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Ben Folds Five – Rocky Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about a neighbor of Ben's (or a friend of Ben's) growing up who he didn't know that well until one summer. He was a big-man-on-campus sort and then out of nowhere he killed himself. This is Ben (or someone) going through the grieving process essentially. He is also remarking on the weirdness of haveing just gotten to know the kid and suddenly being considered by his family one of his best friends, such as they as him to go up to Rocky's room, as if he had known him for years, even though he had only been in his room a few times.

O.A.R. – Untitled Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow. I actually gotta disagree and say that I think the "Risen" version is better, but either way they're both great. It's about a crazy chick stalking this dude (more of a reaction to her actually) and the guy trying to reason with her while also having some fun at her expense. He's playing along like their going out just to appease her deranged fantasies, while telling her to seriously back off cause she's creeping him out. He's also giving a sort of "f*ck you" to his friends who are giving him sh*t over the situation. It's several emotions-- anger, annoyance, humor, bewilderment-- rolled into one, which is what makes the song so complex and cool. For example, in the chorus "Everybody says that she's crying, but I can't forget all the time I spent trying..." he's being sarcastic. Other stuff like that. It's subtle. Great melody too.

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