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Craig's Brother – In Memory Lyrics 18 years ago
in the booklet it says it was a girl, i forgot her name

Native Nod – Tangled Lyrics 18 years ago
thanks, I was never able to figure out what he was saying before the 'i love you'

mewithoutYou – Gentlemen Lyrics 18 years ago
yes, they are absoloutly amazing live, best show I've ever been to. And the guitarist is the singers brother, they jump all over eachother.

Saetia – The Poet You Never Were Lyrics 18 years ago
I think all the lyrics are on their website

Indian Summer – Angry Son Lyrics 18 years ago
I never thought I would hear a song with such passion in a simple chord progression.

Pixies – Gouge Away Lyrics 18 years ago
yeah, black francis was very interested in Old Testament stories. 'Dead' is based on King David and Bathsheba

Pavement – Here Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is amazing, best pavement song.
This was my official going away to college song.

...everything's ending here.......

Native Nod – Bread Lyrics 19 years ago
well, these guys were all around 16 years old when they were in this band. i think this is just about the trials of adolescence and getting free from everything that holds you back.
"cut the cord that strangles your head"

but those are just my thoughts

Craig's Brother – In Memory Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeah, in the booklet that come with the cd, it says in memory of someone and then the born - died dates, it sounds like someone either adam or andy knew in college

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