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Jewel – Stronger Woman Lyrics 9 years ago
"I'm gonna love myself
more than anyone else"

She's not being conceited, she's being confident. She's saying she's not going to base her self worth on what OTHER people think of her. She's going to love herself more than anyone else loves her.

"Guess you could say I'm one of those girls
that's always been with one of those guys,
you know the type,
like right now he sleeps while I write."
That first verse describes me to a T.

I think that sentiment at the end is so beautiful,
"from now on I'm gonna be the kind of woman I want my daughter to be."

This is such a beautiful, empowering song.

Aaron Lines – You Can't Hide Beautiful Lyrics 10 years ago
This song makes me cry because it's so beautiful. "She looks through magazines, on every page she dreams of looking like somebody else."

"And the way she thinks sometimes
out of nowhere blows my mind,
she makes me laugh and makes me dream,
I love the way she looks at things."

It's nice to hear a guy talking about how a woman can be beautiful because of the way she thinks as opposed to strictly what her body looks like.

Blaine Larsen – How Do You Get That Lonely? Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is so sad, but the video makes it even more so... He's saying look at all the people who would be affected by a decision you think is yours to make alone.

Collin Raye – Little Rock Lyrics 10 years ago
Sorry, "Jesus WOULD forgive" <~ My bad w/ the typo

Collin Raye – Little Rock Lyrics 10 years ago
I love how simple the lyrics to this song are, like:

"I like the preacher from the Church of Christ/ I'm sorry that I cried when I talked to you last night."

Because when you're recovering from any kind of addiction, it's the little things you celebrate. You're truly learning to live life without that addiction, and it's like being a child in a lot of ways. You're learning social skills that you should have learned years ago, but turned to a crutch instead. I was proud of myself when I could simply go to a bar, have a few drinks, and not score cocaine, and still have a good time.

"You know your Daddy told me when I left, Jesus may forgive, but a Daddy don't forget." <~ Frickin' amen. My dad, to this day, still won't even let me speak about my ex because of how much he hates my ex.

This song ALWAYS makes me cry. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Lee Ann Womack – Last Call Lyrics 10 years ago
It's fairly self-explanatory. He only wants something to do with her once he's drunk.

Thank you Lee Ann Womack for this song. It's brought so many of us closure, I think, and also helped us realize we're not alone.

My story (if anyone cares)
My ex -- we broke up 3 years ago, but for the next two years, he'd still call me, and I'd always be there for him. I just loved him so much and didn't realize how terrible it was.

I've lived in a different town 3 hours away for the last year, and been with a stable, loving guy, but my ex still randomly calls me, drunk. It's so hard, especially when you have such an extensive history and still deeply care about a person, to NOT pick up the phone. I still answer, but just tell him how happy I am now. /shrugs/ I guess that's all you can do.

Lee Ann Womack – Mendocino County Line (with Willie Nelson) Lyrics 10 years ago

counted the stars on the fourth of july
wishin we were rockets bursting into the sky
talking about redemption and leaving things behind
as the sun sank west of the mendocino county line

excuses monday morning feeling washed away
our orchestrated paradise couldn't make you stay
you danced with the horses through the sands of time
as the sun sank west of the mendocino county line

i have these pictures and i have these photographs
to remind me of a time
these pictures and these photographs
let me know i'm doing fine
i used to make you happy
once upon a time
but the sun sank west of the mendocino county line

the two of us together felt nothing but right
feelin' near immortal every friday night
lost in our convictions, lips stained with wine
as the sun sank west of the mendocino county line

i have these pictures and i have these photographs
to remind me of a time
these pictures and these photographs
let me know i'm doing fine
i used to make you happy
once upon a time
but the sun sank west of the mendocino county line

i don't talk to you too much these days
i just thank the lord pictures don't fade
i spent time with an angel just passing through
now all that's left is this image of you

counted the stars on the fourth of july
wishin we were rockets bursting into the sky
talking about redemption and leaving things behind

i have these pictures and i have these photographs
to remind me of a time
these pictures and these photographs
let me know i'm doing fine
we used to be so happy
once upon a time
but the sun sank west of the mendocino county line

Jake Owen – Startin' With Me Lyrics 11 years ago
eh, a couple changes:

"I'd be living a little higher on the hall"
I'd be living a little higher up on the HOG.

"I was there standin' by the bed"
I WASN'T there standing by the bed.

Beautiful song... who can't understand and relate to this...

Sara Evans – No Place That Far Lyrics 11 years ago

"Lonely miles" not lonely night

It is definitely not about death, because "always know that I would find a way to get to where you are" -- it's impossible if the person's dead lol.

This is such a beautiful song, and she has such an amazing voice.

Reba McEntire – She Can't Save Him Lyrics 11 years ago
I lived this song for almost five years. We were together for three, but even after we broke up, I still tried to save him.

... and now I'm starting a new life, in a new town, and I'm with someone who doesn't need me to save him. =D

Collin Raye – Anyone Else Lyrics 11 years ago
"Instead of dodging a champagne cork"

It's actually "Instead I'm dodging a champagne cork"

"you can hide behind a cheshire cat grin" I love that line.

This is an all-around great song, and I'm surprised no one's really commented on it... I finally know how this feels...

Blue October – Calling You Lyrics 11 years ago

"So while we're on this phone
a hundred miles from home
I'll take the words you gave
and send them back to you"

Ummm... he's the lead singer in a rock band... ya think this could be a coincidental line? LMAO.

I'm not the mushy type, but this has always been my favorite Blue October song... EVER... I know the feeling of "I can't believe you actually picked me"...

My favorite line is:
"Asking if you love me, I love the way you make it sound"
Sometimes hearing "I love you" from the right person just makes anything better. Only someone who's been in true love can know how it makes your heart skip a beat, even after all that time.

Everclear – Normal Like You Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree 100%; I myself am ADHD and suffer from anxiety issues. I have struggled with depression my entire life, and self-medicated most of my life. (And studied psychology extensively not only in college but in all of my free time as well.) Now, I am on a MILD anxiety drug. I could be on something stronger, but I've come to realize that anything more and I'd lose my bubbly, outgoing, and yes, neurotic and sometimes depressed self that I and so many others love. I am not "sad" though... I have highs and lows, but at least I feel life.

When everyone on here is talking about being "drugged up" on drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, etc., they're referring to the people who are OVER-medicated either by their own volition or by others around them mistaking normal human highs and lows as a root of a much more extensive problem. If you have a genuine chemical imbalance, yes, take something so you can FUNCTION. Without my medication, I shake really badly and can't keep a straight thought or hold a conversation without getting distracted.

In this song, he says "I don't want to be 'normal like you'" meaning everyone thinks she is "normal" because she doesn't act like anything gets to her and she conforms to what society wants her to be; however, she can't feel anything:

"You walk around oblivious to everything
You wear that party dress and black mascara like you're queen for the day
Tell me why you want to be blind
I don't want to be normal like you"

He doesn't want to be the zombie that OVERmedication (not just "medication" itself) had made her into. He wants to feel emotion ("I don't even have the strength to pick up the phone", "I just have to laugh to keep from hurting bad" -- he's letting himself feel down and weak and he's okay with it).

And the lines:
"Their simple minds just cannot seem to understand
You are neurotic and depressed, that doesn't mean that you are sad"
I don't think he's referring to sad as a comparison to depressed. I think he means more like she has highs and lows and quirks, but that doesn't mean there's something wrong with her. He's trying to tell her that she's human and doesn't need to be medicated as heavily as she is.

Yep. Rant and rave done. BEAUTIFUL SONG!!

Reba McEntire – Whoever's in New England Lyrics 11 years ago
GRR. Lyric change:

"And each time duty calls you've got to give it all Got to thaw your heart"
It's "And each time duty calls you've got to give it all you've got with all your heart"

One of my favorite Reba songs... I can't believe no one's commented on it yet!

It's fairly self-explanatory... she suspects there may be someone else, but she's not sure, because he keeps telling her it's just part of the job to travel so much.
I LOVE the line "When the icy wind blows through you, remember that it's me who feels the cold most of all."
She's basically saying she loves him so much she'll wait out this hard tough spot with the hope that they can possibly be something better.

Chely Wright – Shut Up and Drive Lyrics 11 years ago
I can't believe no one's commented on what's by Far Chely Wright's best song. Who's never had that voice in the back of their mind, saying "Shut up and drive"?

Willie Nelson – Mendocino County Line Lyrics 11 years ago
Couple lyric corrections:
"As fierce as Monday morning feeling washed away
I orchestrated paradise, couldn�t make you stay
You dance with the horses through the sands of time"

It's actually:
"Excuses Monday morning"
"Our orchestrated paradise"
"You danced"

and then:
"Lost in our convictions, left stained with wine"
"Lips stained with wine"

this is such a beautifully written song. I love it. My dad and I sing it karaoke every now and then. It sounded like a good idea since he sings Willie and I sing Lee Ann Womack separately anyway. =D

Carrie Underwood – Don't Forget To Remember Me Lyrics 11 years ago
"Here's a map and here's a Bible,
in case you ever lose your way."

Beautiful lyrics.

3 Doors Down – Let Me Be Myself Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm reposting part of my other comment specifically for you, mrwonderr:

This website was invented so we could all share our "rants to the emo abyss known as Songmeanings." I've done the same thing and I'm not ashamed. Always remember, even if there's no comments about your comment, someone has read it, and it helped someone. I promise.

Even if it kills me, I'm gonna smile.
♥ Linds

3 Doors Down – Let Me Be Myself Lyrics 12 years ago
Okay, so I'll admit I was intrigued by the geico commercials and checked out the lyrics b/c I'm obsessed with lyrics. However, having read them, I'm now hell-bent on getting the CD just so I can hear the entire song. I love these lyrics!!

I guess I just got lost,
Being someone else,
I tried to kill the pain,
But nothing ever helps,
I left myself behind,
Somewhere along the way,
Hoping to come back around to find myself someday.

PURE POETRY. I'm in love.

Side note:
This website was invented so we could all share our "rants to the emo abyss known as Songmeanings." I've done the same thing and I'm not ashamed. Always remember, even if there's no comments about your comment, someone has read it, and it helped someone. I promise.

Even if it kills me, I'm gonna smile.
♥ Linds

Craig Morgan – love remembers Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song... Love does remember...
Every time you think you're over it, something else hits you.

I did want to make a correction. The beginning is:
You can forget what love was wearing
When it walked out your front door
Where you fell down to your knees
And can forget the kind of suitcase
That was packed out on the sidewalk
While you cried there beggin' please
But love remembers

He's saying you can tell yourself you've forgotten, but if you see it (the outfit, shirt, suitcase, etc), it all comes flooding back.

Dierks Bentley – Feel That Fire Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. I'm so the girl in this song.
She has a lust for life, and wants to experience everything. He's saying that he'll keep their love strong and full of the same energy she expends on everything. Simple song, but so much fun to sing along with. =)

♥ Linds

Hinder – Use Me Lyrics 12 years ago
I bet she�s wonderin if I'm worth her while.
She�s judging jury and she�s got me on trial.

It's actually, "she's judge AND jury"...

But yeah. Fun song to jam to. I love Hinder.

♥ Linds

Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane Lyrics 14 years ago
"The doctor is for an Overdose but you have to hush him up with cash."

Actually, I understand it in relation to the line before...

"He said, 'call the dr. I think I'm gonna crash.'
The doctor said he's comin' but you gotta pay him cash."
I see it as the doctor mentioned is the drug dealer... he's about to crash (or come down) from the high and he's needing more, so call the dealer -- who, obviously, you pay in cash.

I LOVE the line "she was terminally pretty..." It gives this impression that she was doomed from the beginning type of thing.

Also, I think the line, "there were lines on her mirror, lines on her face..." is GREAT, talk about an awesome comparison.

"He was too tired to make it, she was too tired
to fight about it."
That describes the end of my last realtionship to a T.

Dan Fogelberg – Same Old Lang Syne Lyrics 14 years ago
"we tried to reach beyond the emptiness, but neither one knew how."
He's talking about what was left after they parted ways. The emptiness between them. They didn't know how to build the bridge again, basically. They didn't know how to reconnect...

That's what I think the song's about, is the awkwardness in trying to reconnect...
"She went to hug me and she spilled her purse."
"The conversation dragged."
"Bought a six-pack at the liquor store and we drank it in her car."

I've always loved this song so incredibly much. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes.
On a trip with some friends, I ended up hanging out with an old lover, and we had a similar situation.

"She said she'd married her an architect, who kept her warm and safe and dry. She would have liked to say she loved the man, but she didn't like to lie."
This is almost exactly the same as when I told him about the boyfriend I had at the time. I was like "yeah, we live together..." *sigh*

Ha, sorry, songmeanings and I always end up telling my own personal stories here. LOL.

I think the meaning of the song is quite clear. The writing in this song is amazing though.

- Linds

Savage Garden – I Don't Know You Anymore Lyrics 14 years ago
Jeez. This song is the relationship one of my best friends and I had / have. I let him down... but at the same time, he sealed things shut between us after I tried to reach out to him. He called me, and we did sit and "talk about anything," but it was entirely superficial... I told him how my life had changed, and he pretended to forgive me for hurting him. It was so bittersweet.

"So maybe I shouldn't have called. Was it too soon to tell? Oh what the hell; it doesn't really matter. How do you redefine something that never really had a name? Has your opinion changed?"
I cried so hard after I talked to my old friend, because I realized that we could never go back to the way we were... but it's hard to go back to something when it "never really had a name." We were best friends, but always put each other higher even than our significant others. Anyway, it's still hard to even think about him, and I have a feeling it'll always hurt... But I have to move on.


Pink – U + Ur Hand Lyrics 14 years ago
God, I completely felt this way last night at the bar I frequent. The crowd I go with, we were all hating the way our individual lives were going, but last night we put all of that aside and let loose.

Yes, we were dancing on the poles on the stage, but we were dancing for OURSELVES, not you. That's what Pink is trying to convey in this song, is that the speaker in this song is saying, I did not get dressed up to appear sexy to you; I got dressed up to make myself FEEL sexy...

We're here with our friends. Not to go home with some sleazy loser who says "you got a perdy smile."


Billy Joel – Angry Young Man Lyrics 14 years ago
This song makes me think of my boyfriend, because he's been through so much, and has so much rage and hurt built up inside of him, and he's been stabbed in the back so many times, that it makes our relationship hard... he just won't let me in sometimes.

"I believe I've passed the age of consciousness and righteous rage. I found that just surviving was a noble fight."

A-FUCKING-MEN. What else can you say? I have that as my aol signature, because I can understand it so well.


Billy Joel – Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) Lyrics 14 years ago
I am actually crying now trying to write a comment -- how powerful is a song that you cry just reading the lyrics?

My dad sang this to me when I was younger, but I never listened... now I'm 22 and we go to karaoke every Tuesday night, and he sings this for me every time.

This part means so much to me:
"Goodnight, my angel
Now it's time to dream
And dream how wonderful your life will be
Someday your child may cry
And if you sing this lullabye
Then in your heart
There will always be a part of me"

... because most of my friends at the bar we go to love and adore my dad, but few of them know he probably has less than a year left...

That's why he always sings this for me. He wants me to know that no matter what, he'll always be with me.

I cry every single fucking time.


Eric Clapton – Cocaine Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is tongue-in-cheek anti-drug. Anyone who's done it regularly knows that it's hard to have fun, deal with stress, etc, without it... "if you wanna hang out, you gotta take her out." He's basically saying it becomes an answer to everything.

"Don't forget this fact, you can't get it back" -- you can't get your life back once you've snorted it up.

And for the record, for anyone who doesn't know, "she" isn't a woman in particular... "she" is a street references to coke. Heroin is boy, coke is girl.

And for Philadelphia Eagles, I'm glad you quit, and please don't start back up again. Quitting coke is hard as hell and it's impressive that you've maintained sobriety, but unfortunately depression is definitely a side effect of quitting. It deals with the dopamine receptors that have been fucked due to the coke. After a time period, eventually, you WILL start receiving pleasure from day-to-day things,etc. IT WILL COME BACK.

Don't encourage anyone try it. Some people can handle doing it once or twice... some people can't. NOBODY needs to play that russian roulette of addiction.


Tim McGraw – My Little Girl Lyrics 15 years ago
Blah. Yeah, it's sweet that he loves his baby girls, but come on... Tim McGraw has cliche written all over him.

"Go on, take on this whole world.
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl."

A four-year-old could write this.

Hinder – Lips of an Angel Lyrics 15 years ago
"And I, never wanna say goodbye
but girl you make it hard to be faithful
with the lips of an angel"

He isn't having an affair with the girl he's talking to; she's someone from his past that he's never gotten over, like someone he used to date. They're both seeing other people, but still talk on the phone late at night, etc. It's on the verge of being an affair, and that's why he says "I never want to say goodbye" referring to his current g/f (because he loves her), but he tells the girl he's talking to that she makes it "hard to be faithful" to his current girlfriend because he wants her.
Does that make more sense? They're not having an affair, but they're on the verge of it.

- linds

Hinder – Lips of an Angel Lyrics 15 years ago
pinkandtwisted: I thought that where he said "My girl's in the next room" that he said "My Cousin" instead. I heard that too at first. =)

I heard this song on, and had to replay it like 18644 times. this is totally how things have always been between my best guy friend and I. No matter who we're seeing, we're always on the phone with each other late at night like this.

"My girl's in the next room. Sometimes I wish she was you. I guess we never really moved on." « replace she with he and that's so me to him.

It sucks though, because he's really mad at me right now. He doesn't think my boyfriend's good enough for me and I'm having a hard time... because I feel like I have to choose between the two and I can't. =\

- linds

Van Zant – Help Somebody Lyrics 15 years ago
This is a great song. Like Rocco5 said, it's about getting right with God and making sure you're living your life right and honestly.

"Don't get too high on the bottle." -- don't drink too much

"Fight your fights, find your grace, in all the things that you can't change." -- stand up for yourself, but if you can't change things, accept them.

"He was backwoods, backwards, used words like:
no sir, yes ma'am, by God, I'll be darned, hell yeah I'm American." I love this part... it's so raw but true. =)

Brad Paisley – Whiskey Lullaby Lyrics 15 years ago
D-Shiznit, it's people like you that make me sick. There is NEVER any excuse for domestic violence -- or any violence unless it's self-defense.

I agree with everyone who said she's not a slut. Granted, she cheated on him, but we have no clue what's going on in her mind. I've never dated a military guy, but after awhile, I would think some people, who have low self-worth for instance, would cheat to make themselves feel better. Also, keep in mind the video is only ONE INTERPRETATION of the song!

I also agree that she did not truly intend to hurt him.
"She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette." We have no idea what caused her to break up with him, but following along the same lines of low self-worth, there are many reasons -- break up w/ him before he broke up with her, scared of relationships, missing being single... none of which have to do with a deliberate attempt to hurt him. We realize this with the line, "nobody knew how much she blamed herself." It seems everyone around her had the same reaction a handful of people on this page had, which is "stupid skank"... she's not a slut or skank, she's just scared of whatnot and it ended up hurting him.

For some reason, this kinda reminds me of "He Stopped Loving Her Today", a truly 'til death do us part-style theme. Except in that song, he doesn't kill himself.

I tend to sing this song karaoke, because I can do Allison Krauss pretty well. =)

Gretchen Wilson – Politically Uncorrect Lyrics 15 years ago
People who are rednecks assume that liberals are against the troops, because you can support the troops and still be against the war... ... All around this song is a dumb fuck hick anthem.

wow. you definitely win the award for "most frighteningly ignorant comment" of the day.

*sighs and speaks slowly*

you can ALSO support the bible, the flag, the soldiers... and not necessarily support the war, which may be what she was implying by including that clip of "another deadly day in iraq."

it seems to me she is saying she supports what is not considered "politically correct" these days, but people have forgotten that they are the very things that america was founded on:

"And I'm for the guys still pulling third shift / and the single mom raising her kids" -- the stigmas attached to single moms, working a time-clock third shift...
"And I'm for the preacher who stay on their knees / And I'm for the sinner who finally believed" -- religion isn't PC to discuss anymore b/c it might offend someone.

"And I'm for the bible / And I'm for the flag" -- again, things that are abused and tormented and debated as PC to discuss, display, etc.

all-in-all, i'm not saying this song is lyrical genius or anything, but it makes a good point -- there's more to america than big men in stuffed suits smoking cigars... there's still farmers who are losing their land, life, to those big men... and i think that's what she was hinting at, is that dubya is one of those men destroying what america was founded on. i'd like to see him get his hands dirty sometime and not have ten people standing there with towels and evian. i'd like to see him actually fight in the war. etc, etc.

Gary Allan – Life Ain't Always Beautiful Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is so sad, and you can hear the pain in his voice when he sings it.
Life ain't always beautiful
Some days I miss your smile
I get tired of walking
All these lonely miles.
And wish for just one minute
That I could see your pretty face
Guess, I can dream
But life don't work that way.
it's obviously about his wife. but i'm sure everyone can relate to it in some way or another.
it's full of hope though... and it's so true.

Toby Keith – You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This Lyrics 15 years ago
i agree with queenvictoria_14... i had the same thing happen. only, we aren't together, and never have been, but things have happened between us. but you can't help but wonder what if.

Nickelback – Savin' Me Lyrics 15 years ago
i totally agree with coronae, especially as someone who's struggling with addiction... this song is straight up what happened with my boyfriend and i. so, along with my interpretation, i'm going to include personal information.

"Prison gates won’t open up for me / On these hands and knees I’m crawlin’/ Oh, I reach for you / Well I’m terrified of these four walls / These iron bars can’t hold my soul in / All I need is you"

the person has realized they're addicted, and he feel like he's trapped in a prison and he desperately want to get out, but he can't break free. addiction is debilitating, and soon you're on your hands and knees trying to crawl away.
the "i reach for you" and "all i need is you" is the addict reaching out for the person they feel will help drag them out of this.

"Come please I’m callin’ / And oh I scream for you / Hurry I’m fallin’"

he knows he's sinking deeper, and is desperately calling out to the person to rescue him because he can't do it alone. and he wants the person to hurry before he falls further.

"Show me what it’s like / To be the last one standing"

they know people who've followed the same path and not gotten out, and he feels like he's standing alone... he wants the person to remind him how dangerous the addiction can be.

"And teach me wrong from right / And I’ll how you what I can be"

self-explanatory... the person can show him what's "wrong" and what's "right", and how to cope with stress without turning to the aforementioned addiction. he knows he can be better once the addiction doesn't rule his life.

"Say it for me / Say it to me / And I’ll leave this life behind me / Say it if it’s worth saving me"

this is what really convinced me this was about addiction, because this happened with my boyfriend and i -- i was falling too deep into my addiction and he was scared to lose me to it completely, but at the same time, was scared if he told me i was addicted, i'd turn away from him -- and the singer is saying "look, if it's worth saving me, then tell me i have a problem!" often, a person doesn't realize they have a problem until someone speaks up, and they know they can walk away from "that life".

"Heaven’s gates won’t open up for me / With these broken wings I’m fallin’ / And all I see is you / These city walls ain’t got no love for me / I’m on the ledge of the eighteenth story / And oh I scream for you"

same ideas as the first verse... the person didn't respond quickly, and he's admitting he's falling even further and really needs help. the city walls statement is how he feels alienated from society because he's reached the point when his whole life is concerned with his next high, and people can't accept the addiction.
"on the ledge of the 18th story" is a metaphor for the fact that he knows he's about to fall too far in for help and he also knows it'll inevitably lead to his death.

then the chorus again. anywya, you see where i'm going. =)

♥ linds

Nickelback – Figured You Out Lyrics 15 years ago
thebutcheress nailed it... that's what i was going to post until i read the comment. thank you for explaining the "lines" reference for those who are uninvolved in the "scene"... *rolls eyes* i was about 13 when i knew what that meant.

the lines, "i love the way you still say please / while you're looking up at me" kinda give me chills.

i know -someone- *coughs* who's gotten involved in coke and that whole scene, and this song has helped -her- *coughs* kinda take a step back and see what it can do.

i absolutely adore this song.

Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most Lyrics 15 years ago
aww... the video makes me cry. i've been there...
especially with this song in the background... =*(

My Chemical Romance – I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song... i actually broke my foot from jumping out the second floor... lol. *shrugs*

Alan Jackson – Monday Morning Church Lyrics 16 years ago
it's about a man whose girlfriend/ wife/ lover died... and he's lost his faith in god because of it...
he's hiding his sadness in anger ["i can't seem to talk to god without yelling anymore"] and he knows it.
this song is so sad. =\

Dashboard Confessional – So Beautiful Lyrics 17 years ago
okay. these lyrics are so wrong. lol.
here's the corrected ones.

heard that you were home again,
but you don't look like your back to me
But if your focus is changing
Your gaze is transfixed on a point that i cannot see
You've got your new ties,
I've got your own lies
You've got your inside lines,
but your never happy with what you've got.

Hold me now, you're so beautiful
when you've convinced yourself
No one else is quite as beautiful.
i heard that you were living well,
but you don't look like you're living to me.
though sparkle is gone,
The smile is in place
so that everyone watching can see.

you've got them all convinced,
but I know it so well
that you can list your friends that you can't count on them

Hold me now, you've got everyone convinced
that you're alright
No one else is quite as vulnerable.

As soon as you've got it, you want something else.
It's not the sell that you love its the sale,
It's not the price that's gonna cost you,
It's just the weight that's gonna bring you down...

Eagles – The Girl From Yesterday Lyrics 17 years ago
"she only knows the pain that comes from waiting for so long..."
"she's waiting by the phone, talking to a memory that's never coming home."

oh, how can that not touch something deep inside?
i feel this song so well.

Big & Rich – Holy Water Lyrics 17 years ago
i can relate to this song so well, especially the line "she needs someone to hear her when she cries". i try to be so strong to everyone, but at night, when it's just me and God, i can't help but break...
it's about a girl who used to be a sweet, innocent girl, but something happened to her, and now she can't see past the pain. the line "someone ran away with her innocence, a memory she can't get out of her head..." is so awesome.

Shawn Mullins – Lullaby Lyrics 17 years ago
this song tells such an awesome story. here's my interpretation:

"she grew up with
the children of the stars
in the hollywood hills and the boulevard
her parents threw big parties
everyone was there
they hung out with folks like
dennis hopper, bob seeger, sonny and cher"
here, he's setting up the story, by telling about her background... how important her family is, thereby, how important she is. she grew up with the children of the stars, so they all live this lifestyle of being children of important people.

"she feels safe now in this bar on fairfax"
she's resorting to hiding away in dark bars and drinking to find some kind of solace...

"from those days i can tell that she can't let go and she can't relax."
because of her background, she only knows this high-profile, fast-paced life.

"and just before she hangs her head to cry, i sing to her a lullaby."
she never had a "real" childhood, and so he's resorting to childhood ideas to calm her down, like a
"lullaby". with that imagery, you can picture a mom rocking her child to sleep, but instead it's a boyfriend or someone like that, rocking her to sleep. he's just there to comfort her in her time of sorrow.

"she still lives with her mom outside the city, down that street about a half a mile."
she's never had the chance to get away from the life, because she's never too far from the action... only "half a mile" away.

"and all her friends tell her, she's so pretty, but she'd be a whole lot prettier if she'd smile once in awhile. even her smile looks like a frown."
she's always "happy", but never "smiles"...

"she's seen her share of devils in this angel town."
i assume he means los angeles, the "city of angels"... he's talking about the difference between what you see on the surface, and what's really there... it's ironic that she's seen so much horror in her life, when it all seems like it's supposed to be so attractive.
i can relate to that part... i'm always happy and positive that no one can believe i've been through some hardcore bad stuff...

"i told her i ain't so sure about this place. it's hard to play a gig in this town, and keep a straight face."
he finds the plastic-ness of california, and LA, amusing, because it's all so fake.

"it seems like everybody's got a plan. it's kinda like nashville, with a tan."
everyone in california seems to have a plan to be famous in some way, just like everyone in nashville's gonna be some famous country singer or whatnot... everyone's "going somewhere"... only with a tan.

in the end, it's a positive message, because she's found someone who cares enough to reach out to her like that, and reassure her that no matter what happens, "everything's gonna be all right". i agree with drenchedinwine... it may be empty promises, but it feels good to hear.

Don Henley – Sunset Grill Lyrics 17 years ago
i agree that this song is about a bar, but i think it's more positive than negative.

regarding the third verse, i think he's telling her that one day they "get in this car and get out of here"... but he also realizes that that this sunset grill is their safe haven, so there's no point in leaving just yet.
the line "there is no hiding place" is kinda ironic, because it's obvious that they've found their hiding place at the sunset grill.
"what would we do without all these jerks anyway? besides, all our friends are here" is not a negative statement, but a joking around kinda thing... like people say, regarding a place they love that there's all these jerks here, all these *ssholes, but he knows they're all buddies.

Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden Lyrics 17 years ago
i have the version of this song with the quotes from jerry maguire in it, and it does seem to enhance the song if you've seen the movie. it's basically about two people who are, as everyone's said, guarded in their feelings. jerry won't admit how much she means to him, and she won't let him have her heart because she's so scared about losing someone else, and so worried about her son.

here's the quotes, if anyone cares.

dorothy: "i was just about to tell you... that i love him. i do, i love him. i love him, and i don't care what you think. i love him for the man he wants to be, and i love him for the man that he almost is. i love him, laurel. i love him. i love him..."

she'll let you in her house
if you come knockin' late at night
she'll let you in her mouth
if the words you say are right
if you pay the price
she'll let you deep inside
but there's a secret garden she hides

rod: "you've gotta be fair to her. she loves you. if you don't love her, you've got to tell her."

she'll let you in her car
to go drivin' round
she'll let you into the parts of herself
that'll bring you down
she'll let you in her heart
if you got a hammer and a vise
but into her secret garden, don't think twice

jerry: "what if we got married? if i said that, would you stay?"
dorothy: "no, no. don't do that. don't say that unless..."
you've gone a million miles
dorothy: "well, you can say it if you want to."
How far'd you get
jerry: "will you marry me?"
to that place where you can't remember
jerry: "what are you thinking?"
and you can't forget
dorothy: "laurel! we're getting married!"

she'll lead you down a path
there'll be tenderness in the air
she'll let you come just far enough
so you know she's really there
she'll look at you and smile
and her eyes will say
she's got a secret garden
where everything you want
where everything you need
will always stay
a million miles away

preacher: "do you, jerry maguire, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? and do you, dorothy boyd, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? i now pronounce you husband and wife."

dorothy: "i pretended that proposal by the car was real. and it might have just been a hypothetical. but i did that. and at least i can do something about it."
jerry: "so this break, is a break up?"
dorothy: "come on jerry. you know this isn't easy for me."

jerry: "okay, if this is where it has to happen, then this is where it has to happen. i'm not letting you get rid of me. how about that? i miss my wife, and i love you. you complete me.
dorothy: "shut up. just shut up. you had me at hello. you had me at hello."

Ani DiFranco – In or Out Lyrics 17 years ago
i quote this song all the time. even though i'm mostly straight, most of my friends aren't, so it's interesting.

i love that line, "to me what's more important is the person that i bring, not just getting to the same restaurant, and eating the same thing."

Ani DiFranco – Gratitude Lyrics 17 years ago
this song has gotten me through so much pain. ani is my strength sometimes. =)

"what does my body have to do with my gratitude?"


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