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Jerry Cantrell – Cut You In Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Layne. Jerry is an autobiographical writer. Not every song he writes is about Layne. You have to remember at the time this was written Jerry was just as deep in substance abuse as Layne, and was very reclusive himself. It sounds more like it is about a bad influence in his life. Either a dealer or enabler that he would only really like to be around when he wanted to get or was high.

As for the Alice being a close group. There were and still are today. They had arguments, there was some things published which may or may not be true about their relationship in the final days of Layne's life. But you must remember the fights and arguments came from the substance abuse. They all were guilty. The drugs made them do and say different things. Jerry, although, he does not just come out and blab about it, has said numerous times that it his use really changed him. As he gets clean, he really realizes how he was a completely different person when he was using. That is why he has nothing but love for Layne still, he has walked in those shoes for years. Times were great, times were bad, but the bad times were synthetic. If Layne was alive today and clean, I have no doubt that they would be playing together again.

Jerry Cantrell – 31/32 Lyrics 16 years ago
31 32's significance is truly unknown. Jerry hasn't really commented on it. He has said that he really didn't specifically write about Layne. Age is a logical explanation, it could however not relate to Layne so much as Jerry Sr.

Jerry Cantrell – Solitude Lyrics 16 years ago
Degradation Trip, the title of the album and the most menacing lyrics to the song. It sets the entire theme of the album. Jerry wrote this album in the midst of sobering up. It was a long struggle, which took him years, even after the album was finished. This is really the pinnacle of his addiction. He knows he is at a low and near death, as supported by the lyrics "my own ghost awaits" and from here on out he fights regain control in his life. "pull the weeds
Choking flowers in your life."

The entire album is very reflective over his entire life. It's as if he sat down to right an album, and realized how bad his life really was at that point. He reflects his childhood, his success as musician, his relationships, his addictions, and finally, he works to overcome them, and sets his goal to better his life. Each song is just a chapter in the novel that is Degradation Trip.

Jerry Cantrell – Gone Lyrics 18 years ago
A great deal of Jerry's songs are about Courtney. In fact most of the songs that have a character besides him in it, is probably about Courtney. She was his one true love.

Alter Bridge – Metalingus Lyrics 18 years ago
I guess I'm the only one to see this. But doesn't it seem like this is about the split up of Creed?

I mean, it seems like it's about the end of Creed. Mark thinking how everything is over for him. Even if you have talent and had success, your chances of reaching that point again is very slim. But this song is him just getting over the break up. Realizing he is better off now.

He see's that Creed is over, and he is moving on to new things and isn't held back. And he now has another chance to prove himself, and do everything his way.

Alter Bridge – One Day Remains Lyrics 18 years ago
The song seems to be about the impowerment of religion/God. I'm not what I'd consider a religious person, but that is what it seems to be about. I think this is an amazing song.

The song is about never giving up, even when you see no way out. Never stop fighting for yourself, because no one else will. You deserve all that you want, and all that you can achieve. If you aren't striving to better yourself, then you aren't "alive".

Blind Melon – Tones Of Home Lyrics 18 years ago
It seems it's about leaving home to move out to LA. He's saying he never really liked where he grew up, and he didn't think the people really knew him or shared the same ideas, so he left. He decided he'd move out of Indiana and move to California, where everything would be better. But he finds out that it's not better there, in fact it is worse.

He realizes that he's used to smal town life and wants to go home. But even when he's home, the same people are bugging him, only this time he is okay with it. Because he knows he is where he belongs.

It's kind of, the you don't know what you've got untill it's gone moral.

Everclear – The Honeymoon Song Lyrics 19 years ago
Very good song. Gret has a very good voice. He wrote a very simple yet good song, and it has the awesome soung with the ukulele

Alice in Chains – Frogs Lyrics 19 years ago
Or Frogs could refer to the frogs that were outside of the studio when the song was written. Those frogs were eventually dubbed into the begining of the song. Listen closely and you can hear them.

Again, I'm going to agree with Angry Sar. If you guys were true fans drug use wouldn't be something that you'd even consider.

Alice in Chains – Again Lyrics 19 years ago
I think Angry Sar is right.

I've done a huge evaluation on this song/video on a few AIC forums.

It's pretty much about deciet of the media. The verses are the stages in Layne's late career and how the reporters interact with him.

Verse 1: They act like they are his friend, get the dirt, then tell the world.

Verse 2: Layne relapsed, they tear him apart for being a junkie, even though he never promoted it. He wanted people to know his pain from drugs.

The video really reinforces this theme, and it was directed by Layne, who also wrote the song. So it seems like that would be the main theme. However, it is very possible that it is about a relationship. Namely Demri and Layne's. Layne liked having songs with many meanings, so this may be one of them.

Tripod, however was a very rebelious album. It seems they came out against the people that "created" them, the media, the record label.

Alice in Chains – Died Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeah, it is fitting that the last AIC song was Died. However, they all saw it coming. I mean, they knew they were going to have a tough time after they got back together from there first "hiatus." Susan Silver said that self destruction was not far off for the band when she ended managing them.

"Over Now" was the last song on Tripod. Jerry hinted it was like that for a reason. They pretty much knew that it would be the last album, or at least there wouldn't be one following it soon. They also used that song to end there "Unplugged" Session. (the TV show, not the CD or DVD) That was there last real National public appearance. Over Now was the real closer for AIC. Died was more of a coincidence.

Alice in Chains – Get Born Again Lyrics 19 years ago
Ummm, no. This song is not about Demri, who died in in October of 96 of bacterial endocarditis a heart disease. She did not die from an overdose of any sort. Her drug use, however, did lead to complications with the disease.

Layne wrote Died about Demri, not this song.

Jerry Cantrell – 31/32 Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is obviously a quick summary of Jerry's life. It is Jerry sitting back and reflecting on his past, which hasn't been the greatest. It is very fitting to end the autobiographical epic album.

Jerry was talented early in his life; he was a good singer and led this school chorus. Thus the first line. Now with all his success that has turned on him, he is no longer most likely to do anything great, but to die an lonely forgotten death, much like Layne Staley, his good friend and band mate... this song was written a couple years before Layne's death so it's not about that.

The verses follow his life through childhood. The first verse talks of his bad childhood as his dad was a war veteran that was having a difficult time readjusting to the normal life, and had a drinking problem.

The first bridge is his reaction to the first voice from a narrative view. He wanted to get away from the violence of his father at home, but he didn't know how, as he was still young, and he still loved his dad, so he was not sure what to do. Looking back, Jerry realizes that he has many of the same troubles that scarred him as a child.

The second verse. Reflecting on the hardship his family faced. His dad had left him, his mother and his two siblings alone. They could barely survive, even with his mother doing all she could.

Second bridge, Jerry reemphasizing the hardship that was mostly caused by his father not supporting his family. This is where Jerry remembers how much he disliked his father at the time for putting him, his mother and his brother and sister in that situation.

The chorus speaks of Jerry's father. This reflects the problems his father was working out while Jerry and his family were struggling. Jerry Sr. had faced a lot during the war, and was battling within himself to move on, but as for many veterans of the war it was very difficult.

The following verse reviews Jerry's time working with Alice in Chains. He is grown up; he has lost his mother with all kinds of bad issues surrounding it from his extended family. His dad has finally got a hold on his life and has come back into his life. He had finally made it, his is a bonified rock star... but he did it by reliving and writing about the pain of his life.

The next bridge states his biggest regret, hesitation/procrastination.

The song ends with the chorus to show the healing of the relationship between his father and himself.

Then reaffirms the opening, after showing his life. He made it big, as everyone thought. Now, people think that he will not make it through to finish his life. But at the end of the song it's meaning has changed. No longer are you scared that Jerry is fading away. The song is hopeful, it is his rebirth. Thus the position at the end of the album. He is cleaning up his life and this song and album are about it.

I feel this entire album was written right after Jerry ended his long drug addiction. He has lived through all the hardship, and now is reached the top of the hill, and everything will be better from here on, just like his father.

Jerry Cantrell – Mother's Spinning in Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones) Lyrics 19 years ago
It's about the regret of his past drug useage. Jerry said that he visited a family friend, and she said that his mother would be "sping in her grave," if she knew the life that he had lead after her death. That inspired him to right this song.

Glass Dick Jones... that's a slang term for a crack pipe. The song is about his remorse for his former (or I hope, and it appears to be) Crack habit. All of this has been confirmed by Jerry on a couple different occasions.

Alice in Chains – Bleed The Freak Lyrics 19 years ago
The song is like Blind Opius said. It is about being fed up with people's insults and doing things their way.

It almost reminds me of something that would be written to former classmates, kind of a big FUCK YOU to all the people that never believed in Jerry when he was younger. Now that he has made it he no longer as to "bleed" (follow) for anyone, in fact he wants them to bleed for him.

Alice in Chains – The Killer Is Me Lyrics 19 years ago
Actually, the song was finished by the entire band during the reherasal for Unplugged. Jerry had started the song, but couldn't finish it, everyone, Layne especially wanted to get the song out as they had, had it around for a few years, never complete.

I have two ways of interpreting it. Either it is about regret of drug use, wishing to start over. Which is very likely, as it was probably started around the same time as Dirt was written.

Or the song could be about Jerry's girlfriend Courtney. Jerry has written a lot of songs about her. Their relationship was very rough, on and off again, and this song seems to fit with that. It seems like it is Jerry's regret of not working out the relationship problems that he likely caused.

Alice in Chains – Swing On This Lyrics 19 years ago
This song appears to be about rehab.
The first verse saying that everyone ask him to go.

The chorus, Layne denying that he needed to go, sure, he didn't look great, but he was okay.

Second verse, Layne coming to terms that he wasn't exactly okay.

The chorus, reaffirms his intial view.

The bridge, Layne coming to terms that he is becoming out of control. "I can shift, cannot steer" Him saying that his addiction is growing or speeding up, but he can not longer keep it under control, or "steer" it. The second part, is him saying that he pushed everyone away, and tried to get away from them, because he didn't want to go to rehab.

The final verse. Layne decides that he has to get help, so he does. (going home) He decides that he must "do as when in rome" or finish the course and follow through with it.

Alice in Chains – Get Born Again Lyrics 19 years ago
Well, this is interesting song. This is one of the best songs that Layne wrote. This fits right into Layne's fashion. It's a personal favorite of mine, maybe because I have the same view that I take Layne has.

Layne had grown up a Christian, but in his late teens he started to question his faith. Layne was very interested in how religions worked, he seemed they weren't really for the right reasons. He was intrigued by people sending money to churches and the people claiming to possess the power of Christ.

Now, it appears he had faith, he believed in God, but did not have the standard views that you find in most religions. This is where I also stand. It appears he thinks that, God is not the perfect power that people believe.

The song seems to be a slap in the face of 700-club crowd.

Sat suffering, - This is quite literal
I knew him when, - Layne saying he was a believer in that past
Fair-weather Friend of mine - Saying as things got worse in his life, God was no longer there to help him.

"Try not to think
I merely blink
Hope to wish away the lies"
All of this is straight forward, well maybe. It's mocking church go'ers. People just going to church listening to the sermon, and hoping their lives will change.

"Can you protect
Me when I'm wrecked
I pretend you're still alive"
This is asking if one can be saved, if he starts following.

I choose the day - Saying he'll choose the day to get born again, for lack of a better term.
One deepen grave - Referring to clearing sins, or burying the past.
Thick fog to hide our smiles - Referring to masking the true feelings, the things you enjoy that are sinful

"Clear all your sins
Get born again
Just repeat a couple lines"
This second part is a facetious question. Asking all I have to do is say this prayer and I'll be saved?

The ending repeating "Sat Suffering," and "Get Born Again," seems to refer back to the people selling faith. "Are you suffering? Well, GET BORN AGAIN!"

As for the bridge that appears throughout the song "oooh....denied all....and tied all the lies." It appears to be him saying that he did not follow any of the religions, and found HIS truth.

The song is pretty emotional. Layne only spoke once publicly about this song, and that was saying that it was a deeply personal, that he wished not to talk in detail about it.

It seems that Layne spent his adult life searching for his faith. This song seems to be about finding his faith, but not finding it by the “standard” means. It was his way of trying to help people.

I get from the song, Layne saying to search within yourself to find your faith, don’t buy someone else’s. It’s not a easy mindless story or line that someone wrote. Faith is yourself, your feeling, your lifestyle… Now, that is bound to be offensive to people who actively particpate in church services. But, I don’t think was really directed at every church member. It seems to be directed at a select number, the people that try to spread the word, with out spreading the faith (“come join our church and be saved”) and the people that follow them. Those are the people that come believing the chorus, “Clear all your sins Get born again Just repeat a couple lines” If you find your faith in the church and truly follow the teachings, then you have found faith/yourself, but not everyone finds their's that way.

Mad Season – Lifeless Dead Lyrics 20 years ago
Yeah it's about Demri. But not her death.
About how they were going to get married. They split up for a while. She left him alone, by himself. He did not accept it. He started heavy drug use. The final part kinda explains why they split up. She thought that she was leading Layne further down the spiral.

Alice in Chains – God Am Lyrics 20 years ago
This song is about Laynes battle with religion. It's written like a disappointed prayer.
He's not okay, and he questions God for not making things better, he wants God to help him out. Then he will really believe. He wants to know if he'll be forgivin when he dies. He thinks that God is not helping him. He knows he can count on the taxes more then God. (one of the two "guaranteed " things in life)
Second verse he talks about how he thinks God is selfish, making things happen for only himself. He questions why God made religion, it seems only to boost his ego.
Final verse is how he earned his respect, and not forced it. How he doesn't help the needy, and just kills them off.
Chorus is self explanitory.

I also love this song. I love all of Layne's writing, it's so truthful, so powerful.

Alice in Chains – Chemical Addiction Lyrics 20 years ago
I think is was mostly written by Jerry, from the sound of it. It appears to be about when Jerry was a kid. How he was on his own. He was just bumming his life. Getting messed up all the time to deal with everything. (remember Jerry had far from the perfect childhood, Layne's was nothing to want either) The chorus talks about how the teens was very okward for him

Alice in Chains – Nothin' Song Lyrics 20 years ago
This song is, well... about nothing. Or moreso not having anything to record. Started with nothing, just throwing around ideas. He doesn't have anything making a whole song about. He wonders if he should stop, but he can't. He can't escape the "nothin song" he will always be thinking about until he finishes it. Finally when he has something and takes a break, he comes back and his idea's are lost. Sam threw away his "cake" or best idea.

He desprately wants to get it finished, so he can forget about.

Alice in Chains – Head Creeps Lyrics 20 years ago
I think this song is about Layne's grudge against the media that shunned him.

The first and second verse are about how they asked the same questions, and wanted the same answers. They were just doing their job and not caring what they were REALLY DOING. "Like puppets on a string" supports this. The reporters are puppets for media companies just trying to get the story. "untangle you from me" He says he wants out of the media's mess.

The chorus speaks out how he wishes they would leave him alone. He tired of people following him so they can advertise his flaws to the world. He wants to be forgotten, so he won't be "slapped in the face again."

The third verse talks about the boring interviews. How the snake-like reporters dig at him, and don't care about the facts just the rumors.

The final verse: He feels as people hate him for his problems. He knows he will be around longer then everyone thinks he'll last. How he still has time to clean himself up. Remake himself, and get some revenge. (oh how I only wish!)

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