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Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back Lyrics 20 years ago
My boyfriend is going away to college this summer....I always thought that we would end up together in the end even though i am only 18 i never knew i would feel love like this and it can only get better as we get older.....when he goes away we agreed not to stay together but to find each other after college is over.....and so in august he leave hopefully love will lead him back to me someday, and he would be my one and only true love.....i wont stop him from leaving b\c i know in my heart love will lead him back to me!

Breathe – Hands To Heaven Lyrics 20 years ago
This was mine and my bf's song. we started dating in october i fell in love fast although i tried not to. he soon told hed be goign away to college at the end of the a hopeless romantic...he sent me this song and it is a synopsis of our last night together... i donno when i will stop loving him he was my first real love and i will always feel him.

Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover) Lyrics 20 years ago
I do not have much knowledge of the biblical stories which others speak of.....i know that this song is incredibly deep and everytime i listen to it it too gives me the chills and sometimes brings a tear to my eye....moreso now b\c i can relate to the broken vows he speaks of....heartache and loss in a relationship he sounds very hurt i believe....maybe he cant love ever again....i know in our lives everyone feels like this especially after we experience that "hallelujah" when he recalls how he moved in you the holy dark moved in you too and every breath they drew was hallelujah...they couldnt be happier w\ who they were w\ and the love they shared but the song as i said before ends sad b\c its a cold and a broked hallelujah....many people have felt like this...i know i have

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