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The Mountain Goats – Oceanographer's Choice Lyrics 5 years ago
Completely agree that this song is where he murders his wife, with his hands around her throat, with one point that hasn't been brought up yet;

"guy in a skeleton costume,
comes up to a guy in superman suit
runs through him with a broadsword"

I took these very literally, in that he's watching this happen on TV and suddenly in his drunken mind, realised that he has the power. Subsequently turning the radio up loud and drawing hin wife into the room and starting the last battle. Then onto Alpha rat's nest where he's finally free, but has a slightly bigger problem to deal with.

A Perfect Circle – Passive Lyrics 8 years ago
I've always seen this as another Judith Marie song. Of course I don't have any quantative proof of this, but I love the kind of emotions it envokes in that situation. The idea of the absolute suffering forced upon the living, where the torture turns into hatred.

Norther – Nothing Left Lyrics 10 years ago
Both of you are right, but it goes another step further to say that after killing himself and his girlfriend he finds no peace in the afterlife 'no angels to guide our way, we are lost forever, pain inside won't fade away.' Bloody brilliant concept.

Bad Religion – Social Suicide Lyrics 10 years ago
too deep billy. I do like and respect your thought patterns, i love sociology myself, but I think this one's simply based on the idea of conscious thought being literally social suicide. Looking at the groups around the time, (PABAAH comes to mind) anyone speaking out against the decisions of bush would be branded as unamerican and bushbasher ect. It's in the same vein as 'requium for dissent'. fucking brilliant as well.

Bad Religion – All There Is Lyrics 10 years ago
to me, the idea of 'my divinity is caught between colours of a butterfly' is the idea that my own perfectecions/imperfections/basic ideaoligies are caught between something so incalcuable that it is purely individual. His divinity is simpy his, and cannot be decicded one way or another, as a butterfly's wings cannot be given a differential colour between two colours

Bad Religion – Lost Pilgrim Lyrics 10 years ago
The pilgrim is an allegory for america. Literally, America has lost it's way. I think the mercry reference relates to global warming (mercury rising in thermometers) and the next in line is China. Makes sense to me anyway. I fucking love this song

Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug Lyrics 15 years ago
still, this perfect drug and fight club split personality is much more interesting, even if its not true. Wow Smoke, i think you could start your own fan club from that one sentance. that interpretaion never crossed my mind before. good job.

Eagles – Hotel California Lyrics 15 years ago
well i find it pretty amusing that you feel it nessecary to run a spell check on us, pick out any flaw you can find, and condem us for it, right before you state that this song 'is certainly not about berating other people'. you cunt.

Eagles – Hotel California Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah alright liverdude, ill take it from you, and as a fellow song writer, im very impressed that your in with the 'pros'. but since you know so much about song writing, please tell me why the fuck henley would even bother to use words such as 'colitas', 'pink champagne' 'ice' and 'steely knives'? they arent exactly everyday words you jackass, henley must have had some motive for using them, one possible motive being to get a message across. he didnt just write 'from the heart', and and have two bloody obvious references to drugs just sitting in his heart. and if you look closely, youll see that every second post on this song says something about the metaphors etc, so why not comment on them? also, if you look very closely, in the box you wrote your comment in, it says "What does this song mean to you?" i wrote what it meant to me, so fuck off.

thank you.

The Offspring – Beheaded Lyrics 15 years ago
nah i gotta disagree with you there fuckyouall. i reckon offspring started out amazing, and peaked at ixnay, but their last two have been a little dodgy. americana is definatley better than conspiracy, which had much less 'offspring' tracks. i agree, there is no problem in evolving, but conspiracy turned into a half blink 182 effort. still, some damn good tracks though. (living in chaos, one fine day etc.) Also, to go back to idle hands, there was only one beheading in the whole movie, deter was only scalped.

The Offspring – The Meaning Of Life Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is amazing. why the hell are there so few posts?

in the same vein as all i want, its about finding things for yourself and taking the other road. Pretty much ecompasing the meaning of punk. good stuff.

Glay – Fried Chicken And Beer Lyrics 15 years ago
whos mr. beef now?

NOFX – The Decline Lyrics 15 years ago
nice one discodave, but youmissed the second part of the last bit of the song, after the 'we are the queer' bit

We are worker
We love our queen
We sacrifice
We're soilent green

'worker' - we are the lower class, the beaten ones in society
'love our queen'- blindly following the authority of the govt or whatever
'sacrifice' - we are the ones who are sacrificing everything to keep the system goin
'soilent green' - i believe, not sure, that soilent green was some product in 2001 a space oddysey made from human bodies for foodd, or for powering a machine or something. Im probably wrong, ive only ever heard of the reference in the movie, never actually seen it

NOFX – Franco Un-American Lyrics 15 years ago
what a hero...he wants to live down under with us! bloody good on him. I didnt thinkthis song was the best off errorism, irrationality of rationality was the best in my view. Franco's not bad tho

Nine Inch Nails – The Day the World Went Away Lyrics 15 years ago
i always thought it was a 'man who sold the world' sort of message, though i dont really understand that either. Dont know how i came up with that link, but it seems to make sense to me. Who knows how trent's mind works anyway?

Nine Inch Nails – The Great Below Lyrics 15 years ago
i know EXACTLY what you mean, lahdeefrigginda, to just sit back, shut your eyes and float on the melody...bloody hell. your idea sounds interesting as well, Nicole, i'd like to try that beach thing someday, preferably on some really dark, overcast day...i think that would affect me in incredible ways...

Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie Lyrics 15 years ago
absolutley, just about strong belief in god, (trent was actually brought up as a strict protestant) and finding no truth in the comfort he promises. Still, as punkedyou said, he needs desperatley to clutch onto some belief and god just lied to him so badly that he is lost and tragic now. Bloody amazing song.

The Offspring – Kick Him When He's Down Lyrics 15 years ago
yeh id agree with batty, my previous theory was corporaions kickin the little man out of the competion , 'little man tries, dont get a lot don't get alot done', but find no peace from their success. But batty's explantion seems more feasable.

The Offspring – Kill The President Lyrics 15 years ago
are you serious? that is bullshit, whatever happened to freedom of speech. I swear, patriotism is taken way out of proportion sometimes. maybe a sensitive topic, but fuck, it is a dam good song

The Offspring – A Thousand Days Lyrics 15 years ago
I think its just sort of an anti war sort of message, and as the war is still being fought, the people are still suffering, eg. 'on his dying breath' or 'lie bleeding here'

The Offspring – We Are One Lyrics 15 years ago
interesting theory prodigal. I think its about a group or superpower, posssibly america, that is basically getting so big, it will eventually destroy itself. "We", the people, are destined to fall very soon, "hanging ourselves", or basicaly falling to our own design. its obviously very defensive, "dont fuck with or we'll fuck with you", and pretty concealed in it's own problems, "to give a shit about no one else". Basically, this group is just leaning on each other, rejecting outside influence and is ultimatley headed for disaster. Amazing song.

The Offspring – Mota Lyrics 15 years ago
agreed foffof, its bloody obvious. Dam awesome, fast song, still one of my offspring favourites

The Offspring – Dirty Magic Lyrics 15 years ago
the song is just basically power chords with a nice smooth chorus effect. Look up any tab site,, for example if you want to learn it. Absolute brilliance, about a guy totally obsessed with a girl who treats him like shit. Very much like self esteem, minus the humor.

The Offspring – Americana Lyrics 15 years ago
links in well with NOFX's the decline, lyrics take a similar path. Basically about the decay of western and in particular american society, and in particular the consumerist ideals we all grew up with, and now cant survive without. Brilliance.

The Offspring – Gone Away Lyrics 15 years ago
no its definatley about his wife, she died in a car crash soon after smash was relesed and dexter wrote this song in her memory. He remarried a few years after, sublime, so that explains why he's sstill married. good on ya's to no use for a name and insanityX for picking it.

Extremely beautiful song, anything that can make a punk rock fan emotional is magic. bloody oath to acidus, they always seem to release the inferior ones dont they? what the hell was original prankster? shocker.

Frenzal Rhomb – Coming Home Lyrics 15 years ago
sheer brilliance. the simplaistic stupidity of whoever their talking about, almost a mr. bean style character. bloody amazing, fast paced song as well, still one of my frenzal favourites. hillarious line about the sheep too, though i gotta stress, no one in Australlia does that sort of thing to sheep, contrary to some international opinion. we think new zealanders fuck sheep, america reckons the polish fuck sheep, lots of people think english fuck sheep. It's not the country's fault, its the slutty goddamn sheep.

Eagles – Hotel California Lyrics 15 years ago
righto im gonna go with the majority and base it on the high life enjoyed in the sixties, ie drugs, prostitution etc, based on a shitload of metaphores in the song...this is gonna take a while
1. Warm smell of colitas - colitas is the spanish name for chemically THC enriched weed, suggesting the bloke in the song has been through the best weed and all that, but now looks for something stronger
2. 'Such a lovely place...such a lovely face' - the drugs have a really appealing quality, but is only on the surface
3. 'We havent had that spirit here since 1969" - not the alcholic spirit, but the good happy spirit in reference to the drugs, which ended at the close of the 60's. This is another element of the song, at the ckose of the sixties, everyone was realizing the repocussions of drug use in the 70s and still addicted to them
4. 'she got a lot of pretty pretty boys that she calls friends' - suggestions of prostitution, another 'high life' cliche
5. 'stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast' - steely knives = needles, the beast = addiction. simple
6. 'pink champagne on ice' two extremely potent and expensive forms of speed or trips or some other drug, not sure of the specific type, but this is the strongest hint of drug use in the song
7. then of couurse the classic 'you can check out any time you like but you can never leave' - you can say i quit, or die, but you will never stop the addiction

well thats about for the space im given, but i could go all day. This is a complex bloody song, not only musically, but lyrically as well. Anyone who says 'it doesnt matter what it is about' is in the wrong place for starters, and misguided as well. That is half the brilliance of most songs, in particular ones that convey a meaniingful message through the lyrics. You know, some people have written their thesis on deciphering the lyrics to this song alone...complex bloody song

Frenzal Rhomb – Do you want to fight me? Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah you should them live. Lindsey usually plays the really fast intro while holding his guitar behind his head. bloody briliant.

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