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Rammstein – Rein Raus Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - your ignorance continues to amaze as does your hatred - man where are you from?? Joined up member of the KKK?? Maybe some Aryan militia in Hicksville??

Rammstein – Moskau Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - yes it is about Moskau - well done a comment that is capable of staying on this forum - I am impressed

Rammstein – Links 2 3 4 Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - Bullshit

Rammstein – Hallelujah (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - you have no right to call yourself a Christian - Ask yourself WWJD

Rammstein – Hallelujah Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - wrong again you Tosser - the clear indication is of a Catholic priest (who is not allowed to marry) committing sodomy on an Altar boy.
PS It is getting quite tiring tracking down your Bullshit

Rammstein – Feuer Frei! Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - get stuffed - you and your anti-semitism. An investigation of the lyrics actually suggests that if anything the song is about suicide. The opening lyric is a clever metaphor for having the courage to put a gun in your face (throwing a light from the shot into your face) (a hot scream - from the gun) open fire....

Rammstein – Der Meister Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - if your interpretation is true - the lyrics suggest that Hitler envied the Jews (fuettert sein Geschwuer aus Neid)

Rammstein – Stein um Stein Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - just in case you don't see my other posts - 'Fuck off' you ridiculous anti-semite

Rammstein – Links 2 3 4 (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
Jaeger - YOU ARE A WANKER (Wichser auf Deutsch)
Your comment are insulting to all that is Rammstein

Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning Lyrics 17 years ago
Alas the Oils are no more - turned out I went to their last Melbourne gig. Anyhow - Peter Garrett is still out there fighting the good fight - actually was named an australian living treasure for his contribution to social and environmental issues - certainly no boozingf and cheap women - be ashamed !!

Boehse Onkelz – Fuer Immer Lyrics 17 years ago
Superlied :-) Dank dass jemand die onkelz hier drauf gebracht hat - der refrain war ein bischen schwieirig zu verstehen

Rammstein – Ich Will (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
The key to this song is in the chorus when the band answers "I don't understand you' - This is Rammstein's crowd sing along piece and when they say 'Wir verstehen euch nicht' they are referring to both volume of response as well as the fact that they can't understand how they can influence 20,000 people to do what they say - in this case chant (or how anyone - politicians, religions etc get 20,000 people to do what they say ;-)

Rammstein – Du Hast (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
Let me just add this (again). In my opinion the german lyrics refer to both meanings of the word (hate and have) in a clever play on word meanings - this however only works in the german language - when translating you have to choose one or the other to have meaningful english lyrics. Probably the best way to look at it is to say that the english song is in fact 'completely different in meaning' to the german song.

Rammstein – Wilder Wein (English) Lyrics 18 years ago
Again with those Rammstein double lyrics. If you think hard enough about the lyrics, the suggestion is that the vines growing in front of the castrle gates is really a metaphor for pubic hair and female genitalia, awaiting the arrival of the 'king' in the darkness. Think about it 'bitter like snow', 'warm and damp', 'open your gates' - how much more suggestive can it get ?? all nicely dressed up and disguised like so much of Rammstein's material (works in german as well ;-)

VNV Nation – Darkangel Lyrics 19 years ago
Firstly let me join the chorus of opinion to admonish 'said corpse', let's try to be a bit tolerant.

As for the song, I think that the above interpretations are interesting and valid. Personally I view the song, as I do with most VNV stuff, to be about the individual person. To me VNV use their lyrics very effectively to illustrate the different states of mind that we can all experience and to maybe teach us a little bit about our lives (and theirs)

To me Darkangel is quite similar to 'Standing' (although noticeably darker). It's about someone breaking out from behind their daily fassade to go and make a difference or change in their life.

Maybe the person is finally pushed over the edge by all the sh!t in their life and decided to do something about it. Maybe there is a defining moment as in 'Standing' when they decide to make a change. Also the person whose suffering will be 'righted' might well be the individual themselves rather then someone else.

I believe one should look deeper then the obvious statements about 'war' and 'darkened skies' and 'angels' to see what the song says about the person.

VNV Nation – Standing Lyrics 19 years ago
As I sit here listening to VNV on MP3 (Rubicon ;-) I am always drawn back to this song.

It was my first introduction to VNV Nation and remains a firm favourite.

"I had no faith before that time in any vow or deed.
Days followed days and years were meaningless"

Sometimes there are defining moments in your life, moments that you want to capture and which change your life forever. These are surely different for everyone, but if you've had such a moment then you'll know what I mean and the song will have meaning for you ;-)

Also a question.... should the lyrics say "bare my heart for all to see" rather then "bear" ?? I think both meanings would be equally effective ..

Rammstein – Rammstein (English) Lyrics 19 years ago
The song is about an air-crash at the Ramstein Airforce in Germany base that occurred in the late 80's during an air-show. The Italian aerobatics team collided during their performance and two jets crashed into the crowd killing several dozen people. The band was originally called Ramstein but added the extra 'r' to their name later and yes it can be translated as 'battering ram' into english although not easily ;-)

Rammstein – Links 2 3 4 (English) Lyrics 19 years ago
Veryt clever song (agin). The rythm "links, zwo, drei, vier" is actually the cadence shouted by Army drill instructors when teaching cadets in the German army to march. The whole song is a parody on the image portrayed in the media that Rammstein is a right wing band. Considering Rammstein members are all former East Germans it's all very amusing ;-)

Rammstein – Hallelujah (English) Lyrics 19 years ago
Okay, where do I get this song from ?? I don't think it's on any Australian release and I am keen to get my hands on it - any advice ??

Rammstein – Engel (English) Lyrics 19 years ago
As a Rammstein fan and German now living in Australia, I confirm that the above is a true translation of the lyrics - well done. For a liberal rhyming interpretation look at 'angel' in the list

Rammstein – Du Hast (English) Lyrics 19 years ago
To add to the discussion. My interpretation (as a german) is that on one hand we have a denial of (wedding?) vows as in "Du hast mich gefragt" - 'you have asked me' followed by the answer "Nein" - 'No'

It is this answer which leads to the second interpretation "Du hasst mich" - 'You hate me' inferred because I said No. Interstingly on he live DVD, the lead singer Till uses a mobile phone prop to suggest that we are talking about a phone conversation.

Fluke – Atom Bomb Lyrics 19 years ago
Most excelent song :-)

Rammstein – Du Hast Lyrics 19 years ago
Just to correct some of the above. "Du hast"or "Du hasst" sounds the same but can be used to mean "You have" and "You hate". It is this double meaning that makes the song so clever and is a feature of many Rammstein songs as german (by the way I am German) lends itself to these double meanings. Obviously it does not translate well in english, so one of the choices (hate) was chosen in the translation.

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