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Saving Abel – Addicted Lyrics 11 years ago
Sayanything21, you are clearly mistaken. This song is obviously lyrical genius in it's finest form. In fact, for me to say that Saving Abel has ascended into Rock Valhalla via the complex lyrical nuances and undertones in this multifaceted and richly layered work of art would actually be an insult to them and the work they've done advancing the vanguard of artistic emotive expression in rock music. Therefore I will refrain from doing so.

Hum – Stars Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the song is about a girl who's had some kind of nervous breakdown and lost all attachment to everything she once cared about in life, including her own loved ones and even society's norms (i.e. sitting naked outside). She wishes she could just abandon everything and leave for some new existence far off in space.

Daniel Johnston – Living Life Lyrics 12 years ago
I love how this song embodies living in the moment.

Also I think he's saying 'though people say we're odd like a couple', not 'an unlikely couple'.

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart Lyrics 12 years ago
i think this may be the greatest song ever written. if not the greatest, then certainly the saddest, especially when you consider that he obviously really meant and felt what he was singing in light of his subsequent suicide. it's almost too hard to listen to because of the emotion.

Lil Jon – Get Low Lyrics 13 years ago
Clearly this song represents Lil Jon's brilliant philosophical take on man's condition. He realizes the inherent absurdity of life, and as such, instead of trying to find some greater meaning in things, he instead indulges himself in pussy popping biatches, crunk juice, and the like. I think the part about sweat dripping down his balls, in particular, represents the everlasting fragility of human existence and the transient nature of the moment which we all must enjoy. Truly Lil Jon is one of the great thinkers of our day.

My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow Lyrics 14 years ago
pumkinhed to answer your question, yes I think Loveless may have been one of billy corgan's influences in making siamese dream. it's hard not to notice the similarities.

as for this song i don't really know what it means, but the way everything melds in it, with the vocals and the unusual chords and the guitar going ever so slightly out of tune is so surreal it's almost mind-altering. i guess maybe that's why they call music like this 'dreampop'...

Pearl Jam – I'm Open Lyrics 14 years ago
I think, in this song, perhaps the subject is having a dreamlike sort of epiphany - an epiphany that no one is coming to save him from his fears, etc. All of us are ultimately alone in a room with no door, with no one to depend on but ourselves to find a way out. I think that's basically what Eddie's trying to say. Very depressing, although I guess the last lines give a glimmer of hope...

R.E.M. – Try Not To Breathe Lyrics 15 years ago
I don't think this song is about suicide at all. I think it's just about someone with a terminal illness coming to grips with the fact that they are going to die. They don't want other people to see them suffering, but they don't have the will to do themselves in either, hence the promise to simply 'try not to breathe'.

The Long Winters – The Commander Thinks Aloud Lyrics 15 years ago
The song is about dying on reentry to earth's atmosphere. On another level, I think it's about having an 'authentic experience' but then realizing you'll never be able to share it with the person you love...

Sex Pistols – Bodies Lyrics 16 years ago
jtatfsu I'm not sure you're right. The Pistols were always about one thing: pissing people off. It would have been out of character for them to make any sort of meaningful statement about anything really. I think the intent of this song is just to be shocking by treating a serious subject like abortion with total disrespect. Johnny Rotten always went out of his way to offend people - case in point, the very first line in 'Anarchy in the UK': 'I am an antichrist' - another example of his over-the-top attempts to offend.

Bad Religion – 1000 More Fools Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song is about the disparity between many religous people's beliefs and the reality of the world around them. The point seems to be that these people are mired in willful ignorance with their heads up in the clouds, and meanwhile the world is burning around them. It's almost as if he's saying that they use religion as a drug to escape reality...

Hüsker Dü – Never Talking To You Again Lyrics 16 years ago
This song's pretty self-explanatory. It's about being so frustrated with someone that you just decide to cut them off forever. IMO, it's the ultimate cathartic insult to deliver to someone - to tell them that they are simply no longer worth knowing. And that's why this song is so good.

Hüsker Dü – Pink Turns to Blue Lyrics 17 years ago
It's about a guy freaking out because a girl he's with ODs and is unconscious and not breathing. Pink turning to blue refers to her lips or skin color...

Interpol – PDA Lyrics 17 years ago
I think the song is about a messy breakup. I think the title itself is probably a double-entedre meaning 'Public Display of Affection' as well as something else (maybe 'Please Don't Abandon' or something along those lines). The chorus I think is about trying to escape the emptiness and pain caused by the loss of that person in your life by crying yourself to sleep and dreaming of better times gone past...

The Velvet Underground – Heroin Lyrics 17 years ago
Will be the death of me-eeee'

Single most depressing lyric ever.

Lou Reed – Perfect Day Lyrics 17 years ago
I can't believe people would say that this is a happy song. This is probably the most depressing song I've ever heard. I don't know if it's explicitly about heroin as some people have stated, but the lyrics seem to imply that he feels worthless, and can only experience happniess through temporary escapes. And this is what he considers to be a 'perfect day', when he forgets who he is ('you made me forget myself / I thought I was someone else / someone good'). If that's not depressing, I don't know what is.

Bad Religion – American Jesus Lyrics 17 years ago
I think the meaning of the song is simple: Believing in something alone does not make you moral or righteous, because morality is determined by your actions, not your beliefs. The 'American Jesus' represents the hyporcritical counter-paradigm that says that as long as we believe in Jesus, our actions are irrelevant and we can do no wrong, because "we've got the American Jesus."

Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline Lyrics 18 years ago
I thought this song was about him searching for true love when all the women he meets are only after material things. He keeps letting these women fool him into thinking they really love him and not his money, only to be d*cked over again and again.

also, the reason they spelled 'vasoline' with an 'o' was to avoid copyright infringement since 'vaseline' is a registered trademark...

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