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The Kidney Thieves – Zerospace Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is great and will take you straight to the next zerospace exit.

"And I'm floating high!"

The Dandy Warhols – Minnesoter Lyrics 18 years ago
This song kinda has a country feel, but not enough to classify as it. When I first got this cd, I have to admit I listened to a few songs and skipped over this one. But things have changed. This song is pretty cool.

I think this song is about a guy who is at a stripclub. He sees a girl dancing and he feels that he could "make her day", but as rule of a stipclub, he's not aloud to touch her. If he did, she'd think he was a creep and just like the rest. Which is why he is explaining things would be different with him. In the meantime...he has to resort to what he has (his hand) and his own personal

Blank Theory – Middle Of Nowhere Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is awesome. Also, it went perfect with the Final Destination 2 movie. Ok, maybe it was just me, but I was pretty much into the song while others where glued deep into the movie. Hey, I was glued too, but I can't turn down good music.

Self – Cannon Lyrics 18 years ago
Whoo Hoo! This is my favorite song by Self. This is the song that drew alot of attention to Self. The only problem tho: was that people heard the song lots of times, but never really knew who it was by. You may have heard a popular guitar & drum solo featured on commercial break outings for the long ago MTV show, "Popular Videos by Choice" (around '97). I bought Subliminal Plastic Motives immediately when I found out who did this song. When you hear this song...think Nirvana mixed with Radish.

Self – Sophomore Jinx Lyrics 18 years ago
This song to me, is all about being a slave to obligations and what comes along with it. Matt might be directing his feelings on being a musician in the business, but anyone, with deadlines and commitments, can relate to this song completely.

Self – So Low Lyrics 18 years ago
Ok, screw what you know by "just" reading the lyrics, because you need to listen to this song. This song has a really good beat to it and strangely to say, you'll be singing the chrous like you really mean it, because it's pretty damn catchy.

Self – Marathon Shirt Lyrics 18 years ago
There should be awards for best t-shirt song. Having said that, I absolutely agree, it is the best. Until I started to listen to Self, I don't think I've ever heard of any attachment to an article of clothing with levels quite like this.

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