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Marilyn Manson – Prelude (The Family Trip) Lyrics 21 years ago
Personaly, i feel that oyu have to look at it a bit more, you can't have a deep song with the meaning just floating on the surface for you to pick up, now can we? To me it's a statement on the direction society is going, basicly we can't really tell, everyhting is going to pot, but no one will change their ways no matter their side, and they don't look to be changing anytime soon, and all their continued action is doing is escalating the problem.

System of a Down – Shimmy Lyrics 21 years ago
H3Y, "i luv fu" what ever the fuck that means, if you think SOAD sucks so much that you have to double post your overly intelligent comment (weather it be from stupidity or on purpose), why don't you jsut stay away from here and stick in your christen rap-core band pages, because if you can't take music that has intellectualy stimulating lyrics, why not go play some ICP, blink 182, or creed to get your fill of bullshit till it leaks from your eyes

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