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Rammstein – Nebel (English) Lyrics 18 years ago
this is definitely the *classiest* rammstein song. a personal favorite. but yeah. no debate here, the chick's dyin' and it sucks. the but, in the end, he no longer remembers implies to me that the last kiss was passionate enough to make him temporarily forget his sorrow. unless this is a bad translation.

Rammstein – Links 2 3 4 (English) Lyrics 18 years ago
to comment on the nazi thing. it can still be about nazis. except. the whole thing is villifying anything to do with the nazi party. and the whole right / left thing. um. nazism is neither rightist nor leftist, and the right doesn't imply evil or hatred. it just means overall less governmental role. i think the authority figure telling the heart to beat on the right is because of how unnatural it is--it's a basic fact that it's on the left. kinda like orwellian 2 + 2 = 5. i see it as maybe making a reference to nazism, but authoritarianism in general, and promptly refuting it. the first verse is questioning how a nation can be corrupted, and in the chorus they're exhibiting their own choice to go against a malicious system. anyway. i might be looking into it too much. after all, rammstein rocks out first, and writes intelligent yrics second.

Midnight Oil – Antarctica Lyrics 18 years ago
hmm. really tough one here, seeing as the meaning is in the title. it's basically saying let's make sure we don't fuck up antarctica which is the one last pure thing we have. and might i just ask.. what the hell does garret say like 1:20 in the song in the second verse? it sounds kinda like "landslide", but who the funk knows. anyway. god bless blue sky mining. talk about a solid and amazing album.

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