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The Butchies – So, Goodbye Lyrics 19 years ago
this comment has absolutely nothing to do with the nature of the lyrics/meaning....but, i absolutely love the little drum breakdown in this song.

that might be the only reason i fell in love with it.

The Get Up Kids – Campfire Kansas Lyrics 19 years ago
in my opinion, this is THE only good song on this album. which made their show that i saw on wednesday [06.25.02] slightly disappointing.

but, good gotdamn, i still adore the get up kids...

Sense Field – Save Yourself Lyrics 19 years ago
i'm sure you're all probably very right about this song being about losing your virginity, but personally i'd rather interperet it to mean saving yourself for someone who loves you for you. period. i know too many people who settle for significant others that don't truly appreciate who they are. too me, this song has WAY more meaning that just sex.

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