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Descendents – I'm Not A Loser Lyrics 14 years ago
It's worth remembering that this album came out in 1982, when society's views towards homosexuality weren't quite the same as they are today.

Blood Axis – Walked In Line Lyrics 14 years ago
On "Im Blutfeuer" at least, the 2nd line of the 2nd verse is actually: "And tattooed arms while children cried"

Agalloch – Not Unlike the Waves Lyrics 15 years ago
Not an explanation of what the song means, but to clear up a few of the references:
Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn;
Sol is the Norse goddess of the sun;
Heidrun is a goat in Norse mythology who makes mead; and
Solstafir is the Icelandir word for radiating rays of sunlight (crepuscular rays)

Prussian Blue – Victory Lyrics 15 years ago
Well, I'm no white-nationalist, but this is a bizarrely haunting song, and probably one of the best pieces of "outsider folk" I've run across in years. The very direct, unproduced feeling given (probably unintentionally) by the dissonant guitar and off-key singing lends it a disarming and unassuming honesty that juxtaposes uncomfortably with the lyrics, which more or less anticipate a race war.

Beborn Beton – Being Boiled Lyrics 15 years ago
This is a cover of a 1978 song by The Human League. Although The Human League were in the 80s a synthpop group, that far back they had kind of a cold machine-ish pop, Kraftwerk-influenced. So the original song is rather odd. I think I prefer the Beborn Beton cover.

Darkthrone – Too Old, Too Cold Lyrics 15 years ago
The line currently listed as "Racket (Wrecked?) Church / It' stillborn" is actually "Your attitude / It's stillborn".

Team America Soundtrack – Everyone Has AIDS Lyrics 15 years ago
As with a lot of their stuff, this song is a parody of a musical. In this case, it's a parody of the musical Rent.

NOFX – American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) Lyrics 16 years ago
As with much else on this album, the title is an allusion to early-80s punk, in this case the Reagan Youth song "I Hate Hate".

Swans – Where Does a Body End? Lyrics 16 years ago
The lyrics above are missing the first two stanzas:

I saw you kneeling on a desert plateau
Your eyes were melting from inside your skull
The wind was burning holes into my skin
Where does a body end?

Your voice is drifting through the stratosphere
My mouth is drinking from your pool of tears
I saw your heartbeat in the radium screen
What does a body mean?

The Smiths – Handsome Devil Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm not sure how you could think this is about sex with a male of any sort, since it clearly says "let me get my hands on your mammary glands". How could a song that talks about grabbing a woman's breasts be about having sex with boys?

The Cure – Where the Birds Always Sing Lyrics 17 years ago
I like it quite a bit. It clearly shows the influence of existentialism of the Camus variety on Robert Smith (cf "Killing an Arab", a pretty transparent reference to Camus's "The Stranger"). Essentially, the world is what it is; no gods or devils or universal cosmic justice.

Sol Invictus – Death of the West Lyrics 17 years ago
It might be worth noting that this was originally a Death in June song, written before Tony Wakeford split off from DiJ to form Sol Invictus. (The Death in June version has slightly different lyrics.)

Neuroticfish – Care Lyrics 17 years ago
Mm yeah, no idea how I messed that up. I think I might've been listening to a different mix of this song back in 2002 when I wrote those lyrics up. Fixed now; thanks.

Anti-Flag – Die For The Government Lyrics 17 years ago
Well, I'm a PhD student, and probably know more about foreign affairs than anyone else posting in this thread. And I like Anti-Flag. So how does that fit in with your viewpoints? =]

Coil – Slur Lyrics 17 years ago
And it seems to me
That when I close my eyes
All the lights in the world
Go out

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