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Broken Social Scene – I'm Still Your Fag Lyrics 11 years ago
It's a pretty good use of both meanings of the word I guess. Seems to me like its about an on-again off-again thing.

You're only coming out because you came back in
You're only coming out 'cause you came back in

People these days go outside to smoke, but they only leave for a few minutes to get the job done then they're back to whatever "real" thing they were doing before. And again yet more awesome double-meanings there too :)


Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
Given your interpretation, she's just trying to get herself into a nostalgic mood. Take a break from being an adult (park that car, drop that phone) and go back to what she'd do as a kid (sleep on the floor) and remember (dream about) how good it used to be.

Logh – In Cold Blood Lyrics 14 years ago
a sentiment echoed throughout the entire album, this song is about the singer's thoughts on his life and, perhaps, suicide. he plods his way, passionless, through his life. everything that he once knew is dead and gone (old selves, old friends, ashes and dust, left of our plans). he knows it will happen again, and that nothing ever comes of the relationships he has. he is so absorbed by his current depression, his current negative outlook on life, that he sees no hope for the future (today buries tomorrow). it's effortless, the destruction on his life. it doesn't take work and nothing ever comes of it (no stone is raised).

he, himself, is killed in cold blood by his own hand. he sees what everything has meant up to this point in his life, and can't really see things changing. night, as the album reveals, is his retreat and the only time he feels alive at all.

Logh – Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down, Not Speed Up Lyrics 14 years ago
to me, this song is about running from who you are, what you're expected to do, etc. the night is calm, likely the "calm before the storm" perhaps. or maybe it's just a relative lull. in any case, taking the drive, getting out onto the open road, deserted, late at night, listening to mellow music and driving nowhere in particular gives him some sort of emotional, depressed rush (its these simple things that keep us alive).

he's being reckless, likely because he doesn't feel he has much to lose (left the children sleeping for all i know). he's on auto-pilot, driving wherever he goes, kept on the road (guided, shown where to go) only by the electric lights (let the neons show us the way to go) along the streets.

the seemingly innocent nature of going for a drive at night isn't all that it seems (night is calm, cold wind blows). he's letting the drive be his escape from his reality (the lights that show him where to go also show him where to hide). the bad, unkind thing in the air is his desire to end it all, perhaps. to drive until he runs out of gas, hits a wall, drives into a ditch... (living is dying sometimes i know)

Logh – The Hour We Knew Nothing Lyrics 14 years ago
resignation... what else can be said about this song? perhaps he is waiting to be reborn, but there's nothing to suggest it. i really don't detect even a glimmer of hope here.

Logh – Off The Ground Lyrics 14 years ago
this message is a lot like 'Ghosts' to me. essentially, modern living has ruined everything (the dead men, the office men). the church bell likely accompanies a funeral. "men of the sky" could refer to angels... though the contrast between the ground and the air is interesting here. i believe it is likely inferring that people today are not "grounded" anymore, reaching for the sky, floating above the real world in some fantasy they (and the society they live in) have constructed to keep them safe, clean, and happy. and ignorant.

Logh – Ghosts Lyrics 14 years ago
he (the singer) likes to write out how he feels in a journal, as songs, poems, or whatever (writing reports of the days and the nights). his mental state (depressed most likely, perhaps manic depression since his songs are so good) has locked him up for years. he tried to understand himself by sitting at home alone, in the dark, listening to music and writing (with a net of nothing (alone, introspection only)) he was trying to figure out who he was (motions of a mind).

he totally missed everything and everyone that was good in his life while he was like this (never saw the chance, never what i held in my hands).

he looks out over his modern life (which has allowed him to reach this state--no need to get up with the sun, no need to hardly move at all for days at a time), he sees everything is dead (all lights are red, nobody going anywhere). of course, the modern world kills him (killed by exhausts) and its features that allow him to stand it also kill him (alcohols, which likely are being abused here, dry out his skin). drying out of the skin also, likely, refers to the fact that the alcohol makes him something other than what he really is (sucks out his life) and turns him into someone else entirely. it's not his fault, he argues (that's the condition and the price that we pay for living when and how we do now). he also knows that his mental depression is his to get over, if he chooses to do so (i never had a clue of the role that i played).

Logh – The Bastards Have Landed Lyrics 14 years ago
this one is hard for me to describe, it seems to jump around emotionally (much as your mind might do as you continue to drink more and more as it gets later and later).

"headlights off" could indicate that you don't care where you're going, or even if you get there. it also indicates a desire to remain hidden (can't see a car driving in the dark if its lights are off). the driver feels sad, lonely, unwelcome wherever he goes. he tries to stave off these feelings by pretending to be part of an exclusive group (likely just himself or a very small number of other people) that has no interactions with the outside world by choice (don't let them know who we are, leave us alone, etc). but really he's alone and looking for a place to belong (trying to get home). he has also come to the realization that his own self-worth is determined by what other people want (but right or wrong, it's their call) despite the fact that there's really nothing different between his confused self and everyone else (they don't know what they want).

haunting and very deep song.

Logh – Lookalike Lyrics 14 years ago
to me, its about leaving your old self behind in favor of something better (or at least different). you are making a clean break, going somewhere (new place, new group of friends, etc) where even your bones can't be identified. or maybe you're going to be so different you don't even look like your old self at all.

as expected, however, the transformation was short-lived. the man who looked just like the lookalike is yourself, as you are unable to maintain the radical change you wanted so desperately just a few nights before.

Logh – Note On Bathroom Mirror Lyrics 14 years ago
my favorite logh song...

he (the signer) is currently doing well (fastest guy on the strip, fastest mind on this ship) -- probably thinks he is better/smarter/etc than those around him. but he also knows that the feelings of elation and superiority are short-lived (check your mirrors, check your heading) implying that he is either off course, someone better is coming along, or similar. things are even going well with the girl in his life (princess up front seat). but things will get worse, and he knows it (blankets for cold nights, we will need them where we're going).

as for the bathroom mirror, i think it's probably talking about the private sort of self-reflection he's currently doing (privacy of the bathroom, mirror obviously about reflection/introspection). a note on a bathroom mirror has always seemed really haunting to me, the kind of place you might write a suicide note or something similar. very eerie. wonderful.

Logh – The Passage Lyrics 14 years ago
to me, it's about living with a friend/girlfriend/family member going through a roller-coaster depression (going south... coming back in spring). things have finally reached a breaking point and the friend is going to have to go it alone this time (i'll have to stay behind). the person relies on the safety and comfort of routine (the sun's regularity perhaps) and can't be with his friend anymore.

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