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Busted – She Wants To Be Me Lyrics 18 years ago
I love this song and the way it puts across the message of how annoying it is when people try to copy each other. As with all busted lyrics this song is very, ahem *profound*, ok so maybe not but a great song all the same.

AFI – Of Greetings And Goodbyes Lyrics 19 years ago
To me, this song represents the punk scene because the fans will rock and 'glow' until morning, but then the bands just slip away untill the next show without regognition from the general public. I think that the secret show represents the punk shows that Davey went to when he was younger and that people still go to today. 'Make me invincible' could represent the urge to effect other people in a positive way with his life and therefore living on in others hence; 'In you, I'll see me, in the secret show'. I think that he wants to be recognised when he's dead. That would kinda explain the whole 'There was a weeping I carried down today, a sigh worth keeping' which I think represents him being pleased that people cared that he wasn't around. The secret show could also represent the 'Fire Inside' which is inside people and can not always be outwardly seen, but will always be around. Arg I dunno - can't seem to type what I am trying to say. xXx.

AFI – The Prayer Position Lyrics 19 years ago
I think that this song is about how people should strive to resist temptations such as drink drugs etc. so taht the world can be a better place: 'Deadly impulse seems so natural,
just look beyond it and we'll find a brand new evolution.'
I also think that it shows how people are being repressed in society, but they should just be allowed to do what they believe they should, not necessarily in a religeous way, but there should be no discrimination against others because of their beliefs and people should not be forcing their opinions on others.
AFI kik ass and Davey writes fantastic lyrics that can be interpreted in so many ways to suit the person who is listening. xXx.

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