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The Planet Smashers – Super Orgy Porno Party Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the song is about the singers relucatancy to jump into the new ska scene. The new ska scene being the super-orgy-porno-party.

It could also be about the progression of third wave ska. In the begining they are hanging the two-tone suits up, departing from them and yet still showing respect, but by the the end the suits are just scattered on the floor without any regard.

Maybe I'm looking too deep.

Codename: Rocky – 1469 Lyrics 15 years ago
Two words: Unrequited love.

Alkaline Trio – For Your Lungs Only Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this is their best song.

"facilitation for feeling listless"
Making it easy to feel lethargic... hmmm.

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