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Stone Temple Pilots – Plush Lyrics 18 years ago
i agree mostly with stonetemplechick among others who say the song is about learning to live with someone. but i have a notion that it can go a step further. i think this song is about a couple with a woman who is particularly harsh when she menstruates (for a more blatant example see Chevelle - The Red). now it is a common urban legend/wives tale/whatever that dogs are particularly attracted to women during their periods. the guy loves her and he devises a way to keep the relationship going: when he has something bad or disappointing he needs to tell her, he will do it. unless of course, "the dogs do smell her". in that case, hes "got time to wait til tomorrow"

raining in the bedroom is a nice way of saying "sex turmoil", and the eyes of disarray are an obvious effect. got time to wait til tomorrow.

weiland is a poet.

Stone Temple Pilots – Army Ants Lyrics 18 years ago
as far as i can see, this song is about a couple of things.

first off, it could be about weiland's disgust with the media making a big deal of his personal life, according to the first verse. he's saying he's only human, and do something better with your time

the refrain is most likely about drugs, seeing as drugs have a tendency to shorten life "time is not on my side/cause the way i am"

the last part is a double meaning that sums up the song beautifully. theres is definitely the reference to people as 'army ants' who follow everyone else and 'complete the as-of-yet-unnamed plan'. also, there is the desperation in weiland to go back to drugs, and the "lines of ants" can be seen as a drug reference, either lines of cocaine or herion tracks or whatever

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