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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul to Squeeze Lyrics 19 years ago
soul to squeeze wasnt released on blood sugar because warner bros doesnt own the rights to that song, it was recorded by another label. the only cd's soul to squeeze appears on are the give it away single which is a rare find, and also the coneheads soundtrack. if soul to squeeze had been on blood sugar sex magik, it would definately be - no questions asked - album of the 90's

NOFX – We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows Lyrics 19 years ago
thats full of shit bro. every single punk band becomes popular thru underground, its the essence of punk music today. signing to a little unknown label and making a cult following. pop punk bands like NFG and the ataris are the reason punk became so popular. anyways, noone can stay underground forever, especially when they are a) as talented as nofx and b) tell everyone not to play their songs. that just creates more of a cult following!

David Gray – Babylon Lyrics 19 years ago
i think this song is reflecting on an argument with a loved one. he starts with friday night after the argument everything changing green to red, thinking of the situatoions in his head and how he was jealous and bitter. in the second verse he starts to realise that he is wrong, things are changing red to green, he's thinking of how he can make it up to her "chemicals running thru my bloodstream" and "only wish that you were here to show you how i really feel, admit to some of those bad mistakes ive made". by the third verse hes thinking how hes made such a mistake after he goes to see her and shes not there, but as he returns home, to his surprise, shes waiting for him. the days dont actually represent days, i just think they represent the stages of feelings a person passes thru in such an instance. the chorus is stressing that the loved one should understand that their love was never in doubt, so let go of your heart and head and embrace the fact that i love you so much and im sorry.

Lucky 7 – Miss Fortune Lyrics 19 years ago
this song is about his girlfriend that he broke up with because she was dragging him down "why's life so hard when youre around" - "a girl that is wrong for me"

Lucky 7 are a great band - check them out if you can

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