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Harry Chapin – I Wanna Learn A Love Song Lyrics 16 years ago
The lyrics to the live version of this song are the same except for the first stanza which go as this:

I come fresh from the street,
fast on my feet, kind a crass and corny;
not much meat on my bones, and a whole lotta loans,
and more than a little bit horny.

Harry Chapin – Let Time Go Lightly Lyrics 16 years ago
when ever we have a fire party with friends we always break out this song and we all sing along at the beginning of the night.

Harry Chapin – Let Time Go Lightly Lyrics 16 years ago
actually harry didn't write this one
i believe that it was his brother stephen chapin.

it's so beautiful.

Harry Chapin – She Is Always Seventeen Lyrics 16 years ago
She is the youth.

Harry Chapin – A Better Place To Be Lyrics 16 years ago
this is my favorite chapin song.

Well, honestly, you don't really need any other chapin disc besides greatest stories live, he's got a bunch of other great stuff, just not as emotionally moving as that.

Green Day – American Idiot Lyrics 17 years ago
Who cares about the meaning of the song any more? you should all be scared shitless, unless of course you're involved in the with all of the crap being tossed around on this set of lyrics.

Who is right? from a purely objective point of view, every single one of you is. From that same point of view none of you have any right to being saying a single word.

You are entitled to believe what you will, but why do we choose to believe that which we do? Why do we aline ourselves with a percieved 'A' or 'Z' a left or right? And why do defend ourselves to the point of throwing hallow labels at eachother accusing homosexuality et al, ad nauseum (do you know what that means or am I going to be attacked like Des Dome?) But most importantly where does this polarization or simple association start?

At the realization that there is no universal and intrinsic value to a human being. It is this lack of personal worth that drives one to create importance of the completely worthless self. We create a schema to fit ourselves into for comfort and to feel important. But what inflates that ego is the ability of alignment, to polarize oneself with a group against another. It is inconsequential, void of all meaning except to thosewho hold a view, and only then because they've given value to a view. to quote shakespeare in McBeth: "Life's but a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing."

While its nothing new, the idea of there being no intrinsic value to human life is what is referred to as the postmodern condition. there is no meaning of life, but in order to compensate for this lack of meaning we join forces to be little others.

Does this song do that? well, its caused a handful of angsty teenagers to. You guys are dealing with the postmodern condition, just like me, just like Jesus of Suburbia.

The beauty of poetry is that you can convey many different messages on several different levels, is this song anti-bush? sure. is there more to it than that? absolutely. Will Billie Joe admit to it? probably not, in the interviews you guys are reffering to he does not answer the questions, he dodges them, its extremely frustrating to talk to and listen to artists talk about their work, because they don't want you to know what they're talking about. (ie Bohemian Rhapsody [Mercury was adamant to his dying breath that there was no meaning] as with "American Pie" [ the Don McLean song, not the movie], check out literature [esp DeLillo, Foster Wallace] authors will not tell you whats going on in thier literature, but make excuses and easy explanations "the bush administration")

This song relates to the album as a whole as well as standing out on its own as a political statement. Its a strong statement by an angsty teen, then he realizes that he may not be right, and the whole album deals with his coming to terms with what is defined as the self, his political stance in a world (and country) of extreme superficiality.


You needn't worry about the movie. Rock Opera, as a genre, is known for holding the most artistic integrity of any contemporary film genre. They have a legacy to hold up: The Wall, Tommy et cetera. (watch either of those and may your fears abide) However, you seem to think that this is going to be a blockbuster event starring matt damon with jennifer aniston. Most rockers hate movie stars, its just how it is. Because a musician has something prfound to say when they go about making a movie, they are generally independent so as not to be sucked into that whole field. Relax, it'll kick ass.


if you don't understand what i'm saying or what it has to do with this post, please go educate yourselves before you make me twitch anymore.

Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia Lyrics 17 years ago
i've not been a green day fan for all that long, but when going going back and listening to dookie and insomniac it was all very repetitive musically, lyrically immature and irrelevant to the real world. That's not to say it wasn't good, it was more "we'll be as we are for the sake of being as we are." which is cool, but Nimrod was their first album to really be artistically acceptable, Warning followed the trend and now the group has matured in their music.

They realized, i am sure, that this album would not be a hit with the old berkley pothead ring (please note that i'm using the phrase "berkley pothead ring" as reference to the group's beginnings, not necesarily all who listened to insomniac.) But, they really didn't care. Oh, for those of you who haven't caught it, this album is strenghtened by tons of allusions to other artists. Esp in this song, including the johnny cash riff. But, the most blatant that none of you have picked up on is the chorus of "I don't care, if you don't" is strait from a number in "Jesus Christ, Superstar."

this is an incredible album that stands up to artistic criticism and has very little to do with politics

Green Day – American Idiot Lyrics 17 years ago
I really don't care what anyone thinks of Green Day, this song, the Current American political scene (especially the current american political scene), or Daytime talk shows (?!).

Really, the core of Art is to evoke an emotional response to an issue, feeling, or opinion.

Billie Joe and the gang have certainly done that. There are over 400 entries on this bloody song, songs that have been out for thirty and forty years (Stairway to Heaven, Bohemian Rhapsody) are struggling to get 200 posts, American Idiot hasn't been 4 months since introducing itself to the world. (certianly Songmeanings was not around for the advent of Led Zepplin, but you still see my point.)

No matter if you hate this song, you have fallen under the artistic pressure it has created. And, generally those who adamantly oppose this song, album, group are only examples of the St. Jimmy and what he's struggling with.

And they've made an impact beyond web based lyrics communities. with 7 academy award Nominations for the effort, it has at least some accepted credibility. I'm not pushing either way for the album i'm just saying that you have to recognize the artistic merit of this work outside of the politics (which is barely touches).

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics 17 years ago
Brian May wrote this song(who is still alive and not suffering from HIV). He wrote it after watching a rough cut of the highlander, he was drawn in by the love story that was the undercurrent for the main plot of the movie "Why love when i am doomed to eternity when she isn't." This is seen in "Lord of the Rings" as well with the love between Arawen and Aragorn. The Romeo and Juliet theme plays out to a point but its more of a "doomed by predestination" (one being mortal, the other immortal)rather than a "Socially Starcrossed" situation as in the Greek Myth that Romeo and Juliet is based upon.

Bob Dylan – Forever Young Lyrics 17 years ago
seems to be more of a blessing than anything. "Forever Young" being to live a prosperous and productive life all the way through death. Each verse takes the blessing of of staying in the hands of a superior being or deity, the blessing to keep your personality an integrous one, and to have fortune come your way a little more. But always ends with "Forever Young"
or at least, this was how the song originally spoke to me

Queen – Great King Rat Lyrics 17 years ago
This first album took me quite a while to come around to, but i love it now, not that its my favorite, but this song is up there with some of my favorites, it seems to be about some power being revealed as 'evil' perhaps the devil, or 'Angra(of Zoroastrianism)'.

Queen – It's A Hard Life Lyrics 17 years ago
The first time I heard this song was on Greatest Video Hits II, the music video being so over the top and ridiculuos it took me a while to get beyond the operatic setting and costumes, but there is definitely a beautiful song here. The video is almost parodying 'love' and the song seems to be doing the same, there is a lot more going on, but all we focus on is the romanticism of love and almost running our lives around that

Queen – Cool Cat Lyrics 17 years ago
because only real queen fans would have heard this song and know enough about it to stop in and see what some one has to say, and i completely agree, some people are so stuck on the fact of the performer not his performances or any other underlying factors.
Many times i've been questioned as to my sexuality because my favorite group is far and away Queen. While mortality does enter into alot of their early songs, its in a very cosmic way (the over all scheme of things, religiously). The final two albums definitely were autobiographical of the band in general, not just Freddie.

But, this song i actually like this song alot, many of Queen's "staunch (or people who are so zealous that they hate anything that came out after Sheer Heart Attack)" and "radio(those who attend sporting events, and listen to "Absolutely 80s") listeners pass this album off as just commercially driven and crappy, i however enjoy it, its not my favorite, but there is alot of stuff here that is really good. Queen was so bold to try an effort like this at that time, KUDOS! we were rewarded with a new facet to the world's only monarch

The Guess Who – American Woman Lyrics 17 years ago
Statue of Liberty = American woman

i think there is some historical context in the satire as i believe this was during Vietnam as US was trying to enlist Canada's Help, please correct me if i'm wrong, as i might be

Queen – Bicycle Race Lyrics 17 years ago
Yes, lots of satire about the popular culture and politics of the day, I'm not sure that Bisexual was apart of this but it could be, But I'm also not going to spring to this conclusion because this was not the only facet of Freddies life, and while i do bring religion up alot as being integral in thier music, that is not dominating either.
It seems just to be wanting to escape the din of society.

Note: this music video did not orginally include the nude bicycle race footage, because the band was unhappy with the cut and the released video was just another strait performance video (which dominates their early years), but David mallet unearthed and finally did justice to the band's original intent

Queen – Don't Try Suicide Lyrics 17 years ago
No, not very strait forward at all...
It seems to be a relationship of some sort, whether romantic, familial, or just a friendship, but the verses are one member of the relationship, seemingly a male telling the other (presumably female) that [she] should not kill [her]self,"When you do it, all you do is get on my tits" then the chorus brings in a dialogue of some sort, perhaps between the two, but more likely the person considering suicide with themself, [she] hears "Don't try suicide, nobody's worth it" and then within says, "Nobody cares...Nobody Gives a damn"

Its all about the internal conflict, and how ridiculous it can sometimes be, with such a serious subject the arrangement is almost humorous, as if it were actually satirizing the melodramatic progressive rock bands of the time...
my rambling thoughts

Freddie Mercury – Barcelona Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm not sure about this song i know that Brian and John had parts on a few songs. Everyone comes down hard on GH3 for containing solo works by the guys (there are some Brian and Roger solo stuff as well) But a greatest hits album is designed to get you familiar and acquainted with a group so you can then go out and get the actual albums that are represented by the singles. And this greatest hits 3 represents where Queen was at that point in time, and i must say i've gotten the Album Barcelona because of this, not to mention Hot Space (because of Las Palabras de Amor).

However, this song in particular just seems to be a simple love duet about lovers meeting in the title city, perhaps one was a tourist...

Meat Loaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light Lyrics 17 years ago
no, man, Marvin Lee Aday (Meat Loaf) is actually quite the family guy, from what i gather.
Even if he was gay this was written by Jim Steinman, not the man himself. You can really see steinman's humor in all of his meatloaf stuff, i laugh at so many of the songs, but this is definitely one of the funniest

Meat Loaf – Everything Louder Than Everything Else Lyrics 17 years ago
I think its alittle more than that. But thats the basic thing if you took this song by itself. However, in the context of this album and its prequel (B out of H 1, however deals more directly with the types of youthful love). Bat out of hell two takes on more general youthful emotions, even though the first cut and a couple other deal with the love again; as its always around, but Back into hell delves into the generalities and pressures of youth, trying to balance the romance around, with all of the immense emotions, and this song paired with its spoken word prelude "Wasted Youth" gives you the climax of teen anger and trying to put everything behind and go into adulthood like a bat out of hell.

Queen – You're My Best Friend Lyrics 17 years ago
John Deacon, is still married with six children (according to his official website) the song was actaully written for his wife back in the seventies.

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics 17 years ago
romeo and juliet theme is very interesting and does somehow relate.

Both this and Show must go on were written by Brian May, not freddie Mercury, not to mention this was 1986 and Show must go on is 1991

Queen – The Prophet's Song Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm thinking Judgement day, "Flee for your life
Who heed me not, let all your treasure make you
Fear for your life
Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you
Should death await you." and Brian is using the story of the Arc metaphorically of the world. Makes sense to me, and no one else probably

Queen – The Show Must Go On Lyrics 17 years ago
Whenever i hear this song i keep going back to the 1986 wembley concert recording where freddie addressed the crowd about the rumors of queen splitting up and says "We'll be together until we fucking well die!" indeed they were, at least until Fred's death. It seems to reflect Freddie's attitude on life quite well, all of the interviews i've heard with him at least

Queen – Save Me Lyrics 17 years ago
actually seems to be the narrator (freddie) is telling the story from the side of the female: she is saying "save me" but he is not responding, the last resort/guilt trip trying to get the unmoving guy back

Queen – Radio Ga Ga Lyrics 17 years ago
Ok, my completely off the wall thought on this: They are living in a totalitarian society, the mentioned above passage actaully lends itself to it, "Like on all good things on you we depend," the music video seems to bring this out quite a bit with the nuclear themes and where the band is leading a group of identical citizens chanting "Radio GaGa" it also lends itself to alot of sci-fi writings about censorship and brainwashing (phillip k. dick, especially)

Queen – No-One But You (Only the Good Die Young) Lyrics 17 years ago
hmm, is the time frame right on the release of the song and Diana's death? very interesting, must research

Queen – Innuendo Lyrics 17 years ago
This seems to be about the balances of life, making choices whether they are popular or not, but also trying to figure out how those choices fit in the larger scheme of things, "If there is a God or any kind of Justice under the sky, if there's a point to live or to die..."

Queen – Flick Of The Wrist Lyrics 17 years ago
Something of pure evil in the world that is trying to rip you off, that will also kill you. Devil, or considering that it was written by Freddie Mercury who was of the Zoroastrian Faith "Angra-Mazda" the diety of evil, but it relates better to this album in the fact that the person being reffered to as "You" has fallen prey to the evil spirit and just realizing the terrible effects of it.

The album itself seems to be about the hard times of life especially in love. all of the songs fit into hard knocks category

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 18 years ago
Wow, this is a very interesting take on it. And also very convincing. However, the only reservation is why a British Rock group that stayed way from their own gov't's affairs would write something about America's. But thankyou for that thought, it is very interesting, brings me closer to a final answer for my research paper

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 18 years ago
This song makes for interesting conversation, but I have not found a better use for it, this includes listening. I do not particularly care for Zeppelin in general, their music is quite monotonous. A few songs now and again are fine, but other than that Plant's voice wants to make your head explode. as far Stariway, I agree it is very over rated. But I enjoy reading the discussions, keep on keeping on.

Queen – Too Much Love Will Kill You Lyrics 18 years ago
It very well maybe about brian and his life, but I first took it as a life under the influence of love, particulaly mine, and about anyone else's. From adolescence (parental sheilding from sex), to the realities of later life. Anyway, lets not bicker about who knows Brian better, he was simply THE virtuoso guitar,bar none.

Queen – Somebody To Love Lyrics 18 years ago
I was blown out of the water the first time I heard this song, I couldn't grasp the fact that a rock group was doing gospel, Yet, it's this genre that gets the feeling across even better. I also like it's mocking the true gospel genre, bad situation, instead of going to God, they serach for a more tangible solution. This is my Saturday night song, unfortuanately nobody has yet found anybody for me to love.

Queen – No-One But You (Only the Good Die Young) Lyrics 18 years ago
One of the most moving songs I've ever heard. Simply great, just think of what it may have sounded like with Fred singing? Ah, so sad to know that it wouldnot have been written if he were still here.

Queen – Love Of My Life Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is SO amazing live! Granted you don't get the beautifully layered vocals of the studio recording, it's still wonderful. The emotion of Freddie is unbelievable. The song is accompianied by Brian on the simple stressed accoustic guitar, the silence of the stadium and emotion put forth by both performers makes it beautiful! I only regret that i was not alive during their touring years (and Freddie's life) to see it in person but the DVD is the next best thing

Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn Lyrics 18 years ago
As a staunch glam fan, and being obsessed with Queen, it took me a while to get hooked on Poison hearing only their thin bits of rock about sex. I went immediately to the record store when I first heard "Every Rose..." I'm but sixteen years old, and hearing "A dreaded 80's group" (as my family so puts it) be so emotional really opened my horisons from The Who, Queen, and STYX

The Appleseed Cast – On Reflection Lyrics 18 years ago
this is off of one of my favorite album sets, what a way to start it all off, too. with "Waking..." and this song. For a guy whose favorite band is Queen, and has few discs past 1991, this band I love.

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes Lyrics 18 years ago
I'm not sure whether it's about homosexuality, i do agree with every one the greatness of this song, and how that greatness is achieved through simplicity contrasting the more complicated (at least to the untrainted ear) to listen to.As far as Hitler, it seems possible, however, i doubt it.

Just a side note Townshend was in a rock band for a while in the late sixties with Fredie Mercury, draw from taht what you will.

Queen – Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy Lyrics 18 years ago
I've never been drunk, but even just with ppl who really don't care about anything, kinda like the guy in the song, he's the loverboy, and i'll take you for a goodtime, whether or not you want it.

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics 18 years ago
Indeed, a very good song. However, I asked cranberried, well not exactly, but he's right, please give us something to chew on.

let's see it is from the HIghlander, so considering it's about immortals... with the love theme? lets be somewhat logical.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 18 years ago
Also, why does it sound like an opera? because it is. An opera is a storyline set entirely to music, yes there are different movements, why? yes, you guessed it becuase it's a mock opera. And the storyline? the guilt pattern factor discusses by several people earlier. Also, with the actual event i told of.

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust Lyrics 18 years ago
Did all you losers know that if you recite Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquiy backwards that it says "Frank Sinatra is God!" please get a life! No, Hamlet does not work that way, but please take MY evil hidden message, not everything is planned. How many times have you said something that some one else took as a sex innuendo that wasn't meant as such? Plus, John Deacon (the author, no it was not Freddie) wrote simple songs, he admits to it, plus just look at the content. if you want to look for hidden meanings why don't you try maybe one of Freddie's songs, or Brian's especially, but John? plus if there's arguement over what it says? come now. Let's get passed the obsession with Drug innuendo and try to discuss music like mature law abiding people.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 18 years ago
This is what i've found from my informal and laid back research the past couple years: Freddie died in 1991, Wanyne's World came out in '93. Hmm.

Next, AIDS? do come now! Innuendo, Mr. Bad Guy (Freddie's solo effort), and Miracle are more likely to be about aids considering they were written and released very close to his death.
Next, Queen music is greatly about religion, mostly Freddie's and Brian's, just look at the Album's Queen, and Queen II. Freddie was Zoroastrian, which is a persian faith based on balance (paralells to Star Wars as well) The first two albums are almost entirely about it, i won't into details now, but if any one has questions bring them up, maybe i'll have more time later. So for now i'll give you the crash course on Boh Rhap. now for all of you zealous people on here that will get upset because you don't agree just listen, and this isn't what the whole song means either, or any of the songs, just plenty of parallels.
In Zoroastrianism there are two main dieties, Ahura and Angra (the exact spellings are subject to translation) or in a different approach "Phoenix" and "Lilly", Phoenix was the god of good, and Lilly the opposing force. Freddie saw all of this in himself, and considered himself the Phoenix, in his life's "fairy tale" (not the phoenix of the universe, mind you) this song appears (through my research) to be apart of the "cosmic battles" of the Zoroastrian faith. The opposing forces are seen in Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as the redemption in the narrators mind, the faith also believes that after downward spiral the universe will be redeemed by Ahura or Phoenix.
Many of the other interetations seem to be rather close, to the over lying story esp. the one with the shock process, becuase there was an actual event documented in the early 70's that Boh Rhap is supposedly based off of.

This may also be Freddie's auto bio. His religion fits all the better if it is autobiographical.

Yes, Freddie said he doesn't know what it means, but it was probably just away to get the press and public away from him on this song, it was the same tactic Don McLean Used for American Pie (nothing to do with the movies) to deal with the press.

There, i've suceeded in completely confusing you, I'm sorry, but if I've made any mistake in the religious aspects please tell me, and any question i'll try to answer.

-Italian Phaethon

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