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Seville – Sleep On My Side Lyrics 19 years ago
I asked the merch guy at the Seville show I went to, why they didn't play this song live (I was disappointed; this is my favorite).... He said... the drummer wrote this song for his girlfriend.. and its hard for them to play it live since the drummer sings it... and if you've seen them... the drummer is like.. back up vocals.. so yea... it'd be tough (apparently) to play this and sing... but yea... good song.

Seville – Reformer Lyrics 19 years ago
I saw them (seville) twice at Chain Reaction (a venue in California)... man... what I'd give to see them again. Seville is awesome.

Elliott – Calm Americans Lyrics 19 years ago
calm americans rocks... gives me chills just listening to it. *applauds*

i think it's about being so.. numb to reality.. that you're basically in denial about everything... ever-so-applicable in American society.

Student Rick – I Wish... Lyrics 19 years ago
I wish i could have you back... *nods*... word. Student Rick is so.. *trying to think of the word*.. blunt, I guess, with their lyrics... it's honest... good song..

Student Rick – Falling For You Lyrics 19 years ago
Seriously, it's honest and upfront... It's got an awesome beat.... "falling for you.. i feel for you... I'm falling.." So good. *applauds* And it's something everyone can be like.. "yea.. i feel you"

Student Rick – Meet You Halfway There Lyrics 19 years ago
*sobs*... so pretty...

Dashboard Confessional – Standard Lines Lyrics 19 years ago
Standard Lines is by far my favorite dc song... It's such a universal feeling, the meaning of the song.... And it's so awesome live... everyone echoing Chris... maan... i need to go to a show...

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