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The Blood Brothers – USA Nails Lyrics 17 years ago
"the way your tongue tastes in my ear"

further proof that TBB have the most brilliant, creative ways of saying the simplest things.

The Blood Brothers – The Salesman, Denver Max Lyrics 17 years ago

The Blood Brothers – The Shame Lyrics 17 years ago
I've got to agree with exciting. Such a sarcastic, hate-filled lyric, but so beautiful. The entire song seems to be about how pointless and destructive they think of themselves as being, and that one line just screams "No matter how loud we scream, or how hard we play, you'll never ever get a real emotion out of this noise."

This Computer Kills – Champion Insomniac Lyrics 18 years ago
Chew some valerian root.

TCK is really fucking good. Thanks, Phil.

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