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Howie Day – Ghost Lyrics 16 years ago
Picture a blind relationship, an internet relationship, something like Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail. That's the vibe I get from most of the song, mostly the lyrics "take yourself a photograph and laugh at me" then "I thought we'd walk these streets together, now I'm hoping that I'll never have to meet you"

It's apparent that she is the one either reluctant to enter into it, or wants to break it off, or may even be leading him on maliciously ("and laugh at me...") and he is the one who can't let go.

Jimmy Eat World – Ten Lyrics 16 years ago
If this is Tom's favorite song, then they should be friggin playing it live all the time.

I've just always listened to this song and envisioned two people in a bar, with one explaining the woes of relationships. Not long relationships.. moreso a guy walking up to a girl and them not hitting it off, then coming back to his friend and his friend explains to him that it's no one's fault. The guy who got shot down will blame himself, and that's not right.

The first verse is the guy talking to the chick "leaving behind the busy crowd" and "slowing it down" and asking her to "meet him with a way out through the lies" as if to say "you have to have more to offer me than everyone else" but it isn't that way, and the conversation is "nowhere, going nowhere."

The second verse is the thinking afterwards, how, in an instant, your feelings of hope get shot down "the feelings change so fast" and he's still going nowhere.

So blame no one. It's not your fault. It's no one's fault. We all go through this, sometimes we need poison, so here's to life.

Jimmy Eat World – For Me This Is Heaven Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm so happy to see 40+ people who all share the same love for this song as me. This band is truly awesome. What I do not get is all the sad interpretations.. it's not a sad song, but one of hope. Hello, for me this is HEAVEN

My take on it is this. I'm laying with a girl looking at the stars, and it's our first time together. The line "this is what she says gets her through it..." I take that as a total attraction thing, meaning we're both going through the same thing, and her take on it has opened my eyes.

The chorus has to do with the thought that like, 'alright, we gotta part ways for a while now' But I pray that after this moment where we're totally lost in each other, you will feel the same way when we're together again. I know I will.

"I close my eyes and believe..." I'm going to sleep with the realization that there's someone in this world for me, who understands me.

Kinda? Yes? No? I like thinking of the song this way.

Jimmy Eat World – Authority Song Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah, I'm definitely feeling these songs about being up in a club or a bar, either just for dancing, or for meeting someone, namely this, Splash Turn & Twist, Softer, Crush, A Praise Chorus. Such great themes.

I think Authority Song is about meeting a girl for the first time.

"I'm not scared anymore" is about getting the courage to do so.
"I've got no secret purpose.." is meaning something along the lines of being absolutely legit in conversation with whoever he's meeting. Like you walk up to a girl to talk to her just cause you'd like to have a conversation with her.

"I don't seem obvious, do I?" Meaning "you don't see through me, do you? :)"

Every other lyric is music / jukebox related. Awesome, awesome song

Third Eye Blind – God of Wine Lyrics 17 years ago
Lemme say this:

"There's someone who understands you more than I do
A sadness I can't erase all alone on your face"

That's the God of Wine saying "the answers are not in a bottle." Live with that.

Third Eye Blind – God of Wine Lyrics 17 years ago
My favorite song.

God of Wine is about, alcohol.

This is probably the prettiest song I've ever encountered, also holds the most meaning to me. I can't write enough about this song, because it is so deep. Read Bacchus, by Euripedes.. Bacchus being the GOD OF WINE.

Dispatch – Out Loud Lyrics 17 years ago
Devotion, if it's what you want.

Dispatch – Water Stop Lyrics 17 years ago
First interpretation...

To me, this song's about unrequited love. Pursuit of girl who is too caught up in her own love interest (unrequited, as well) to get involved with him.

Water's just a perfect metaphor for feeling down because of this. Rain, storms, etc..

Dispatch – Flying Horses Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about the old time carousels.. there's one in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.. old old carousel, as you ride around it, an arm drops, and you hold on with one hand as you go around the ride, and you reach out to grab a golden ring from the arm (it dispenses them.)

You get that image, with the Wind & the Willows, with a stone, and a beautiful girl.

Who cares what it's about, it's 99% open for interpretation... they're all from New England, I'm certain they got it from one of the carousels.

Dispatch – The General Lyrics 17 years ago
It's either that, or Lord, look at the lyrics. It's plain as day.. it's about a general who dismissed his men!

Dispatch – The General Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm not getting the Jesus reference in this song. "This fight is not worth fighting" and "I will no other to follow me where I'm going." That just doesn't do it at all..

To me this song is about an old man who followed all the "normal" paths in life and one day realized his life passed him by. He went on as he must, but urged everyone to stray from the beaten path. Boo yow, awesome song.

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