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Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly Lyrics 16 years ago
I never thought Pink Floyd could get so pedestrian

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun Lyrics 17 years ago
The lyrics are so open you can make each line mean whatever you personally want it to.And whatever that happens to be for you,the song turns out to be a brilliant expression of it.How often do you come across a song that allows so much freedom of interpretation in terms of meaning and feeling?Not very often.So I don't really want to add to the debate on what this song is 'reeaally' about

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 17 years ago
So what does it mean to be a rock and not to roll?Going by the theme of the whole song I think it means not doing evil despite having the ability and the free choice to do it.

Metallica – The Unforgiven II Lyrics 17 years ago
This one's already been cracked by Jigokusabre

Metallica – Fuel Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this is a really fast song about fuel and cars and about how fuels fuel cars

Metallica – Ride The Lightning Lyrics 17 years ago
Anti-capital-punishment song

Metallica – Escape Lyrics 17 years ago
About finally coming to terms with the fact that everyone is ultimately alone at the emotional level.It is so true but people try to keep denying it for as long as they can.
Since living alone is not easy,most people will compromise on their feelings and desires in order to fit the mould and avoid conflict with society. This helps them in nurturing the myth that they are part of some large whole.This song is about those who sacrifice the world and gain themselves.

Metallica – Master of Puppets Lyrics 17 years ago
Battery has ended.A slight whisper of the silent tape mars the perfect silence .A lethal guitar sound starts.I had resolved to resist it this time.It's no use.The right finger moves towards the volume wheel of the Walkman steadily, as if under the command of a spell.The sound output increases to a maximum.My headphones pump the music inches from my soft,pink brain.The eyes are wide,slightly tearful as the brain reels under the assault of heavy metal music at its best and fiercest.I am carried through music sweet and bitter till a million heads laugh in my head.I manage to gather myself together, just sufficiently to push stop.
I am as if stoned.That'll keep me going for a few days,I guess

Metallica – Fixxxer Lyrics 17 years ago
God-level song

Metallica – Dyers Eve Lyrics 17 years ago
You've said it,James.Thanks.Every word.Every single word.There's nothing more to say.There is nothing more to say.
I feel a release.Politely dedicated to my parents

Metallica – One Lyrics 17 years ago
You don't need me to tell you how great this song is.The guitars are too good, especially the piece at the end, and the lyrics are self-explanatory but still thought-provoking.
Now, even though it is besides the point,I think it would be interesting to ask whether this song advocates euthanasia

Pantera – Suicide Note Pt. 1 Lyrics 17 years ago
Sheesh! Everything's about dope for Pantera.
Even so, this is probably one of the best songs ever written.The desperation and helplesness is thick and palpable.It's great to listen to this song during one of your lows when you just want to give in to self-pity.

Lines like "Would you look at me now/Can you tell I'm a man?/With these scars on my wrist/To prove I'll try again/Try to die again" work like magic even for those who don't use cocaine.

Pink Floyd – One Slip Lyrics 17 years ago
sex.that's it.

Pink Floyd – A New Machine (Part 1) Lyrics 17 years ago
The drudgery of the modern world is giving rise to 'A New Machine'- the stupefied human made such by his rigid one-dimensional life.He can no longer remember the beginning or see the end near in sight.Life is a drag and the only consolation is that 'nobody lives forever'
Brilliant philosophy.

Pink Floyd – Breathe Lyrics 17 years ago
I think The Dark Side Of The Moon is about a compressed moment of epiphany experienced during a roller coaster ride .Before the music starts you can hear a click-click sound like the anti-rollback mechanism of a roller coaster when it is ascending a lift hill, followed by the sound of ecstatic screaming...And then, o boy, we lapse into the world of The Dark Side Of The Moon and philosophical ecstasy.
This is consistent with the heartbeats;anybody who's ever ridden a coaster knows how the heart jackhammers just before and after a fall.

Slipknot – Me Inside Lyrics 17 years ago
About someone struggling to understand why he keeps attracting so much negative attention.So he goes on and solipsizes himself, cutting off all emotional transactions with the outside world- which are bad for the most part as can be figured from the soaring "I wasn't promised a thing/You keep mocking me"
A pessimistic song that says it can sometimes work well for some people to hide behind The Wall

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics 17 years ago
Enough about sex,alright.
This song is as sad as a clown.Care/Dare to look beneath the jaunty exterior and you will discover the first strains of the unease and disenchantment that would ultimately cause this man to take his own life.
'With the lights out' and the show about to start he can't feel the enthusiasm that he used to and the crowd's demand to be entertained('here we are now/entertain us') makes him feel stupid.
The self-admonishment of a narcissist.

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