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Aerosmith – Seasons Of Wither Lyrics 9 years ago
My take is this - yes, it's his realization of the introduction of the unsavory combination of sex & drugs, particularly his first interaction with someone, probably a lovable girl, on heroin. Ok, I'm going a bit off the deep end here, but follow me on this - it's about fallign in love with a heroin addict - Some believe the "seas of a thousand" is actually "seeds of a thousand", a deference to poppy seeds (the source of heroin). I know that's a stretch. But perhaps he got close to a female heroin addict and she was in bad shape.
Lyric correction : I'm 90% sure it's not "dogs bay at the moon" but rather "dogs beg at the moon", a symbolic commentary at heroin addicts waiting for their dealers. There isn't much of a point to saying "baying at the moon" unless he meant "barking".
Regardless, it seems like a commentary on the ugly side of people around him on the the "scariest" drug of the time (which wasn't blow).

Pete Townshend – Slit Skirts Lyrics 10 years ago
This, like the songs "Empty Glass" and "Another Tricky Day" are brilliant pieces from his painful spin-out period of 1978-1981 when he was deeply in debt and losing everything with drinking and drugs. He was starting to endure separation from his wife Karen (named "Jeannie" here), and feeling very alone. Though he was well on his way to cleaning up his life upon this album's release, the song was written during a very bottomed out period, and very fascinating and sad at the same time. I love Pete for his honesty in songwriting, and this is a shining example.

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same Lyrics 11 years ago
Plant has spoken often about what this song is all about, and I'm a collector of their live recordings, so I've heard it often. In his words (per his intros from the 1973 shows in New Orleans, Mobile, and Salt Lake City), it's "about how you can travel half way around the world and people are pretty much the same..." That's a quote. They had just gone through India, Australia, etc, early in 1972, prior to the song's recording. They had experienced many cultures and societies, but the song - being music - was the same world wide. People of all languages and cultures could communicate as one with music, and that no matter where in the world we might go, we'd still see the same people.

The Who – I Can't Reach You Lyrics 11 years ago
I believe it was Pete's infatuations with models that came across the band's path. He was bemoaning how, based on his schedule and (at the time) acid use, he felt "nearly dead" but couldn't do anything to get to know these high dollar models.

Mötley Crüe – Looks That Kill Lyrics 11 years ago
I won't attempt to comment about the lyrical interpretation, as I'll leave that to someone far more qualified. I will say, however, that this is one of the most powerful sounding riff-based recordings ever. Mick's guitar was so well captured, it's amazing that it came out of one guitar. Brilliant track.

Led Zeppelin – Sunshine Woman Lyrics 11 years ago
This was a forgotten live performance from a BBC session called "Alexis Korner's Rhythm and Blues" recorded March 19, 1969. The song is basically comprised of old blues references, most notably from those of Robert Johnson.

The Who – Music Must Change Lyrics 11 years ago
It, like many songs from this album, had to do with realization of alcoholism, drug addiction, and most of all, loss of relevance in music. He was always going out and running into the punk followers (and musicians) telling him he was losing relevance. He was admitting that he and his music was a casuality of change, and that other genres (like punk) were going to take over, and his own habits weren't going to help. He realized that other music is taking over, and that his efforts are no longer avant garde or cutting edge. He bemoans his group's up's and down's (we soared like a sparrow hawk flied, then we dropped like a stone). Pete's trying to deal with handing over the crown to (at that time) punk and new wave music and no longer being "important".

The Who – Trick Of The Light Lyrics 11 years ago
Yes, an admission of John's compulsion for the lifestyle of wanting a prostitute/groupie and (sadly) drugs. It's a moment of realization that the prostitute is a person, and that both he and she seek love, ultimately.

The Who – Another Tricky Day Lyrics 11 years ago
As I could discern - it was Pete's attempt to help him through bad times, by writing a song saying "you think you have it bad? it's just another tricky day for you". At the point of writing this, his family had temporarily left him, and he was drinking and still unable to recover from losing keith, thinking he was next. Gossip columns were talking negatively about him in 1980 (when it was written, though released in 1981). A passionate, powerful song, and one that has helped me through lots of rough patches. Oh, for the record, the beginning of the 2nd verse is actually "you can't always get higher"

Aerosmith – Combination Lyrics 11 years ago
This seemed to be a basic late night/early morning type of account of being with a person, spending the morning doing drugs, and starting a voyage into using lots of blow. The jumpy nature - my legs keep movin'. The "three of us" was Tyler, the other person involved, and the drugs.
"Varee" was short for Variety magazine, an entertainment publication.

Led Zeppelin – For Your Life Lyrics 11 years ago
There's much much more to this than just a drug aspect. Unfortunately, '75 was very, shall we say, "snowy" for some band members. But when he references "when you blow it..." it's more like a quetion of the intentions of a, to put it bluntly, coke whore. We can guess what he means by the "blow it" phrase, but it's the sadness of doing anything

Guns N' Roses – One In A Million Lyrics 11 years ago
Yes, he was expressing anger. To call the song prejudicial would be hasty - he even later says "radicals and racists, don't point your finger at me...". He's expressing anger and the fact that the one bright spot out there, that "one in a million" is a girl that's no longer in his reach, regardless of the reason. He's just upset that the one person, amongst all the idiocy of the urban life, can't be around for him. This girl he looks fondly upon is likely wasting away, and he even says "maybe someday we'll see you before you make us cry", assuming that she'll die first. Reminiscent of "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction.

Kings – This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide Lyrics 12 years ago
Unfortunately I believe this had to do with drug references, but still a great piece.
Couple mini corrections - near the end it's "everybody gets the note now, hear it ringing in their ears,..lots of ways that you can go down, look around, they'll disappear"

Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra Lyrics 12 years ago
To Crazydiamond:
Yeah, you're right, I actually messed up on that. The bow line you mention is what I wanted to say, but I submitted an unedited version - so yes.

To SuperCat:
Sonically speaking - you isolate vocals by cross-phasing the stereo instrumentation. Trying to explain, but vocals are normally centered and instruments aren't. There is a way to phase-cancel the stereo instruments (like drums, etc) and leave center-channel vocals untouched.

U2 – Elvis Presley And America Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, the adlibbed lyrics and backward rhythm track is clever enough. But it is a wonderfully lonely, sad, ethereal piece that is perfect for being alone late at night. The song is an implied "open letter" from a dead Elvis to his daughter, Lisa Marie.

I do have a correction for the lyrics though - at 4:10

They...mmm loved
Skip staying sad oh Lisa
Don't stay sad no more Lisa
Don't stay sad no more Lisa
Don't stay sad no more Lisa

at 5:20 -
You know S.O.N.G. why
You evoke joy to God

With Elvis's death and self-inflicted loss of his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley

America, as a unit, gave Elvis his fame, and brought him to an untimely demise as well. He was lost in all that "America" offered, but all that "America" offered gave him riches and fame beyond belief.

Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't do this often (or ever) but I did some vocal isolation work and really think I've finally figured out the lyrics - once and for all. Here goes:

By the way I finally isolated the vocal track to the point that these are the definitive lyrics:

Sisters by the wayside bide their time in quiet peace, await their place within the ring of calm
Still stand adjurned in seconds of release,
Await the call they know may never come.
In times of light, this knight truly no more
To unite the forces into one
And all was joy as hands would raise to the sun
As loving hordes aplenty overrun

To live in bliss and cherish my defeat - an ending that's a shadow of the day
Within the hall their daunting form must keep a certain type of gift that found their way
A place is laid and soon embedded next to me - just turning, wandering all into the fray
And everything is soon no sooner thought than deed, that no one seemed to question anyway

I hear the story about the giant hands upon the land, that sweep the unsuspecting and the weak
And powerless the fabled sat, too smug to lift a hand
Toward the foe that threatened from beneath
Who cares to dry the cheeks of those who sat or stand
Adrift upon a sea of futile speech?
And befall the fate that make him state his plan
No more nearer where they would ever reach.

Where was your word - where did you go?
Where was your helping - why did you go?
Dull is the armor, cold is the day
Hard was the journey, dark was the way
I heard the word I couldn't stay
I couldn't stand it another day
Another day
Touched by the timely coming,
Roused from the keeper's sleep,
Release the grip, throw down the key.

Held now within the knowing,
Rest now within the peace.
Take of the fruit, but guard the seed.

They had to stay!

Held now within the knowing,
Rest now within the beat.
Take of the fruit, but guard the seed...

Soundgarden – Half Lyrics 12 years ago
The music for the closing moments of the song are so gorgeous - it's the only time I could ever sense a "feel" in the studio, besides old Zeppelin sessions of course. But at 1:26, we hear "have a chance..." and the microphone is dropped (or bumped) and that majestic soundscape is painted for us therin.
And I do have to kudos for the informal tribute to Zeppelin's "Black Mountainside".

Led Zeppelin – Hots on for Nowhere Lyrics 12 years ago
As EmporerExkeil alluded, it has to do with the 1975 car accident in Rhodes, when Robert badly broke his leg and his wife Maureen suffered critical injuries. Not to play editor or anything, but Plant's wife was never near death, just critically injured and in the first day or so (until a plane was arranged to fly her back to England) things were sketchy with rural doctors in Greece. Once back in England, Maureen was already recovering, but the recovery would be very lengthy.
The first stanza is meant to show us that the car accident, and his realization of being actually mortal was a crazy concept to grasp. The accident taught him of the fragility of life and the fact that many people around him weren't really his friends but just people seeking personal gain, especially during tours.
The rest of the song illustrates his feelings of getting old and his realization that cocaine doesn't solve everything, as it might've in 1975 and apparently his best connection either was incarcerated or died ("I turned around to look for the snowman, to my surprise he'd melted away.") This, like "For Your Life" were abject tirades against drug abuse (specifically blow) in the prior years (1975 was a big snowy year for, at least, Plant).

Plant had a lot of time to think and ponder, sitting in a wheelchair in California, away from his family and in tax exile. Much of this album was a realization on Plant's part that the previous tour was ridiculously out of control and it was time to grow up and embrace the precarious nature of life for its value and importance. I still firmly believe this period, late 1975, was an important realization and turning point for Plant, and I'd bet he didn't touch a drug after that point.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Frail and Bedazzled Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, all the above - it's upon his gradual adjustment to local fame, that girls he tries to date are all too giving, and in kind, forcing him to, in his own mind, be the controlling ogre. He hates that concept, but he admits he's still frail and bedazzled from all the "glare" (of popularity). It was all too confusing at the time, and it was impacting the normal course of his personal relationships

Led Zeppelin – Walter's Walk Lyrics 12 years ago
This song was instumentally jammed out in that classic American tour of 1972 during their performances of "Dazed and Confused". Plant, over at Stargroves, during the "Houses" sessions, threw vocals over this bawdy instrumentation. The vocals are allegedly Plant's reflections on occasions when he'd see a flirty, attractive girl after a show, and his longing to sleep with her. The references to, well, erection, come up "You know it's hard". Plant, thousands of miles away from his wife, wanting to stay faithful, but wondering of the "cost" in his own conscience to cheat on her; something that he hated. "Walking the floor" is an expression for constantly gazing at a girl's actions and movements at a club.

Led Zeppelin – Jennings Farm Blues Lyrics 12 years ago
Simply an electified version of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, sans vocals, recording at Jennings Farm during formative sessions for their 3rd album. Per their intentions for a more laid back side two for the album, the acoustic version prevailed, with lyrics paying tribute to Plant's dog Stryder.

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (Acoustic verson) Lyrics 12 years ago
This was a bootleg vinyl single released ages ago, called "The Slog" informally amongst collector circles. It was, in fact, the Plant vocals extracted by an age old centering process (noise cancel anything in the left and right channels, thus leaving a centered vocal). The guitar was added by an unknown guitarist for this bootleg. So pretty much a fake, not a legitimate acoustic rendition.

Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes, it's definitely a funeral dirge, but intentionally posed as such. It's an elegy to the passing of less excessive days when music took precedence, rather than the excesses of touring life. As mentioned earlier, the relative happiness of a less complicated lifestyle had been smothered by touring excess, and the descriptions of groupies and general '77 touring life impressed that fact upon us. The lifestyle from the '77 tour was, in a sense, the funeral, thus burying less complicated days past and the tours that bracketed them.

Rod Stewart – You're In My Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
A beautiful love song indeed, definitely worthy of wedding material. I always dismissed him as too obsessed with women, until I learned of this song's various verses. The order was such:

Up to the first chorus : an ode to his first love
Next verse : His adoration for his homeland, Scotland, its beauty, grace, and eternal strength.

Next verse : His STRONG love for his ties to soccer (i.e. "football"). He was an adept player and even the video for this song shows how these lyrics intend to pay tribute. Well written and respectful in all venues.

Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, bear in mind that it's technically "based" within the context of a Viking funeral dirge, but Plant's constant longing for self-comparisons to legendary characters drove his writing toward posing aspects of touring to that of the Viking tale mentioned above.

Aerosmith – Combination Lyrics 13 years ago
Ha, think I finally got this one figured out. It's a personal song to, well, blow, or some such drug. I think it's a cocaine thing though, and he's singing to it. "I traded you for me" is a clear one. Saying he's "so God Damn gaunt" also supports it. Instead of "nouveauree" I think it's slang for "new variety" as in new brand of blow that he might've picked up and dragged home. Not sure on the rest but I'm certain of the aforementioned.

U2 – Bad Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, the friend that died of heroin was Gareth Spaulding. The "I'm wide awake" is the "spike" upon getting a hit, characterizing his friend when shooting up. I am an avid songwriting critic (and songwriter) and in the end, after all is said and done, this is the greatest song ever.

Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City Lyrics 13 years ago
Sad and pretty song. A strong couple letting the American Dream of stability "die" through a man's bad gambling moves, and the brutal mob looking to collect. What "dies" is that American dream, and he hopes someday it comes back. Now they hope to run west - the "favor for him" is the process of joining the forces of mob crime as a henchman to pay off things.

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 13 years ago
Ok, I am usually good at this stuff. DMKonstantinov was pretty much right on the mark. It's falling in love with a girl who's permanently bound (let's say marriage or engagement) to someone else, while she loves you and stays in the existing relationship. I know this wrenching process so the song is significant. I play this song to torture myself but simultaneously feel like someone else knows the sting of knowing your beloved is sleeping with someone else, perhaps reluctantly.
It's one of the few songs that have such prominent lyrical content I forget how "catchy" it is.

Led Zeppelin – Hots on for Nowhere Lyrics 14 years ago
This, as with "For Your Life" have references to the abuses of blow (cocaine) and its emptiness ("snowman") etc. He's longing for his friends to keep his direction, in a time when he was in tax exile, living in the island of Jersey. He refers to the friends who aren't quite friends (" friends who will give me fuck all") because they are only there for the excess of attaching themselves to a musical celebrity.

In the middle stanza ("As the moon...") he feels himself sinking into emptiness from the excesses of the band and how directionless he had felt things had become, and advises the listener to stay hard working and healthy ("And if you ask my advice, take it slower...") for the sake of personal success. He's realized how hollow the people and habits involving fame and riches can be, and warns of how he's felt his emotions and inner self sink to oblivion ("The sun in my soul's sinking lower
While the hope in my hands turns to clay")

I can't indict Plant for this being a personal essay; it may have been an affront regarding Page's growing heroin abuse, and related problems.

The Who – Who Are You? Lyrics 16 years ago
Townshend wrote of this after a brutal night of drinking, so the lyrical description is allegedly a fairly true story - not sure if the last stanza refers to his broken marriage or a fling.

Led Zeppelin – Royal Orleans Lyrics 16 years ago
Indeed, Royal Orleans was a hotel where John Paul Jones mistakenly took a drag queen up to a room. One of them fell asleep with a joint in hand, and started a small fire "fire preceded water" which led to the amusing discovery. Incidentally "John Cameron" was an old studio rival of Jones' back in the early 60s, so they used the name as a joke.

Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop Lyrics 16 years ago
Plant explained it briefly in concert a few times, in that he's describing someone just wanting to enjoy a walk with a little stuff to smoke, with the hippy generation around, and being busted by police. He certainly employs quite a bit of symbolic license (as mentioned above) in saying he'd like to head off to a place that isn't so sociologically rigid.

Jane's Addiction – Had a Dad Lyrics 16 years ago
"Dad" here, is God. Most of the song deals with Farrell's loss of faith in God

Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra Lyrics 16 years ago
After years of trying to figure this out, I've finally decided that it must have something to do with either a bandmate or Richard Cole's excesses with groupies and the like during the 1977 tour. "Sisters of the wayside" in line 1, i.e. the groupies waiting in hotel lobbies, halls, etc; some being picked and exploited in rock and roll fashion, at the whim of this person to whom Plant addresses. Further allusions to the "hunter's eye", faceless legions, etc, are again signs of perusing the girls at hotels. I further believe this has to do with the 1977 tour, as with the line "I heard the word; I couldn't stay...I couldn't stand it another day." The '77 tour was abruptly ended when Robert Plant received the phone call from his wife, notifying him of his son Karac's sudden death.

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