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The Chemical Brothers – Life Is Sweet Lyrics 19 years ago
The (?) denotes disputed lyrics that cannot really be deciphered unless the artist writes them down and sends them out. If you think this is untrue, you listen to this song and try to figure them out :) .

Sigur Rós – Ágætis Byrjun Lyrics 19 years ago

A Pretty Good Beginning

Bright Hopes Come True
As We Walk Downtown
Smiling And Laughing Happily
Friendship And Exhaustion Collide
We Celebrate The Day
A Two Year Wait
A Distant Dream Is Born
We Eat And Drink Til We’re Full
And Pay For Ourselves
With Everything We Have For The Day
We Sit Down Excited
Listen To Ourselves Play In Rhythm To The Music
No One Seems To Listen
This Is Completely Different
We Lived In Another World
Where We Were Never Invisible
A Few Days Later
We Speak Again
But The Sound Wasn’t Good
We Were All In Agreement
In Agreement About Most Things
We’ll Do Better Next Time
This Is A Pretty Good Beginning

Sigur Rós – Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása Lyrics 19 years ago

Good Weather For Airstrikes

I Slide Myself Forward
Through My Head
I Think Half Way
See Myself Sing The Anthem
That We Wrote Together
We Had A Dream
We Had Everything
We Rode To The End Of The World
We Rode Searching
Climbed Skyscrapers
That Later Exploded
The Peace Was Out
I Leak Balance
Fall Down
Total Silence
No Answer
But The Best Thing God Has Created
Is A New Day

Sigur Rós – Hjartað Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm) Lyrics 19 years ago

The Heart Pounds

The Heart Pounds
As Always
But This Time Out Of Rhythm With Time
Lost And Forgotten At Home
Going To Explode Through My Nose
Turn Myself To The Sweaty Covers
Stare At The Rust That Grows On Me
Eats Itself Into The Shell
I Stand Up I’m Dizzy
I’m Crumbling Away
I Walk Around On My Feet
Walk Past Myself
Clothe Myself Naked
And The Take It Off
Woken Up But Put To Sleep
I Don’t Sleep A Bit
The Heart Stops
Doesn’t Move
I Insert A Pacemaker (That I Swallow And Hide)
I Find A Start Cable (And Turn Myself On)
See Everything Double (Double Black)
System Failure (The Brain Refuses)
I Continue To Look
Uncontrollable (Information)
I Have To Feed (Feed Myself)
I Speak Out Loud And Travel Inside Myself Searching
I Search For Life For A While
I Stood In My Place
With Hope As My Friend I Make Up Some Time
I Look For A Good Beginning
But It Becomes A Disappointment

Sigur Rós – Ný Batterí Lyrics 19 years ago

New Batteries

Barbwire Stapled In My Mouth That Bleeds Me
Locked In A Cage
Naked Animals Beat Me
And A Savior Knocks
An Untamed Puts In New Batteries
And Charges Once Again (X4)
We Set Off
Into The Unknow
Until We Destroy Everything And Are Dominant
Once Again (X3)
Once Again In The Back Where We Fuck (Ride)
Again The Barbwire
In My Mouth That Rips Up An Old Healed Wound
Have Become A Rusty Soul
The Electricity Is Gone
I Want To Cut
And Slice Myself To Death
But I Don’t Have The Courage
I Rather Turn Myself Off
I’m Alone Again

Sigur Rós – Flugufrelsarinn Lyrics 19 years ago
The Fly Freer

Hullaballoo, I Rushed Down To The Lake, A Savior.
I Made A Ship Ready And Said A Little Prayer Because I Was Scared.
The Sun Shone And The Lake Flowed.
Sunflowers – Sunflowers The Flies Die.
But Today I Am To Save As Many Flies As Possible.
In Each Hand I Carry A String - Determined.
I Throw Them Into The Abyss And Try To Draw In The Flies Before The Smolts Reaches Them Where They Fight The Stream And Water.
I Can’t Breathe And I’m Getting Heavier With Every Wave.
I Need A Miracle Because I’m Drowning Sins.
I Try To Get Onboard.
I Pull Ashore And Save Myself Onto The Beach.
I Lay On A Hot Rock And Let Myself Dry Again.
I Throw Myself Into The Abyss And Try To Draw In The Flies Before The Smolts Reach Them Where They Fight The Stream And Water.
A Breeze, I’m All Soaked.
Bold Feels How The Boat Is Out Of The Strongest Current And The Land Slowly Approaches.
He Is Both Sea And On Land Saving The Flies That Die Here.
Though Especially Himself.
Eternal War, Peace Nowhere.
Someone Has To Sacrifice Himself.
The Days Are Long.

Sigur Rós – Starálfur Lyrics 19 years ago

Staring Elf

Blue Night Over The Sky
Blue Night Over Me
Dis-Appeared Out Of The Window
Me With Hands
Hidden Under My Cheek
I Think About My Day
Today And Yesterday
I Put On My Blue Nighties
Go Straight To Bed
I Pull The Soft Covers Over
Close My Eyes
I Hide My Head Under The Covers
A Little Elf Stares At Me
Runs Towards Me But Doesn’t Move
From Place - Himself
A Staring Elf
I Open My Eyes
Take The Crusts Out
Stretch Myself And Check (If I Haven’t)
Returned Again And Everything Is Okay
Still There Is Something Missing
Like All The Walls

Sigur Rós – Svefn-G-Englar Lyrics 19 years ago

I’m Here Again
Inside You
It’s So Good Staying Here
But I Stay A Short While
I Float Around In Underwater Hibernation
In A Hotel Connected To The Electricity Board And Nourishing
But The Wait Makes Me Uneasy – I Kick The Fragility Away
And Shout – I Have To Go - Help
I Explode Out And The Peace Is Gone
Bathed In New Light
I Cry And I Cry - Disconnected
A Ruined Brain Put On Breasts
And Fed By Sleepwalkers

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