my mind.

Project 86 – Little Green Men Lyrics 16 years ago
Okay- what does this song MEAN? Here's my take:
It's not about government, per se (at least, not the front that our US government puts up) but is instead a smack back at the corporation, the leaders of our society who are trying (consciously or subconsciously) to manipulate us and make us all into exactly the mindless herd that will buy and sell whatever they feed us. Hence, "and if this child could sing he would say ' I dont need anybody, i dont need anyone, i dont need your guidance home'"

To me, it also speaks of religion (as P86 at least got their start on a 'christian' record label, or one of it's subsidaries) In many ways, imho, many religions will do the same thing, try to make people believe what they're told instead of finding it out for themselves. (BTW, Ironically, i'm a youth pastor for my church.) in fact, that's how i see the whole cd. Consider the bridge "wait for the sky to fall and purge this frail humanity" Also, look at the lyrics for S.M.C. and Last Meal, both also from this album. If the album itself isnt a smack back at society and mainstream religions, then i dont know what is.

Evanescence – Imaginary (Fallen version) Lyrics 18 years ago
I was refering to the musical fade (outro of tourniquet/intro of imaginary) that i absolutely fell in love with on the cd "FALLEN." it's one of my favorite parts. Also, check out the chanting on "Whisper" at the very end. a few changes from the original mixes that are absolutely awesome.

Evanescence – Imaginary (Fallen version) Lyrics 18 years ago
By those ties, i'm refering to the musical fade (outro of tourniquet/intro of imaginary) on the cd "FALLEN." i just loved the way they worked that on the cd.

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life Lyrics 18 years ago
Eladan- good way of phrasing it. they're somewhat vocal about their beliefs (See "Tourniquet") but they arent bible-bashers... she just seems to write what she experiences. Linkin Park? are you people nutz? check out their cd "ORIGIN" and tell me it's linkin park. keep dreaming. By the way, Paul McCoy's vocals suck. i wish he'd go away.

Evanescence – Imaginary (Fallen version) Lyrics 18 years ago
Love the contstruction of this version (backing vocals, the tie to tourniquet, etc) but perfer the lyrical structure of the previous version... ah, to each his own. FALLEN is an absolute awesome album... one of the top 5 i own.

Evanescence – Breathe No More Lyrics 18 years ago
does anyone know where i can get a good copy of this song? kazaa's version is spliced. same as "missing" and a few others.

Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This Lyrics 18 years ago
i always thought this song was about how he loves this girl, either she's in a diff relationship or something and he cant tell her how he really feels... but he thinks of her constantly... and he's gotta make it trough that.

Ill Harmonics – Will I Lyrics 19 years ago
ahh doubts.... finally someone in the "christian rap world" with the guts enough to sing about his doubts,about his skills, about his faith... etc.

12 Stones – Broken Lyrics 19 years ago
To any christian who wants to slam these guys for the reported use of the word "hell" in their video (and to anyone who wants to slam POD for their Ozzfest tour and HS appearances...):

1. Dont try to remove the speck from someone else's eye without removing the log from your own.

2. Judge not lest you be judged.

3. Let he who is among you who is without sin cast the first stone.

Dont even begin to hold these guys to a standard that you dont hold yourselves to. Unless you're witnessing to as many people as this band is, and unless you've NEVER let one bad word slip, dont criticize these guys for their actions. Let us instead hold our brothers up in prayer, that their witness be more fruitful and that their spiritual lives continue to grow and prosper. Past that, just stop your whining.

To anyone else who doesnt care whether these guys are a christian band:

Jesus loves you.

12 Stones – The Way I Feel Lyrics 19 years ago
Fifroxmysox... how exactly do you label a christian band then? and what's the point of the label? Praise God they praise God. past that, i'm not really concerned on whether they call themselves a "christian" band or anyone else calls them a "christian band." You shouldnt be either.

Saviour Machine – The Mask Lyrics 19 years ago
I think eric had some issues with drug use in the past (ahem, before he was saved) so you could draw some conclusions based on that. I think alot of this song revolves around the lines "watch them crawl on me- claiming redemption- they're coming to your town." So in a more general sense, he's talking about the empty attempts of man to find salvation in anything but Christ- be it drugs, sex, knowledge, religious chores, good deeds, etc- and then watching that attempt fail "when the mask came off"

Of course, after all is said and done, Eric is really the only one who really knows what he was trying to say.

Project 86 – Chimes Lyrics 19 years ago
i see it as a more general thing... sin that looks so alluring from a distance that you actually approach it, ignoring any warning you may hear... and when you get there, more lies to drag you in, "Tomorrow is a lifetime away and this is here. The time is now, so there’s nothing to fear..." saying there'll be plenty of time to "straighten out your life" before judgement. (of course, no man knows when his time is come. ) and then, some time later, when you're so deep, then you realize what a mess youre in and wish desperately to go back and try it a second time, to completely avoid it.

Embodyment – Winter Kiss Lyrics 19 years ago
I've seen this song as more a smack against the religion of christianity... (rebuke the structure) other lines, such as his reference to a kiss on the hand (symbolic of royalty or at least upper class) fading to God's will... and yet he would do anything to actually see God's face. More on desire than principal. and he wishes others would drop the religious rhetoric and actually have a relationship where they can see God- not just as a figure, but alive and active in their lives.

Evanescence – Exodus Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song... it reminds me of a period of my life, but hey, doesnt every song somehow?
So who's "Cailin" who knows all these lyrics?

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